BluntTongs-Glory to Arsmothzka

Dec 13th, 2013
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  1. >Live life in Glorious Arstotzka
  2. >be Inspector for Ministry of Admission
  3. >work at East/West Grestin border checkpoint
  4. >new checkpoint will only have Kolech visit
  5. >new checkpoint only want Arstotzkan
  6. >go work at six
  7. >end work at six
  9. >Be working
  10. "NEXT"
  11. >smalled odd-winged horse with robe fly in checkpoint
  12. >such thing to be expected with filthy Kolech
  13. >what bizzare cosplay
  14. >horse not have feelers
  15. >odd-winged horse not even in show
  16. >fitting in costume with no zipper is feat, though
  17. "Papers, please"
  18. >'horse' passes documents
  19. >passport is Kolechian
  20. >passport has picture of small horse
  21. >joke getting old
  22. >odd-winged horse passes slip of paper
  23. >"The Order awaits," small Kolech Cosplayer says
  24. >on slip is picture of odd wing
  25. >'The Order of the MOTH Wing'
  27. >such tomfoolery not tolerated in Arstotzka
  28. >place passport under 'Denied'
  29. >'CH-THUNK'
  30. >give pass and slip back to filthy Kolech
  31. >"You will regret this decision," Cosplayer says
  32. >filth walks off
  33. "NEXT"
  34. >be in Glorious Arstotzka
  35. >be ten days later
  36. >near end of work shift
  37. >sudden engine roaring on Arstotzkan side of Grestin
  38. >sudden armoured truck smash through guard barricade
  39. >+2 soldiers in Glorious Arstotzkan Afterlife
  40. >truck stop
  41. >four Cosplayers step out
  42. >two take aim at last guard
  43. >other two take bomb to Grestin Wall
  44. >you reach for key to rifle case
  45. >fumble
  46. >lose key in darkness of booth
  47. >bomb is set
  48. >+1 to Afterlife
  49. >two firearms pointed in your direction
  50. >bomb explodes
  51. >wall is compromised
  52. >millions of disgusting Kolech in strange horse costume flutter in
  53. >is miracle wings do not give out to Kolech obesity
  54. >begin to question if really costume
  55. >taken by two "Cosplayers" away from booth at gunpoint
  56. >Arstotzka taken over by moth-pony
  57. >be week after
  58. >called to trial
  59. >you are deemed guilty of treason by the new Order
  60. >you had failed to complete a simple task
  61. >letting in that agent
  62. >you are sentenced to twenty years of labour,
  63. >ten years of public service,
  64. >five years of solitary confinement,
  65. >and death by mothpony brothelwork
  66. >such is life in Glorious Arsmothzka
  67. >Glory to Arsmothzka
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