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Oct 3rd, 2012
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  1. -;- UGNazi -;- Nanonamas -;- RustleLeague -;- AlQaedaSec -;- BlackJihabs -;- Illuminati -;-
  3. Lamo and Neal are actually in Kahoots with Tom Ryan who has connects to the NY FBI who are actually a drug front for the mexican cartels who give information about Jen Emick to th3j35t3r. how is this relevant? th3j35t3r is part of the Illuminati because he secretly met with Lamo, Neal, Breitbart, and Tom Ryan one night to tell them that Ron knows too much and he has to be eliminated. at the last dinner that Ron was public at he stood up and said "One of you is going to betray me," when all of them are actually looking to recruit him and brainwash him to become Illuminati because they know he can convince 2Pac to rejoin the Illuminati.
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