SF1 Manip Card Trader format

luckytyphlosion Nov 18th, 2019 73 Never
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  1. const card_type amaken_lists[][65] = {
  2.     {8, TaursFireSP, CygnsWingSP, HarpNoteSP, LibrScalsSP, QnOphiucaSP, GemnSpkSP, GigaMine, BreakSabre},
  3.     {16, TaursFireEX, CygnsWingEX, HarpNoteEX, LibrScalsEX, QnOphiucaEX, GemnSpkEX, TyphnDance, TyphnDance, JamminPnch, JamMachGun, HolyPanel, HolyPanel, Aura, Aura, Barrier200, Barrier200},
  4.     {16, TaurusFire, CygnusWing, HarpNote, LibraScals, QnOphiuca, GeminSpark, DoublCross, Recover300, Barrier100, GreenBurst, GreenBurst, IceBurst, IceBurst, PoisBurst, SpiritFury, PoisnApple},
  5.     {32, BrsrkSwrd3, Fokx_Fu3, VulcnSeed3, JunkCube3, MoaiFall3, BigAx3, MagiCrysl3, BlackHole3, Bombalizer, AntiSword, BlazngEdge, TidalEdge, StrikeEdge, ArboEdge, StunNukle, PoisNukle, FreezNukle, RdrMissil3, IceMeteor3, Gatling3, PlasmaGun3, Recover200, HevyCannon, FlickrKck3, MopLance3, BraveSwrd3, SyncHook3, StikyRain3, CloudShot3, ThndrBall3, JumboHmmr3, VolticEye3},
  6.     {32, HeatBall3, PlasmaGun2, Gatling2, RdrMissil2, HeatBall2, IceMeteor2, Whistle, Whistle, GrndWave3, JetAttack3, PowerBomb3, GhstPulse3, FireRing3, TimeBomb3, FireBzook3, TailBurnr3, WideWave3, ChainBubl3, Recover120, Recover120, Recover150, BrsrkSwrd2, BlackHole2, MagiCrysl2, BigAx2, MoaiFall2, TripSong, VolticEye2, JunkCube2, VulcnSeed2, Fokx_Fu2, Invisible},
  7.     {64, GrndWave2, JetAttack2, PowerBomb2, GhstPulse2, FireRing2, TimeBomb2, FireBzook2, TailBurnr2, WideWave2, ChainBubl2, StikyRain2, CloudShot2, ThndrBall2, SyncHook2, FlickrKck2, JumboHmmr2, MopLance2, VolticEye1, VolticEye1, Fokx_Fu1, Fokx_Fu1, VulcnSeed1, VulcnSeed1, BraveSwrd2, BraveSwrd2, JunkCube1, JunkCube1, PowerSong, PowerSong, QuakeSong, QuakeSong, BigAx1, BigAx1, MagiCrysl1, MagiCrysl1, BlackHole1, BlackHole1, BrsrkSwrd1, BrsrkSwrd1, GreenInk, GreenInk, BlueInk, BlueInk, PurpleInk, PurpleInk, Recover80, Recover80, PlusCannon, PlusCannon, AirSpread, AirSpread, Sword, WideSword, LongSword, GrassStage, GrassStage, IceStage, IceStage, GraviStage, GraviStage, GNullStage, GNullStage, ParlyzPlus, Attack_10}
  8. };
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