Nov 5th, 2011
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  1. As children we are always made aware of the consequences of our actions, somehow that knowledge has been lost in the arena of politics. The initial run for office is very high-minded and seemingly above-board but that quickly turns into dishonesty on any one of several levels. This not to say that this is always the case but again on some level a person's greed and ego become a factor. These human failures are what cause the eventual breakdown of the walls of dignity and sense of propriety, once these walls are down the ability to act judicially and prudently are just words on a yard sign or billboard. The onslaught of greed is not far behind once that first taste of deal making in the name of the people occurs. What are the consequences?, apparently not much as we voters carp about the work or lack of work done by our elected officials then we re-elect them.
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