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D64D2 Build v7 changelog

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Jan 6th, 2018
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  1. ----------
  2. Version 7
  3. ----------
  4. * Updated MAP01 (by Mechadon)
  5. * Updated MAP02 (by Mechadon)
  6. * Updated MAP03 (by Mechadon)
  7. * Updated MAP04 (by Da Werecat)
  8. * Updated MAP05 (by Mechadon)
  9. * Updated MAP06 (by dt_ & Mechadon)
  10. * Updated MAP07 (by Mechadon)
  11. * Updated MAP09 (by Da Werecat)
  12. * Updated MAP10 (by Da Werecat)
  13. * Updated MAP12 (by Mechadon)
  14. * Updated MAP13 (by Mechadon)
  15. * Updated MAP15 (by Mechadon)
  16. * Updated MAP16 (by Mechadon)
  17. * Updated MAP17 (by Mechadon)
  18. * Updated MAP19 (by Mechadon)
  19. * Updated MAP20 (by Mechadon)
  20. * Updated MAP22 (by Mechadon)
  21. * Updated MAP25 (by Mechadon)
  22. * Updated MAP26 (by Mechadon)
  23. * Updated MAP27 (by Mechadon)
  24. * Updated MAP28 (by Mechadon)
  25. * Updated MAP29 (by Mechadon)
  26. * Updated MAP30 (by Mechadon)
  27. * Updated MAP32 (by Mechadon)
  28. * Updated the SW*DIRT texture so its animation is consistent.
  29. * Updated the SW*BRN2 texture so it makes use of the updated background patch.
  30. * Updated the SW4S* patches. Instead of replacing them with the vanilla ones, I updated them so they had the good bits from the old, dirty ones.
  31. * Updated the TTALL1_2 patch so it tiles vertically a bit nicer.
  32. * Changed the name of the short sky patches (RSKY1S, RSKY2S, RSKY3S, etc). Perhaps this will help with mod compatiblity.
  33. * Updated the Cyberdemon and Motherdemon so that their death animations are now lit.
  34. * Updated the Motherdemon so its first attack frame and subsequent A_FaceTarget frames are not lit.
  35. * Removed the shotgun attack sound from the Motherdemon.
  36. * Updated the intermission texts so they make more sense (should be final unless someone comes up with something better).
  37. * Updated the music for MAP15 (Adrian's Asleep from Doom II by Robert Prince).
  38. * Updated the statusbar with some readability edits and fixes an issue with the arms display (by Cage & Mechadon)).
  39. + Added music to MAP05 (The Imp's Song from Ultimate Doom by Robert Prince).
  40. + Added music to MAP06 (Fear by CoTeCiO).
  41. + Added music to MAP17 (Sanity Slip by Viscra Maelstrom).
  42. + Added DECORATE lump with recreations of the dehacked work (along with some minor additions for ZDoom players).
  43. + Added LANUAGE lump which added obits for the new monsters and other minor things.
  44. + Added dehacked tweak to frame 895 which prevents the resurrection of ghost monsters (thanks to Da Werecat for this info).
  45. + Added special parameters to each weapon's firing state which offset thier sprites to the default position when firing (thanks to Da Werecat for this info).
  46. + Added new M_DOOM graphic by Cage.
  47. + Added new TITLEPIC, INTERPIC, BOSSBACK, and HELP graphic by Cage (with some help from Mechadon).
  48. + Added temporary base CREDIT graphic (by Mechadon).
  49. + Added new ENDOOM graphic (by Mechadon).
  50. + Added cleaned up RW28_2 and RW36_2 patches (courtesy of Da Werecat).
  51. + Added larger versions of the patches RW42_4, RW44_2, and RW44_4 (by Mechadon). The TEXTURE1 entries was updated to reflect this.
  52. + Added a tweaked version of FLAT20 that has a tiny bit of variation between the tiles.
  53. + Added new MARBFAC5 texture based off of the Motherdemon head (by Cage).
  54. + Added new DEM2_* flats (based off of the MARBFAC5 texture by Cage).
  55. + Added WFALL* textures (used the unreleased alpha textures, may replace them with Plutonia-style if they aren't any good).
  56. + Added new Nightmare Imp fireball sprites for ZDoom-based ports (its a recolor of the original Imp fireball).
  57. + Added "compat_sectorsounds 1" for MAP09 in the MAPINFO.
  58. + Added clusterdefs and intermission texts to the MAPINFO.
  59. = Fixed the cluster definition so that the first intermission text pops up after MAP06, not MAP07.
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