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  1. [11:53:48] [Flynnx] whispers: yo
  2. [11:54:06] To [Flynnx]: hello
  3. [11:54:25] [Flynnx] whispers: do you rememeber me? Flynners
  4. [11:54:40] [Flynnx] whispers: remember*
  5. [11:55:21] To [Flynnx]: yes I do! the warrior right ?
  6. [11:55:25] [Flynnx] whispers: indeed
  7. [11:55:50] [Flynnx] whispers: I saw that you recruited a recent guildie of mine recently haha
  8. [11:56:38] To [Flynnx]: was it Pysiek ?
  9. [11:56:42] [Flynnx] whispers: yeah
  10. [11:56:55] [Flynnx] whispers: you guys dont have any women in the raiding team do you?
  11. [11:57:20] To [Flynnx]: not really how I should answer that question
  12. [11:57:30] [Flynnx] whispers: haha if you do they're in for a ride
  13. [11:57:38] [Flynnx] whispers: that guy is weird af
  14. [11:58:03] To [Flynnx]: can you maybe explain a bit more ? :p
  15. [11:58:55] [Flynnx] whispers: he randomly whispered a girl in the guild asking if she wanted to "shag" in which she responded that she's engaged to be married, his response was "engaged isnt married"
  16. [11:59:00] [Flynnx] whispers: he's just a creep
  17. [11:59:17] To [Flynnx]: huh okay, that's something to keep in mind for sure.
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