!S!S !S!S baby

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  1. Bro, V.I.P
  2. Let's kick it
  3. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby.
  5. Alright, stop,
  6. The Caliphate has risen; Iﱄsis  attacks on a worldwide mission
  7. Following the great prophet's writing: "Kill the infidel wherever you find him."
  8. Doing a jihad, that's holy war
  9. Everyone literally hit the floor
  10. This is how we roll, we're not too gentle
  11. Word of Allah is fundamental.
  13. Damn, Ahmed is cool; he blew up a hospital and two schools
  14. Spilling the blood of our enemies
  15. The jihad will go on for centuries
  16. Non-believers, prepare to pay
  17. The word of Allah you disobey
  18. If you're crazy, Sunni and proud of it, dance to the hook that I sing in Arabic.
  20. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  21. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  22. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  23. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever.
  25. Now the jihad is coming to a theatre near you, everybody jumping
  26. "Shit, there's a bomb!"
  27. "Run to the exit!"
  28. Where are you going? It's opening credits!
  29. I hear this movie's real good, sit down have some Pringles
  30. We're dying to see this movie tonight; worst first date ever, am I right?
  31. Hope you like movies in 3D
  32. Explosions real close and pretty, so interactive
  33. If you don't like it, should've waited for DVD
  34. You can watch the sequel in your next life
  35. Now your house belongs to your ex-wife
  36. Your new address is hell
  37. Who knew a movie could do so well and bomb
  38. "That was good, come on; I'll put down my gun, we're having fun!" "My dynamite is on a timer, girl, got some time to kill - infidels."
  39. "Ready? We're about to die, this good time to apologize to Allah for your life of sin like eating ham and drinking gin."
  40. "No, no, no, no, these are forbidden like marriage to more than four women."
  41. "Bro, you have a lot to learn; ten more seconds 'til you burn in hell for not following God's will."
  42. "I know jihad can be a buzzkill. If there is a problem, bro, I'll solve it; look at the bomb tucked under my armpit."
  44. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  45. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  46. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  47. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever.
  49. Taking over the world as we know it
  50. "Here's the bomb, bro, don't blow it!"
  51. Take down the great Satan and Canada; I really hate them
  52. It's time to kill non-believers and infidels
  53. Won't stop until everyone's dead
  54. Spread peace just like the Qur'an said
  55. Blood-shed is how truth is spread
  56. Painting Allah's planet red
  57. Soon, everyone will submit to Islam
  58. "Bro, get ready, it'll be fun!"
  59. Death to apostates; Christians, too; say goodbye to the gays and jews
  60. "If there is a problem, bro I'll solve it,"
  61. "Get ready for a worldwide caliphate."
  63. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  64. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever
  65. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, (bro) forever
  66. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby, forever.
  67. Iﱄsis !
  68. "Bro, man let's get out of here."
  69. "Word to Osama."
  70. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby (hey bro)
  71. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby (hey bro, hey bro)
  72. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby (hey bro)
  73. Iﱄsis  Iﱄsis  Baby (hey bro, hey bro).
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