Dream: Waffle Bar

Dec 7th, 2011
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  1. A Dream: Dec 7 2011
  3. walking through enormouse American style shopping plaza with two friends. passing endless fastfood options and token sushi places and thousands of rows of parked cars. but we wanted to get waffles and in the distance there was a sign THE WAFFLE BAR.
  5. we eventually made it there and I couldn't find waffles on the overhead menu it was all this other weird stuff but I really wanted waffles and my other friend had already ordered waffles (my 2nd friend was waiting in line to order after me). so I ordered waffles and for some reason potato salad. The guy working there was a small guy with long curly black hair and a kind of hobbity face. I asked for strawberries on my waffles and he was very hesitant in being able to offer this to me, but eventually he opened his fridge and inside were millions of very fresh looking strawberries. I waited and waited and other people started coming up and ordering and it was getting kind of popular. The small guy working there kept making homemade sodas for himself instead of making the ordered waffles. My one friend got his waffles and went down to eat them already. I got my tray and on it was a very small handmade strawberry soda and a cup of pink potato salad. The small soda tasted pretty good. 'Wheres the waffles?' I asked. 'Oh they're here' he said and pointed in a sink where they sat and the water in the sink was running and his small feet were in the sink and the water was splashing all off his feet and all over the waffles.
  7. I demanded a refund and he refused. I was sick of this place and it seemed wrong I started pushing over his counter displays as a beat began playing and I smashed his glass displays and behind the entire waffle bar were trophy cases filled with big mascot and video game characters carved out of candy. I broke into these and threw them into the dancing crowed that was going wild as No Limits by 2Unlimited played and the lights flashed. Images of an overhead map of Washington flashed in my minds eye showing each counties top exports.
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