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  2. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:40 PM
  3. man i didnt mean to upset you or offend you i was merely saying i wished the thing didnt send all the website links i wasnt trying to start drama man
  4. its hard enough to get people in discord but if they have to sign up to a website also its just going to be another hurdle we have to overcome
  5. VexYesterday at 3:42 PM
  6. its  np i took it down and  deleted  my  account
  7. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:42 PM
  8. we were just checking out the different bots available\
  9. VexYesterday at 3:42 PM
  10. im catching flack because my  old lady sat up till 3 am working  on it  for  us to walk into my  room hearing  some  one who didnt  even look at  it  talking shit
  11. there for im in hot  water  at  home
  12. well its gone  now
  13. its  over
  14. im having  my account  deleted
  15. that seems to have calmed the  sea's
  16. ill have  nothing to do with  any  bots
  17. btw  lots  of  ppl liked the  thing
  18. and  was sayin posative things about  it
  19. 2/3 of revan out was  on it and said  it was a great idea
  20. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:46 PM
  21. man i looked at the graphics
  22. i looked at what was setup
  23. its the messages
  24. VexYesterday at 3:46 PM
  25. its done  now  i removed every  one  and  have asked them to delete  it
  26. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:46 PM
  27. that come into discord
  28. VexYesterday at 3:47 PM
  29. you guys are  in control
  30. its  above  my  pay  scales  as to what  flys
  31. goggle  what ever is what  is wanted
  32. others will use  it
  33. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:47 PM
  34. ....
  35. man i dont want to fuss about this stuff man we have always worked well together on things man
  36. VexYesterday at 3:48 PM
  37. no fuss  i deleted  it
  38. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:48 PM
  39. if there was a way for it to work without all the links
  40. i would have totally been down for it
  41. VexYesterday at 3:49 PM
  42. well kicked every  one  out and  have to have  it deleted
  43. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:49 PM
  44. and im not discounting your girls work on the site man
  45. i was just saying there needed to be a better way
  46. VexYesterday at 3:49 PM
  47. she was just tryin to help me  and it  hurt  her  feelings  she will get  over  it
  48. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:49 PM
  49. it looked funky as hell all the links in gen chat and everywhere else
  50. VexYesterday at 3:50 PM
  51. from what  i was told  you cat and anni was admins to the thing
  52. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:50 PM
  53. if there is a way for it to post messages and not links then we needed to find it
  54. i didnt want anyone to delete anything yet
  55. but its already done
  56. VexYesterday at 3:51 PM
  57. i was  looking at  it  last  night  and said damn that  be  nice for  our raid group so she sat  down and made that  for  us
  58. the  sod rip page was  not  what  she  made
  59. cat made that
  60. you and  kort  both said something  goggle  does  is what  we  should  use and  it weas  left at  that i have to go with the higher  up
  61. just to bad you did get to see  it  it was  nice  lol
  62. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:53 PM
  63. well man if we could have made it work with guilded without the links i would have been fine
  64. VexYesterday at 3:53 PM
  65. but  its  over  no need to dwell
  66. oh  it could  have  been done with  out the  links
  67. easly
  68. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:53 PM
  69. how so ?
  70. VexYesterday at 3:54 PM
  71. you can turn on and  off what  channel it  posts  in
  72. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:54 PM
  73. yes i get that
  74. VexYesterday at 3:54 PM
  75. you can set  it to none
  76. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:54 PM
  77. but will it post a link every time an event pops up?
  78. VexYesterday at 3:54 PM
  79. i was doing that  when my  old lady said delete  it
  80. not  if you turn it  off
  81. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:55 PM
  82. can you set it to just post the information in a message about the event?
  83. VexYesterday at 3:55 PM
  84. you can set whar  gets  posted and what  doesnt
  85. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:55 PM
  86. thats not what i mean
  87. VexYesterday at 3:56 PM
  88. more  ppl then me was  messing  with the  options  so i was just leting  it post to revan out  for the  day so the whol;e guild wouldnt  get spammed
  89. yea  you can set to post just events
  90. the team channel was  just  for us lol
  91. not the  whole  guild to start with
  92. for  us to be  able to maybe  post shit ppl in guild wouldnt  like  and  or link games we  play
  93. you can use it to find  other  players  in games you play
  94. all kinds  of shit
  95. is why i thought  it was a good  idea
  96. you could  even break it  down to look for  ppl doing the  same  content  on swtor
  97. _Cajun_Yesterday at 3:59 PM
  98. Team Revan Out:
  99. Raiding on 7/20/2019
  100. 10pm EST Hit the check mark box if you are attending
  101. like could you get it to post something like that?
  102. without all the link shitz?
  103. VexYesterday at 3:59 PM
  104. idk what the  post would  look like
  105. i do know  it would  post stuff
  106. im not going to be  useing  goggle what  ever its called
  107. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:00 PM
  108. well if we could get it to post in discord like that it would be preferred over the links and advertising for the guilded website
  109. VexYesterday at 4:00 PM
  110. i dont need the  drama with  my  old  lady
  111. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:00 PM
  112. well man then we will just do it the old fashioned way then
  113. if its gonna cause this kinds of shitz
  114. im done with it
  115. I tell you what
  116. VexYesterday at 4:01 PM
  117. it wouldnt  have been a big deal if we  had  not been seeing all the  posative feed  back all day and then she walks  in soon as it is said this shit  is fucked up in short version
  118. im not  mad  idc about  it  one  way or the  other
  119. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:02 PM
  120. Just get with all the other raid team leaders and you guys figure out what you want to use for raiding and events and i will go with the flow
  121. -hands Washed-
  122. VexYesterday at 4:02 PM
  123. a woman gets  mad its  on man you should  know this
  124. its  give  in are get fucked
  125. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:03 PM
  126. look man
  127. VexYesterday at 4:03 PM
  128. i thought every one was  cool with  it is what  i was told
  129. lol
  130. i didnt  expect a sole to even join the  thing lol
  131. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:03 PM
  132. if it can be setup just to post messages i wont have an issue with it at all it looks trashy with all the links being posted is all i was saying
  133. VexYesterday at 4:04 PM
  134. you ad man over the  guild site  i cant touch it to set the posts  it  makes
  135. least thats what  i was told
  136. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:04 PM
  137. if people want to sign up on the site then fine im not dealing with this part of it the raid leaders should be in charge of this anyways
  138. yes but anni and cat were the ones that were supposed to be taking care of it
  139. i was just added to admin just because
  140. VexYesterday at 4:05 PM
  141. anni is  barely around
  142. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:05 PM
  143. that was supposed to be their ball of wax
  144. VexYesterday at 4:05 PM
  145. cats net  is down
  146. no one  can fix it atm
  147. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:05 PM
  148. I understand man but
  149. VexYesterday at 4:06 PM
  150. my  page  is gone
  151. you wont  get any  spam from that
  152. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:06 PM
  153. i think the stuff was deleted to fast before we could find a proper way to set things up
  154. VexYesterday at 4:06 PM
  155. i wasnt  given a  option lol
  156. you try to calm a pissed redhead
  157. zzzz
  158. not easy
  159. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:06 PM
  160. my point is this we should have found a better way for it to be setup before it was just deleted
  161. man
  162. i wasnt saying delete anything
  163. i was just wanting a better way for the messages to come out is all
  164. i wasnt discounting it at all
  165. I liked the way it looked
  166. i was just wanting a more streamlined approach
  167. thats all
  168. for the messages
  169. i loved the site
  170. VexYesterday at 4:08 PM
  171. thats  fine as  i said im not the  one who got  offened im just tryin to keep peace at  my  house
  172. for  like  3  min sahe  was dead  set  i was done with swtor
  173. then she  came  in and  said she was sorry for that
  174. and  left
  175. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:10 PM
  176. Man i wasnt even upset about the site just the messages
  177. thats all
  178. I appreciated all the effort that was put into it
  179. but it got blown up
  180. way bigger than it was supposed to be
  181. VexYesterday at 4:10 PM
  182. i will admit  you came  off a  little over the top and could  have aproched  it a  bit dif  but  it is what  it is  men dont see things  like a woman does  lol
  183. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:10 PM
  184. maybe i came at it in the wrong way and that is my fault
  185. well tell her i am sorry that i upset her and hurt her feelings please
  186. i know i can be loud
  187. VexYesterday at 4:11 PM
  188. she  is crabby as  she was up super  late working  on the  site she walked  me through  everything
  189. then had to work today
  190. so im in for a great  day today lol
  191. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:12 PM
  192. man i keep up with all the messages all over the place and to see that amount of spam in our chat kinda threw me for a loop
  193. VexYesterday at 4:12 PM
  194. keep in mind  it  was two diffrent web pages
  195. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:12 PM
  196. so it wasnt part of the main sod website?
  197. sod/rip*
  198. VexYesterday at 4:13 PM
  199. team revan out was  for us
  200. us  only
  201. i just  left it so cat  could see things  for today
  202. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:13 PM
  203. so it was just connected in with the sod/rip spot?
  204. VexYesterday at 4:14 PM
  205. yea  it was for us to set things  up and  get  it right  before  posting to the  main site
  206. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:14 PM
  207. I saw the graphics and checked out some of it and i was really impressed i just didnt like all the spam
  208. im sorry i over reacted
  209. i had just woken up
  210. VexYesterday at 4:14 PM
  211. and  for  our team to be able to talk shit  back n fourth with  out going through the whole guild
  212. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:15 PM
  213. and im in a lot of pain today as well
  214. so again please tell her i am sorry
  215. VexYesterday at 4:15 PM
  216. its  all good  i just  need red to come  home  in a better  mood
  217. she  left
  218. lol
  219. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:15 PM
  220. well
  221. VexYesterday at 4:15 PM
  222. i kinda  knew  she would  be  ill today but we  had a good time hanging  out  last  night  so i just  went with  it
  223. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:16 PM
  224. please let her know that i was very impressed and liked the graphics for sure did she make those graphics herself?
  225. VexYesterday at 4:16 PM
  226. idk where  she  got them
  227. that was done  while  i was  in shower
  228. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:16 PM
  229. LOL
  230. VexYesterday at 4:16 PM
  231. i was  invited  over to see when it was done
  232. and  we  sat together  and she showed  me everything it could  do
  233. pyra  joined as  were still setting  it up lol
  234. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:18 PM
  235. man im sorry
  236. im just a firm believer in K.I.S.S.
  237. keep it simple
  238. VexYesterday at 4:19 PM
  239. i was  pretty  much told this is what  we  were  moving to so i was  just  looking at it  and was like  damn
  240. so she jumped  in and took over  i went to shower lol
  241. came back had a raid  team web page
  242. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:19 PM
  243. man i didnt want anyone to delete it
  244. i just wanted a way for no spam
  245. and just events
  246. VexYesterday at 4:20 PM
  247. its not  deleted  yet  but  i cant  stop it  at this  point
  248. my  accoint  on there  is being  deleted
  249. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:20 PM
  250. and i believe thats what we all wanted was just a way for events to be able to be posted as reminders so ppl dont forget
  251. VexYesterday at 4:20 PM
  252. have to submit  a ticket to do that
  253. we  still have the  guild web thing
  254. i cant touch that
  255. you should  go in it and  fix  it so it  doesnt  spam
  256. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:21 PM
  257. well i cant get a hold of anni atm
  258. VexYesterday at 4:22 PM
  259. i even had it so kort  as  gm had control over  it with  out  him ever  even joining  it
  260. through discord
  261. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:23 PM
  262. I got you man
  263. but i think it was deleted prematurely
  264. but
  265. whats done is done sorry i came off the way i did
  266. VexYesterday at 4:24 PM
  267. i had  no choice  in the  matter  lol
  268. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:24 PM
  269. i hear ya
  270. VexYesterday at 4:24 PM
  271. i was tryin to keep the  peace
  272. she got 4  hrs  of sleep so she  is cranky
  273. and  had to work today
  274. any  way  go play  star wars
  275. im just waiting  on my  up and  comings when she  gets home
  276. _Cajun_Yesterday at 4:26 PM
  277. look man
  278. again i am truly sorry
  279. VexYesterday at 4:26 PM
  280. wish  me  luck  O_O the fact she  said sorry before  leaving  is  a good sign
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