WarpedRealm release 1.4

Sep 18th, 2022
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  2. Release 1.4 Changes:
  3. - Fixed an issue with players sometimes not losing exp on death
  4. - Nerfed orc knights (dealing less damage, less movement speed bufftime and cooldown on the big ouchie)
  5. - Fixed some crafting recipes sometimes not working and flickering on and off
  6. - Fixed a bug where some mob abilities would go through walls
  7. - Fixed some abilities of mobs and bosses still cast when the mob is not fighting
  8. - Fixed ignis teleporting a block into the ground and a block besides the gold block in the middle
  9. - Fixed the bug where players would have two ranks in the scoreboard again
  10. - Some paper optimization
  11. - Fixed some issues with custom items and anvils
  12. - Slightly adjusted mob spawn rates
  13. - Tripled chance of skeletal archers to spawn
  14. - Added new custom shield to craft
  15. - Added one new nether quest and one new wilderness quest
  16. - Fixed the sellmanager trying to load itemprices of items that arent sellable
  17. - Fixed a bug where spectral wraiths would just tp into walls and die
  18. - Added like 5 more autobroadcast messages
  19. - Reduced cost of unbreaking in /repair
  20. - Reduced a few modifiers of the rarities in /repair
  21. - Fixed morbid shiv active ability! Finally works again.
  22. - Fixed morbid shiv sound playing from a fixed location instead of playing from the player casting it
  23. - Nerfed morbid shiv active damage slightly
  24. - Nerfed votestaff crit chance and range
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