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  1. ↻ chain
  2. ⇝ username: NJxMJ_04
  3. ⇝ password: Youngjae (Got7)
  5. ↺ snowman
  6. ⇝ slot / backup: Asahi Azumane / Yamaguchi Tadashi
  7. ⇝ face claim / backup: Eunwoo (ASTRO) / Johnny (NCT)
  8. ⇝ love interest / backup: Moonbin (ASTRO) / Ten (NCT)
  10. ↻ call call call
  11. ⇝ name: Yoon Haneul
  12. ⇝ nicknames:
  13. --- Honey (everyone calls him this cause his same sounds like it and he's sweet)
  14. --- Mushroom (his close friends calls him this because he would randomly appear out of nowhere)
  15. ⇝ birthday: February 14 1995
  16. ⇝ height: 184 cm
  17. ⇝ weight: 65kg
  18. ⇝ gender: Male
  19. ⇝ sexuality: GAY
  21. ↺ spotlight
  22. ⇝ background: His family was really into music, his father was a vocal trainer and his mother was a pianist. He grew up to like music too because of this and really loved singing. He's been playing the piano and singing for as long as he can remember. Ever since he was a kid, he always joined competitions and usually won 1st place. Since he was also really good looking, he was really popular and became a model. His family still doesn't know he's gay but most of his friends does.
  23. ⇝ personality: Looks intimidating and scary but is actually a cinnamon roll. He's really shy and nice. He's really friendly and loves hyping people up in a silent way. Is an extrovert but is really shy so he appears introverted. He doesn't take compliments well and usually ends up being a flustered mess whenever people compliment him. He's really clumsy and apologizes a lot, even when he did nothing wrong. He really doesn't get mad but when he does, it's really scary.
  25. ↻ drop pop candy
  26. ⇝ likes:
  27. - Cute things
  28. - Singing
  29. - Cameras
  30. - Cooking
  31. - Cleaning
  32. - Lee Seunggi and SHINee (he's a big fan)
  33. - All kinds of jokes
  34. - Fashion
  35. - Journals
  36. - Sports
  38. ⇝ dislikes:
  39. - Being tickled
  40. - Racism
  41. - Homophobia
  42. - Basically any kind of hate
  43. - People borrowing his things without permission
  44. - Hot weathers
  45. - too much negativity
  46. - His things being messy
  48. ⇝ hobbies:
  49. - collecting figures
  50. - playing football/soccer
  51. - watching movies
  52. - playing the piano
  53. - Singing
  54. - cooking
  55. - Helping out others
  57. ⇝ habits:
  58. -He spaces out when thinking about something
  59. -He won't blink for a while when he's focusing
  60. -he puffs his cheeks when he's bored
  61. -He widens his eyes a lot when his mad
  62. -He scratches his skin unconsciously for no reason at all, sometimes until it bleeds..
  63. -He shakes his leg violently when he's annoyed or bored
  64. -He hiccups when he's embarassed
  65. -He flinches when people suddenly touches him
  67. ⇝ trivias: [ 6 bullets min. ]
  68. - he had a pet goldfish as a kid but it was eaten by the neighbor's cat..
  69. - he really loves playing football/soccer
  70. - He practically can't live without his gadgets.
  71. - He loves treating others
  72. - He was an ulzzang but didn't know until some fangirl told him
  73. - He screams like a girl but he's not ashamed of it
  74. - He really loves SHINee, he has all their albums and lot's of official merch.
  75. - He really idolizes Jonghyun
  77. ↺ let go
  78. ⇝ when you first got your pocketty, how did you react when they moved?: he got it 5 years ago and he panicked the first time it moved.
  79. ⇝ when did your pocketty move?: Not long after he got it. He was examining it from head to toe. When it blinked, he felt like he was just seeing things so he continued examining it. When it moved, he almost threw the pocketty across the room but he slipped and fell on the floor instead.
  80. ⇝ how did the pocketty act around you at first?: He was a bit cautious because of how they first met. He would observe him in a safe distance and would run away whenever they made eye contact. They usually ignored each other. But, he often helped as much as he can in secret. it was like that for a while.
  81. ⇝ how did you act around the  pocketty at first?: He was really suspicious. They usually ignored each other. He would lowkey still care for him though. He would make him food and gave him a place to sleep since he was still a living being. He avoided talking with it too.
  82. ⇝ how does the pocketty act around you now?: He's really lovey dovey towards him now. He spends a lot of time near him and watches him from a close distance. He loves helping him in anyway he can. He's usually asking for hugs and kisses while acting cute. He'l like a puppy honestly.
  83. ⇝ how do you act around the pocketty now?: They're really comfortable with each other now. He usually gets flustered at the pocketty's affectionate persona but likes it a lot. He's really protective of him. He just can't stop smiling at him that it caused him to have facial numbness for a while. He does his best to take care of him.
  84. ⇝ who fell in love first?: Haneul did..
  85. ⇝ do you love them back/do they love you back?: He loves him back
  86. ⇝ how did they/you confess?: Haneul wrote a confession letter for him. But, he completely forgot about it and left it on the table before he went to work. He saw the letter and confronted Haneul. He confessed and they started dating. That was 2 after they met.
  88. ↻ fire flower
  89. ⇝ pocketty's personality: Very hyper and cheerful. He's affectionate and loud. He never stops talking and loves hyping people up.He can also be quite cautious and shy at first but he grows on people easily. He's a happy virus.
  90. ⇝ their likes:
  91. - Sweet things
  92. - Cute stuff
  93. - Dancing
  94. - sports
  95. - animals
  96. - coffee
  97. ⇝ their dislikes:
  98. - Raw fish
  99. - Fruits
  100. - Bitter foods
  101. - bugs
  102. - Horror movies
  103. ⇝ their hobbies:
  104. - Dancing
  105. - Watching movies
  106. - Helping out others
  107. - Playing any kind of sport
  108. ⇝ their habits:
  109. - He randomly drops to the ground when laughing
  110. - Will tend to talk at a really fast speed when he gets nervous, but because he talks a lot usually, nobody ever notices that habit of his.
  111. - He widens his eyes a lot when his mad
  112. - he screams when he's really excited or/and happy
  113. ⇝ trivias:
  114. - He sucks at charades..
  115. - he loves doing sexy dances
  116. - he can sleep for 12 hours
  117. - He turns red when he lies
  118. - He's a picky eater
  119. -He mumbles to himself a lot
  121. ↺ just be friends
  122. [ all optional ]
  123. ⇝ requested scenes with love interest: Cute dates, Watching a scary movie, awkward moments
  124. ⇝ requested scenes with friends: Movie marathons, A day at the beach
  126. ↻ magical mirror
  127. ⇝ birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  128. ⇝ hometown: Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  129. ⇝ ethnicity / nationality: Korean+Korean
  131. ↺ ninja re bang bang
  132. ⇝ message to me:
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