Devilish impulses [Giantess Raven]

Feb 21st, 2017
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  1. >Be given to Raven after an errant magic spell shrinks you during a battle the Titans are involved in
  2. >You think the other Titans assumed Raven already fixed you or simply forgot your presence
  3. >Raven sure hasn't
  4. >Even if you can't really tell most of the time
  5. >Most of your day is spent exploring her room as she lounges on her bed reading, apparently not paying any attention to what you're doing
  6. >Though she's quick to chastise you if you get into anything you shouldn't'
  7. >Apparently though crawling across certain parts of her body doesn't count as things you shouldn't get into
  8. >Nor does hanging around on her bed as she gets undressed and heads off to take a shower like she did a few minutes ago
  9. >All things considered you're actually enjoying your new size, there's only one issue...
  10. >Speak of the devil (quite literally)
  11. >Raven returns from her shower, a cruel smirk on her face and four glowing eyes
  12. >Dropping her towel on the floor she practically struts over to her bed before turning to sit
  13. >Right on top of you
  14. >You look up to see her bare ass descending, spending what's probably a bit too long mesmerized by the view you start running
  15. >You barely clear it as the bed sinks behind you, sending you tumbling down between her thighs
  16. >Coming to a rest right against her pussy, feeling the heat radiating off her lips behind you, you don't notice her finger until it's too late
  17. >Grinding you against her, she manages to get herself nice and wet before letting you go, ordering you to show her why a goddess like herself would ever keep a worm like you around
  18. >You hesitate for a moment, earning you an annoyed warning, "Eat me worm, and do a good job of it or I'll be eating you"
  19. >Knowing she's not bluffing when she's like this you dig in, doing your best despite your small size
  20. >You seem to be doing something right as she starts getting into it, rocking her hips, taking more and more control, eventually repositioning herself so you're somehow under her and she's grinding up against your tiny form
  21. >Muffles her moans as she finally manages to push herself over the edge, coming down off of it her normal personality reasserts herself
  22. >Doesn't let up until she finishes a second time though
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