Crimson + Female Kamui Support C-A

Jul 1st, 2015
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  4. Crimson + Female Kamui Support C-A
  6. C Support:
  7. C: Hai-ya!!!
  8. K:……
  9. C: Hm? Oh its Kamui.
  10. K: I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to interrupt you.
  11. C: Ahaha its fine. Did you need something?
  12. K: N-not really. It was your weapon handling is so amazing that I just couldn’t help but stare…
  13. C: If you’d like , feel free to join me!
  14. K: Eh, would it be alright?
  15. C: Of course. Now, come over here.
  16. K: Okay!
  17. C: You’re not too bad, you have a good grasp of it.
  18. K: Thanks. Could I ask you something? Where did you learn to fight like this?
  19. C: Most of it was self taught.
  20. K: Self taught?
  21. C: Both of my parents were knights. So I watched and copied them… and that’s it. Well, I mean if we all became Chevalier’s knights we’d all be crazy into this sort of stuff.
  22. K: Why didn’t you become a knight Crimson?
  23. C: Of course I had planned to be a knight just as my parents had but since King Garon had tyrannic reign over this place I decided to become something other than a knight. I grew to question Anya Kingdom’s way of doing things and decided to join the resistance knights. Well. Something like that.
  24. K: I see so that’s the story…
  29. C: Oh Kamui you came at the right time.
  30. K: Hm? You're not training today?
  31. C: I decided to do this today.
  32. K: This is… what are you going to do with such a shiny pebble?
  33. C: You’re… unexpectedly boring. But that’s okay, watch from there. I’ll demonstrate for you. You put you weapon down here… there we go. Then you use the slightttest bit of magic and push it on. Here we have attached the stone to the weapon!
  34. K: Ohh I see now. So the sparkling from you weapon is from this…
  35. C: That’s right. This is how I get them on. It’s called decorating. This is one of my hobbies.
  36. K: Oh? Theres something drawn really faintly on the weapon.
  37. C: Oh that’s the rough sketch.
  38. K: Rough sketch?
  39. C: I do a rough sketch and change the colour of the stones. When I do that… the result is something a bit like a painting.
  40. K: Woooow!
  41. C: If I just do this to it….. wah-la! Done….
  42. K: Waaahhh such beautiful white flowers!
  43. C: You think so? This is Chevalier’s national flower.
  44. K:It looks so beautiful and delicate… but at the same time has a dignified strength about it. Just like you Crimson.
  45. C: Ahaha that’s embarrassing. You’re good with your words.
  46. K: Not at all. I really do think that. You’re always overflowing with strength and courage but… at the same time you have a cute and girly side.
  47. C: Hahaha you’re such a nice person. You’ve caught my interest.
  52. K: Whats wrong Crimson? Calling me out so late.
  53. C: Sorry about that Kamui. I just wanted to look at the stars with you.
  54. K: The stars? With me?
  55. C: Yup, come over here and lie on the grass with me.
  56. K: Sure.
  57. C: ….How is it.
  58. K: Wooooooooooow!! The sky is just filled with stars!
  59. C: Yup, this place is where you can see the stars clearly. It’s my favourite place.
  60. K: …ah.
  61. C: What is it? Did you see a shooting star?
  62. K: That’s not it… just watching the stars made me think that maybe I could see your sparking weapon from here.
  63. C: Haha just as you’ve said. Watching the stars like this is one of the reasons I love decorating.
  64. K: Is that so?
  65. C: Last time I told you about my parents that were knights right? They’re not in this world anymore. Because they died in battle.
  66. K: I.. see…
  67. C: There is a belief in Chevalier that when people die, they become stars. So when I look at the stars I feel like my parents are here with me.
  68. K: That’s why you decorated your weapon.
  69. C: Exactly. Hey Kamui….. when I die, what colour star do you think I’ll become?
  70. K:Don’t say such weird things. It’s bad luck.
  71. C: Everyone will die one day. I will leave my body on the battlefield. So thinking about death while I’m still alive isn’t such a bad thing.
  72. K: W-well then… how about this…. I think the sparkling stones on your weapon… are very Crimson-like.
  73. C: Ohhhhh not bad. As expected of you. Well, I’ve decided. I’ll decorate your weapon next time.
  74. K: Eh?
  75. C: Using these stones that you said are just like me.
  76. K: Really!? I’m looking forward to it!
  77. C: What kind of painting should we make? Well, we can think about it while we look at the stars.
  78. K: Sure. Thanks.
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