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  1. R.raw.ackjorno, R.raw.babyface, R.raw.babyfacesound, R.raw.bulletsound, R.raw.dammit, R.raw.dimolto, R.raw.gentlyweeps, R.raw.ghiacioscrem, R.raw.mistacry, R.raw.mistgoldexp, R.raw.mudamudaep19, R.raw.ntwonthree, R.raw.ricotingsound, R.raw.scream, R.raw.sunliigtyelowoverdrv, R.raw.tch, R.raw.whitealbum,
  3. <item>*Ack, Giorno!*</item>
  4. <item>*Babyface!*</item>
  5. <item>*babyface sound*</item>
  6. <item>*bullet sound*</item>
  7. <item>*Damn it!*</item>
  8. <item>*Dimolto!*</item>
  9. <item>*Gently Weeps!*</item>
  10. <item>*Ghiacio scream 2*</item>
  11. <item>*mista cry*</item>
  12. <item>*mista gold exp*</item>
  13. <item>*Muda Muda! ep19*</item>
  14. <item>*number two number three*</item>
  15. <item>*Ricocheting sound*</item>
  16. <item>*Ghiaccio scream*</item>
  17. <item>*Sunlight Yellow Overdrive!*</item>
  18. <item>*tch*</item>
  19. <item>*White Album!*</item>
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