Pkmn Snap Any% Tourney Rules

Jan 1st, 2019
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  1. Here is the detailed ruleset for the tournament. First things first, notice the event format. Instead of a Best of X, I've opted for a unique format that better suits the run. Because a single RNG event (such as getting 0 Cloysters in River) can effectively ruin a runner's chances at winning, the community has raised concerns about the effectiveness of a tournament as it wouldn't truly test skill, only RNG factors. In order to best mitigate this, I'm proposing a ruleset of 1 hour, 5 attempts, best completed run. The idea being: if a run dies to cloyster, runners have ample time to reset and do another run. With an average run-time of around 22+ minutes, runners can do *2 FULL RUNS* within the 1 hour time limit with room to spare. Being about 11 minutes in, its possible for runners to do *5 ATTEMPTS UP TO RIVER EXIT*. This measure isn't perfect, but it will hopefully give runners multiple chances to get a solid run going. There is a 40-minute cutoff point though, where no new attempts can be made after 40 minutes have passed in the match.
  3. Prizes:
  4. 1st- $125
  5. 2nd- $85
  6. 3rd- $40
  8. Rules:
  9. - 1 Hour, 5 attempts, best completed run.
  10. - 40 minutes is the point of no return. After PoNR, no new attempts can be made. You can reset at 39 mins and finish that run (grace period).
  11. - Matches must be streamed. (Local recording is encouraged just in case connection is lost, you can verify the run afterwards)
  13. AntiCheat:
  14. Host generates random number 0-9. Runners file names must be this number to prevent restreaming previous recordings
  16. Process:
  17. Runners will stream on their channels with no mic, we'll cut out the video and timer. Depending on number of entrants, we can do the matches in batches, running multiple matches back to back in 4-8 hour blocks on the weekends. That block can shift around in order to accommodate schedules
  19. Other:
  20. - Runners are allowed to compete on any version of Pokémon Snap that is allowed on, namely N64, Wii VC, and WiiU VC, as well as running the Wii VC version on Dolphin 5.0 ("Regarding emulators, must run the Wii VC WAD through the latest stable version of Dolphin with title of the window visible in the video." see for more details).
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