Static Dandelion story

Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. >day stuff in Equestria
  2. >you are currently sitting on your living room floor with Dandelion
  3. >your big, hairy, soft poofy rug
  4. >just the perfect kind on where to lie about, not the most best to actually walk on
  5. >Dandelion in on her tummy, happily coloring a coloring book with a crayon in her mouth
  6. >and her ass is distracting
  7. >she’s lying about so that she’s keeping the front of her body propped up with her hoofs, and her back hoofs are stretched out behind her
  8. >and it is doing wonders to her butt
  9. >you are not sure if it is just that Dandelion happens to be developing quite early and well, or is it because all ponies look like they have 11/10 asses when lying on their tummies like that
  10. >but still it has been a distraction as you die for the umpteenth time in your game because you were focusing more on Dandelions perky butt instead of the horde of bikini and Hawaii-t-shirt clad zombies
  11. >you sigh as you pause the game and turn towards Dandelion as she hums peacefully and colors
  12. >Dandelion shifts her position a bit and you notice that some of her fluffy coat sticks to the carpet, almost as if it’s...
  13. >”Dandelion, excuse me for a second”
  14. >Dandelion looks at you confused as you place your hand on her back, just above the grandeu distraction de sexuel and push her forward a bit, and then you take a hold on her hips and pull her back on the carpet, and then keep doing it
  15. “Ummm... Anon what are you doing? It tickles!”
  16. >”Just work with me Dandelion I am going somewhere with this”
  17. >you stop for now
  18. >Dandelions coat is now standing up slightly, making her look even more fluffy than she usually looks
  19. >Dandelion stares at you questionably
  20. >you push her onto her back
  21. “Anon why did you turn Dandelion over?”
  22. >she looks rather cute lying on her back and staring at you with eyes full of confusion
  23. >you take a hold of her hips again and start rubbing her against the carpet, making sure that you do it gently enough that Dandelion won’t get hurt
  24. >Dandelion starts to giggle
  25. “Hahahaha this is fun”
  26. >you keep doing this while Dandelion laughs happily for a while and then stop
  27. >”Ok Dandelion, get up”
  28. >Dandelion stands up and she turns into a ball of fuzz
  29. >her mane, tail and coat are all standing up due to the electricity
  30. >Dandelion herself looks absolutely amazed at how puffy ball of fur she has become
  31. “Wow loon Anon look, Dandelions coat is all fuzzy!”
  32. >she does a little spin to show herself off to you
  33. >”Hahaha, yeah that’s why I was rubbing you against the carpet”
  34. “Dandelion was thinking that you wanted to tickle Dandelion a lot when you turned Dandelion over”
  35. >suddenly an idea comes to your head
  36. >could you try to stick her onto something
  37. >... worth a shot
  38. >you gently lift Dandelion up
  39. >and push her against the ceiling
  40. >Dandelion looks at you with curious eyes
  41. >and slowly, you start to let go
  42. >Dandelions face fills with panic
  43. “Wait Dandelion will fall”
  44. >but she sticks to the ceiling
  45. >there is a silent moment of wonder
  46. >Dandelion starts to wiggle herself a little and then she smiles brightly
  47. “Wow Dandelion is sticking to the ceiling!”
  48. >you still keep your hands in catch-ready positions as you are not sure on how well Dandelion will stick into the ceiling
  49. “Ok now get Dandelion down”
  50. >a plan forms inside your head
  51. >”No”
  52. >Dandelion looks at you with surprise
  53. “But Anon, Dandelion wants to color more”
  54. >you keep yourself from smiling and sit onto the floor cross legged
  55. >”No”
  56. >Dandelion looks a bit angry now
  57. “Anon get Dandelion down!”
  58. >”No”
  59. >Dandelion starts to flail her hoofs around as she struggles
  60. >but her electrified coat keeps her stuck to the ceiling
  61. “Anon help!”
  62. >you start to laugh at how humorous she looks and get up
  63. >”Ok ok you win”
  64. >you grab her by her armpits... or would that be hoofpits?
  65. >she comes off easily and you bring her back to your level
  66. >uh-oh
  67. >Dandelion has now puffed her cheeks in anger and looks a bit crossed at you
  68. >”I’m sorry?”
  69. >Dandelion still looks angry
  70. >”Apology accepted?”
  71. >you give her your best sincere smile
  72. >Dandelion hmphs and turns her head
  73. >adorable
  74. >...
  75. >”How about I apologize with a milkshake?”
  76. >Dandelion turns to face you again, all anger gone from her face as she smiles happily
  77. “Yay milkshakes!”
  78. >you set the still puffy filly to the floor and the two of you go to your kitchen to enjoy some milkshakes
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