(MLO) The Times of Anon Sparkle: Ch2

Mar 13th, 2013
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  4. >Be “The Times of Anon Sparkle Ch2: Employability” in Equestria
  5. >It is almost three months after Twilight lost her library job
  6. >In response she had been running ragged around town doing odd work
  7. >Cleaning, moving, lifting, whatever she could do to get a few bits
  8. >However, her meager savings and odd income were only able to last until now
  9. >As of this morning, she was completely broke
  10. >And she was standing in the library she used to work in
  11. >Speaking with *her*
  12. >Trixie, The Element of Magic, personal student of Princess Celestia
  13. >Came here, defeated Nightmare Moon, kicked you out of your job
  14. >And worse of all, she made friends with that annoying pink baker
  15. >But that was not why Twilight was here
  16. >She was here to try and get some resemblance of her job back
  17. >First through talking, then arguments and logic, then outright pleading
  18. >As she was lying on the floor, tears in her eyes, her hooves locked around Trixie’s, she got it
  19. >A janitorial/stocking/handymare type job
  20. >Paid less, but it was essentially the same job she had before
  21. >And with that, she was saved from homelessness for another month
  23. >Be Anon Sparkle
  24. >For the past three months you have been EXTRA good
  25. >You didn’t bother mom at all, instead you actually helped a lot!
  26. >Made food, cleaned the apartment, hugged mom when she was sad, cleaned the dishes, made mom feel good when she asked you too, did breakfast every morning
  27. >And when you did screw up and make a mess you didn’t cry too hard when she punished you
  28. >You knew money was tight
  29. >But you knew what to do
  30. >You ate food no matter how yucky it was
  31. >And sometimes when there wasn’t enough food for you and mom you just drank a lot of water to not be as hungry
  32. >You learned that trick years ago
  33. >But every night after mom came home from work you always met her at the door and helped her
  34. >She was very tired these days, and she got angry a lot more
  35. >But you still loved her, because she still loved you
  36. >And nothing would change that, because she’s your mom!
  38. >One windy night, the two of you were eating dinner
  39. >It was beans, grass, and little bits of dried up bread
  40. >You called it a salad
  41. >She called it stupid
  42. >You guess she was right; salads have more stuff in them
  43. >But you both still ate it
  44. >While you were eating you could hear mom mumbling
  45. >Experience said to not interrupt her while she was talking
  46. >So you occupied yourself with your plate
  47. >”Bits… Bits… How the Tartarus am I going to make rent…”
  48. >Yum! Beans! And this time they were mostly cooked!
  49. >”Sublet? No no… not this hovel…”
  50. >*CRUNCH* Darn, that one wasn’t cooked enough
  51. >”Cook… can’t… Cleaning? No…”
  52. >*Munch munch*
  53. >”I work all day…”
  54. >*Munch munch* Yup, you can still taste that last bean
  55. >”Can’t catch a bucking break…”
  56. >*Munch munch*
  57. >”And here you are, eating all of my food”
  58. >*Munc-* Huh?
  59. >”Maybe I should throw you out on the street for a while?”
  60. >You audibly swallow
  61. >”Or start working somewhere”
  62. >She lets out a single barking laugh
  63. >”Or start working the stre-“
  64. >She stops herself from finishing and looks down
  65. >”No no… but… something else…”
  66. >”Anon, how would you like to get a job?”
  67. “Like you have?”
  68. >”Yes… yes just like that”
  70. >It’s been a rough week for you two
  71. >Twilight had you running around town, asking if you could do something
  72. >Everyp0ny said no
  73. >Why wouldn’t they?
  74. >You were still in school
  75. >You weren’t the best at magic, the fastest to learn, or the smartest
  76. >All you know is that mom was angry at you
  77. >Not a ‘make you sorry’ angry, but a lower type where she told you why you couldn’t do anything right
  78. >But she wouldn’t say anything too bad
  79. >Because today you were helping out at the library!
  80. >You were cleaning the first floor while mom was in the basement
  81. >And while you were sweeping, Trixie and her white coated friend were talking
  82. >”Oh I have to thank you again for helping me.”
  83. >”Think nothing of it. Trixi- I was glad to help”
  84. >”Nonono, if it weren’t for your help I would have never gotten Hoity Toity’s second order in on time”
  85. >”That is quite alright. I am always glad to help a friend”
  86. >Trixie and Rarity (which you found out by eaves dropping) continued on talking while you swept
  87. >A few minutes later you caught your name as their voices dropped a few notches lower
  88. >”…Anon, he’s just working here because of his mother”
  89. >”Oh, that poor colt is Twilight’s son?”
  90. >The violet maned mare trotted over
  91. >Before you knew it, she was standing in front of you
  92. >”Oh dear, I didn’t mean to startle, it’s just that…”
  93. >She paused and smiled
  94. >”We haven’t met before, my name is Rarit-“
  95. >”What are you doing talking to my son?”
  96. >Twilight exited the basement with cobwebs and dust covering her
  98. >”Nothing, I was just introducing myself-“
  99. >”Sure you were, Anon finish sweeping so we can go home”
  100. >Yup
  101. >As you swept mom and Rarity were talking about something, which you overheard bits of
  102. >”…Don’t need your bucking charity…
  103. >”… just asking about…”
  104. >”…do you care?”
  105. >”…Generosity to those…”
  106. >”…Winter is coming up, does he even have a coat?”
  107. >The moment you put the broom in the closet mom was dragging you out the door
  108. >”Come on, were making a detour before we head home”
  109. “Huh? Where?”
  110. >Maybe it was to the bakery, your birthday is coming up, and you still didn’t have your cuticeneri-
  111. >”To Rarity’s boutique.”
  112. >Oh… a clothing shop
  113. >When it came into sight it was outlined in the dusk sky
  114. >Mom stopped and grabbed you
  115. >”Look, she’s going to give you some clothes. For free. Don’t. Mess. This. Up.”
  116. >She let go and continued walking
  117. >”Like you always do…” she muttered under her breath
  118. >But you still heard, and you knew she was right
  120. >Inside the boutique was sorta boring
  121. >Mom was talking to Rarity, who was in turn talking to some guy you’ve never seen
  122. >”Hoity Toity, this is Twilight Sparkle, the town’s… librarian’s assistant!”
  123. >”Twilight, this is Hoity Toity, fashion designer extraordinaire out of Canterlot”
  124. >As the grownups talked you wandered off to the side
  125. >Staring at the creepy white dress-doll-things
  126. >To test your meddle you decided to do what all brave p0nies do
  127. >Make faces at them
  128. >After a few minutes you caught sight of Rarity walking into a back room
  129. >With your tongue out, eyes raised, and cheeks puffed
  130. >She caught a glimpse and let out a small giggle
  131. >…and your face lit up with embarrassment
  132. >While you calmed down mom and Hoity were talking in a low whisper about something
  133. >Watching them in a mirror, Hoity was the only one you could overhear on occasion
  134. >”…mother?...”
  135. >”…short on bits…”
  136. >”…Anon…”
  137. >”…accept it or not…”
  138. >You could see Twilight’s face turn from shock to anger
  139. >Then, Hoity spoke up
  140. >”Accept it or don’t, I’m leaving tomorrow…”
  141. >With that your mother’s head drops and lightly nods
  142. >”Alright then….”
  143. >Rarity comes back with some coats for you
  145. >One is a bright red one with black trim
  146. >Another looks a bit older but is VERY puffy and heavy
  147. >Oh! And this one has flare and trimmings on it that make it look like it’s from a guard!
  148. >But the best thing was when Rarity said
  149. >”You can have them all”
  150. >Today was a really good day!
  152. >Later, at home
  153. >Mom took your new clothes and threw them in a closet
  154. >Then, after a glance at a clock, she dragged you to the middle of the room and started talking
  155. >”A-Anon. Look… You know I love you, right?”
  156. “Yea”
  157. >”But, you also know things are tough right now. Just…”
  158. >She pauses and looks deeply in your eyes
  159. >”Hoity is coming over in a bit, and whatever he says to do, you do it. Understand?”
  160. >”Because if you do, then he’ll give us a lot of bits. Got it?”
  161. “Umm… okay… mom?”
  162. >”Also, don’t ask any questions. Don’t scream. And DON’T. SCREW. UP.”
  163. >She forcefully punctuated the last part with several rough smacks to your head
  164. >Then she sends you into your corner to wait
  165. >For the next couple of moments you were a nervous wreck
  166. >What did Hoity want to do?
  167. >What if you messed up and he didn’t give mom the bits?
  168. >What would mom do to you if you messed up?
  169. >When the knock on the door came you almost jumped out of your skin
  170. >Walking out of your corner, Twilight and Hoity were discussing in the main room
  171. >”Such a cozy little place. It has its own… charm”
  172. >His face light up when he saw you
  173. >”Ahh… here’s the star of the hour.”
  174. >You sat in middle of the room, slightly shaking from nervousness
  175. >”No need to be frightened…”
  176. >He casually walked over to you and sat down a little too close for comfort next to you
  177. >”Let’s get to know each other a bit”
  178. >After a few questions from him and a few short answers from yourself, he gives you another look over
  179. >”A little nervous? Hmmm…”
  180. >He leans into you and digs out something from his pocket
  181. >”Here, take a little of this. It will make you feel good”
  182. >In his hoof was a small clear vial of… something
  183. “Umm… wha-“
  184. >You instantly stopped yourself from asking when you saw your mother’s glare
  185. >Then you grabbed the vial and drank it in one fell swoop
  186. >”Wow, the whole thing? Aren’t you ambitious”
  188. >Suddenly, the walls started to shift and his voice started to blend
  189. >You were on the ground
  190. >No, you were sitting on someone
  191. >No, now it was still the ground
  192. >The lights vibrated with an angry intensity
  193. >A deeply moaning voice vibrated through your ears down to your hooves
  194. >Light meaty slapping filled the room
  195. >There was a slight pressure on your flanks, before it turned up
  196. >Like someone was trying to break them
  197. >Until it let up and another feeling replaced it
  198. >Your eyes betrayed you as one swung to the right and the other rolled up
  199. >A hard wood floor materialized underneath you, and then melted away to a cold embrace that covered your body
  200. >Series of low moans filled your senses, and a higher-pitched squeal is heard
  201. >Stretching pain fills you, then washes over you before coming out of your mouth in a sound wave of color
  202. >Voices that seemed to speak in an eerie unity made themselves known
  204. >”HHAAHAHAAHAHA. G͓̩͉͔͕͛͊ͪ̓ͦ̂̚e̸̝͖̞̱̩͖̪ͬͦ̿ͅt̵̞̞̬̭͉͗̇̽t̙̗͔̟̤ͪ̀̇͌͐͘ì̴̘͓͔̭̫̙͍̬ͩ͂ͣͩ͋n͈̬̠̝̊͊̐ͬͩ̓ͥ̒g̣̬̙͊ͪ ͙̮͎̋̓̔͒ͩo̰̮ͪ̾ͨͫ͐́ͧ͂̄f̫͖̓ͮ͌̚f̡̧̻͎͈̘̝̩̟̺̈͒͂̊͊ͅ ̨̰͈̞͙̹̜̿̂̃ͧͣͩͫ̈́͞t̷͉ͥͦ͑̔ͥo̰͙̯͎̯ͯ͛̄͢ ̴̡̝̋̊̅ͦ̚ŷ̲̖̯͍̫̥o̠̤̥̙͉͚ͯͨͭ̔̃ͪ̚͝ṷ̴̸̵͇̩̤̮̞̺͑͒r͙̯̦̹ͩ̈́̔ͧ̀ ̸̬͉͓͍̰͊́̍ͦ͞o̧̨̮̜̝̝̼̪͊́́ͅw̨̢̲̝̳̏͋̆̊͋̓̚͠ñ͋̑҉̮̦̰̳̘͙̘ ̶̶̼͇̣͍̖̯͎̥̥ͦ̎̽ͤ̈́͆̒̀̚s̢̜̯͆̇̈̉ͫ̎̉̚̚ỏ̬̹̱̎͌ͯͨ̒n̵̟͍̘͂ͧͬ̍͘͝ͅ?̶͙̳̦̰ͧͨ̾͂̚?”
  206. >Then your vision filled with purple
  207. >A familiar embrace of love and affection made you ease up
  208. >And then other embrace that you were familiar with
  209. >Your mind bent around with your body
  210. >Aching fell upon you in waves
  211. >A sudden tension and then release was the last thing you remembered
  213. >The next day
  214. >You wake up
  215. >Not in your bed, but in your mom’s
  216. >Your head felt like it was going to explode, your flanks were sore and possibly bruised, and there was a weird taste in your mouth
  217. >A mix between copper, grape, snot, and something sticky and salty
  218. >The memory of last night was reduced to a mixture of colors and feelings
  219. >As you opened your eyes a bit you saw that you were resting against mom’s chest
  220. >She was wide awake, and slowly stroking your mane
  221. >Her face was looking at you blankly with a 1000 yard stare
  222. >And her voice was distant and monotone
  223. >Minutes passed before she spoke
  224. >”Anon…”
  225. “Yes Mom?”
  226. >Your tongue felt like dead weight in your mouth
  227. >”Do you love me?”
  228. >She kept on stroking your mane, giving you the 1000 yard stare
  229. “Yes…”
  230. >Another pass of her hoof
  231. >”Do you want to work? Make more bits so we don’t starve?”
  232. “Yes…”
  233. >Another pass
  234. >”Would you do anything for me?”
  235. “…Y-yes”
  236. >Another caress of her hoof against your head
  237. >”Anon… there are a lot of mares and stallions that would like to meet you…”
  238. >You notice her gaze isn’t exactly fixed on you, but at something behind you
  239. >”And they want to be friends”
  240. >Her drone voice seemed very distant
  241. >Turning your head you looked to see what she was staring at
  242. >She now kept stroking your face, not noticing that you turned around
  243. >In front of you, on the bed stand, was a fairly large bag of bits
  244. >”You would like to meet them wouldn’t you Anon?”
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