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opNorthKorea NEW LEAK and summary

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Apr 5th, 2013
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  1. #opNorthKorea FAQ (frequently asked questions):
  3. READ IT!!!
  5. We, the people, for the people, do announce:
  7. NEW LEAK (as of 04/06/2013) of another 6216 members of -
  8. see below -
  9. and a summary of North Korean government's actions and our reactions so far:
  11. N.K. government threatens half the world, tests nukes, violates human rights.
  12. Release #1 text:
  13. Release #1 video:
  14. Release #1 leak: (6 sample rows, included within release #1 text)
  15. DDoS'ed most of their sites, liberated 15k accounts of their propaganda site.
  17. N.K. government declares state of war, moves missiles to the coast,
  18. cuts phone link to South Korea, refuses workers to enter the joint
  19. factory near the border (known as the Kaesong complex), ...
  20. Release #2 text:
  21. Release #2 video: (to be created)
  22. Release #2 leak:
  23. part1:
  24. part2:
  25. part3:
  26. Hijacked their Twitter and Flickr and used it to mock their dictator and create
  27. some lulz, forced their propaganda website to go offline because the combination
  28. of our leak #2 and some guys who are still DDoS'ing, created the ninja gateway
  29. (which is: bring the internet into the country, connect it to Kwangmyong intranet),
  30. social media is storming the news about #opNorthKorea.
  32. N.K. government suggests staff of embassies to leave the country, tracks down and
  33. removes some nodes of the ninja gateway, gets back their Flickr account.
  34. Release #3 text: this one, you're reading it right now
  35. Release #3 video: (to be created)
  36. Release #3 leak:
  37. a NEW (04/06/2013) LEAK of another
  38. 6216 members of
  39. part1:
  40. part2:
  41. Release #3 FAQ:
  42. Rebuildung the ninja gateway, releasing this NEW LEAK.
  44. We are Anonymous
  45. We are Legion
  46. We do not forgive
  47. We do not forget
  48. Expect us!
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