Random TL's and misconceptions

Nov 6th, 2018
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  1. ( Ryuumei and Yato conversation
  2. ( Yato's advent
  3. ( Throne statues *Video starts at ninth line in the bin.
  4. ( - Hajun vs Marie and her guardians
  5. ( Keishirou vs Sukuna *Video starts at fifth line in the bin.
  6. Hisouten by Yakou (
  7. Shuradou by Yakou
  8. Yakou vs Ootake
  9. Tokoyo’s sacrifice
  10. Rindou claims the Longinuslanze
  11. ( Nakanoin being a filthy Hajun cell
  13. Canon timeline: ParaLost -> Dies irae (Marie Route & Epilogue) -> Kajiri Kamui Kagura -> Dies irae Pantheon
  15. The best source to get information for Shinza Banshou related topics (besides the games and Masada) is atwiki. All English wikis are filled with stupid conjecture and unless there's a source linked, it's just someone's headcanon.
  17. Misconceptions:
  18. Yato absorbed Mercurius
  19. - This is never confirmed. It was just friendly conjecture and nothing more. Yato's chant for Sequere Naturam is different from Mercurius', and that's the only one of his powers that we've seen him use.
  21. The tumor is using its power to buff Hajun
  22. - The tumor unintentionally reinforces Hajun's craving. Rather than the tumor using its power to constantly increase Hajun's power, its presence causes Hajun's craving to amplify constantly, as the tumor does not even possess a power of its own (aside from the fact that it leeches off of Hajun's). It exists as a catalyst to magnify his power as it's something constantly touching him as a part of him that he that he cannot get rid of, unlike the countless souls that stuck to him after taking the Throne, which actually made him weaker. When his focus is constantly on the tumor, his craving exponentially rises because he's feeding the self-important nature of his craving. Hajun is at his strongest when he's absolutely incapable of caring or paying attention to anything but himself.
  24. Naraka has Sensories
  25. - This isn't exactly correct. What Naraka has is Observers. The Observers are similar to Sensories, that is to say, that they are capable of being independent enough from the God they're functioning that they're not so much manifestations of him as they are agents that (consciously or otherwise) enact that god's will, however, they have certain particularities such as being neutered by Naraka's love for Mithra as soon as they begin functioning as Observers, as well as being unable to sense his presence or influence, unlike Sensories which usually gain some inkling after awakening to their true nature.
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