Apr 26th, 2019
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  4. Semi-finished steroids oil Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml injectable oil gain muscle CAS:315-37-7 yellow oil
  5. Synonyms: testosterone enantate; testosterone enthanoate
  6. CAS Registry Number 315-37-7
  7. Molecular Formula: C26H40O3
  8. Molecular Weight: 400.6
  9. Assay: 98%
  10. Packaging: 5 Kg net/aluminum tin
  11. Usage: pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone
  13. Applications:
  14. Testosterone Enanthate Usage:
  15. 1.Testosterone enanthate is the male hormone drug,can promote the development of secondary sexual characteristics, unopposed estrogen.
  16. 2.Testosterone enanthate can also make muscle growth, weight gain and so on. Fast-acting, and longer duration, is used for the treatment of male gonadal insufficiency, genital hypoplasia, infertility, testis syndrome and stable test psychosis.
  17. 3.Testosterone enanthate can also be used for female dysfunctional uterine bleeding, menopausal syndrome, breast and genital cancer; cirrhosis, regenerative anemia, osteoporosis; wasting disease.
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