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  1. Rp: With his arms crossed sitting in a pod the Space alien kiren  would escape his home world of Grey as it would begin to explode from being struck by a asteroid. The man would travel through the stars as he would sore through space running out of fuel. Free falling through space the pod would begin to get sucked into the gravitational pull of a small blue world known as earth. The grey alien would set out of the destroyed pod with his grey skin and round black eyes. Clothing  tattered he would look around sensing a mass of people gathered on the cliff top. Before he would make his way to the stair case he would encounter a soldier of the evil sayian king escar.”Oh yeah I bet if I killing you I will get a major promotion huhuh.”The henchman would say with a menacing voice.
  3. Holding out his palm kiren would look at the man with a unsatisfied stare as his power would spike and a ball of ki would emit from his palm as he would blast and disintegrated the henchman from existing. “Hrm” He would say as he kept walking up the staircase to a building labeled umbrella corporation. The tall and masculine warrior would walk into the building and down the halls as he would search for strong warriors to fight as it was in his very blood.
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