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Desert's Fury Logs 2

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Jul 22nd, 2019
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  1. ----Chapter 2; Discoveries----
  2. ---Prolog
  3. Richard Flint asks, "So how has you two days being. So far?"
  4. Nephthys Masry says, "Very well, I have been mostly practicing."
  5. Richard Flint asks, "Practicing what?"
  6. Nephthys Masry says, "A technique from Sarradian legend."
  7. Richard Flint says, "What can this technique do Neph. I see and strong was the fellow drakanite."
  8. Zithembe Andile says, "They were pretty new to fighting so it was just basically her learning how to minimize her mistakes when fighting."
  9. Nephthys Masry says, "Well... it incorporates the four basic elements to be used in unison in perfect harmony without turning them into a new element."
  10. Richard Flint says, "That seems incredibely hard to perform and very taxing to learn neph."
  11. Richard Flint says, "Also sounds very powerful from the sounds of it."
  12. Nephthys Masry says, "It's called S'trisid Yraf or Desert's Fury in common tongue, and it's powerful from what the legends say. I have vowed to learn it to consider myself a full fleged magi."
  14. ---SCENE 1
  15. It was showtime. From the trees to their immediately left, two massive claws wrap around the treeline and rip them up from where they were. With two massive trees uprooted from the ground below, it started to charge them down and screech loudly. The claws were the perfect shape of the marks earlier, and the stomping footprints matched it exactly.
  17. "SCRAAAAAAA!!!"
  19. With one slam, it would attempt to crash the trees into their bodies. A fight immediately breaks out! From the treeline it had snapped out of, the group is able to see past it. They're able to see a small grove where flowers grew in mass abundance. On the Flor's body, poppylus and other flowers crew on its body.
  21. It was the epitome of an oxymoron.
  22. --------------------------------------
  23. "I didn't think it was called 'poppy' because it popped out and charged!" The Sarradian exclaimed before readying an aura, fire would perhaps be for the best but there were already two Magi with that ability... That left an Earthy aura or a Watery one...
  25. Water being chosen, as the regeneration from the magic would be needed most definitely! The Deseri styled staff floating with the user, the sea green eyes glowing as the first fight for life began. In a way still trying to charge all four elements... Fire, wind, water, and earth into a single aura. Of course seeing how only a watery aura erupted it had failed, but a burst of wind was there for a single moment. So far it was the closest attempt at using another element separately but also in perfect harmony with another.
  27. Perhaps it was the danger of the situation? Following the burst of wind would be a burst of embers, then a burst of loose earth. It was indeed getting closer but it was definitely off target. The other three elements didn't harmonize and instead just kind of flickered to the Hydromancer's aura.
  29. With the trees coming, the first spell for defensive means casted would be the typhoon spell to help Zith's magic pack an extra punch.
  31. Seems it was time to fight... even as the elements waged war within the Sarradian's body as they fought for control.
  32. (Nephthys Masry)
  33. --------------------------------------
  34. While at first the Sarradian's eyes were glowing in their vibrant green, watching the beast of the jungle activate a rare strain of nature magic... Eventually one by one his allies fell. Being the most experienced magi, it was Naph's job to protect them. Eventually having to take the front lines, letting emotions over take themselves in a fiery rage...
  36. Protecting the others sparked the emotional based casting, unfortunately with the emotion after the beast got back up.. The tanned Magi was easily dispatched, knocked out of flight. While he lay there forgotten, rose to back to his feet. Eyes glowing once again, abandoning flight entirely... The life or death situation sparking the emotional and visual casting styles to mix and mingle... In a burst of fire and water working separately from both sides of the beast as it stepped on a spike trap to keep the thing in place...
  38. Only two elements used in perfect harmony, unfortunately he wasn't quite there yet... But it was definitely a start.... After he decided it was time for the winds to rise and engulf the beast like a steam cooker. Nephthys was absolutely enraged in that single moment...
  40. Afterwards... soaked shirt revealing the flat chest... but more so a part was burned off from the heat... revealing the slightly muscular torso even more-so... Neph panted before turning to the others... The aura shutting off instantly afterwards as concentration broke exhaustion clear in his voice.
  42. "...Are... you all alive..? I saw you all get hurt... forced.... myself back up... Damn... Zith..." He put his staff back on his back before inspecting the wounds, taking off the silk shirt and tearing it. Wrapping up the wounds of Flint and Zith as best as he possibly could with the injuries shown... He wasn't injured, but he over exhausted himself. Too bad it wasn't enough to get more than two elements to harmonize as a single entity.
  43. (Nephthys Masry)
  44. --------------------------------
  45. They have achieved victory, but Zithembe wasn't so lucky. On the final charge the monster had made, and was injured gruesomely by the beast, several sharp spears of wood entering his chest as he'd collapse on the ground after the fight, with the adrenaline wearing off.
  47. He'd let out a cry of pain as he shut his eyes tightly, in pure agony as he felt the most horrific pain, and would certainly take years to fully heal. He doesn't seem to be getting up, certainly not on his own.
  49. There'd be several pieces of wood sticking out of his chest, perhaps needing immediate medical attention?
  50. (Zithembe Andile)
  51. --------------------------------
  52. Richard uses his Durendal to stand as up feeling intense pain across his torso and arms from the creature having slashes gone through the armor on his torso and arms leaving nasty slash marks across those areas but ignores the pain as he use his blade to move closer to the now dead creature.
  54. "We did it, We are the victor" he says with sense of achievement as he lets go of his sword for bit and raises his arms in trumpeted after doing that he would look around to see his comrades had not done as great except Nephthys, who was completely unharmed it seemed 'Huh nepht is luckly' he thinks to himself calmly as feeling intense pain at the same time.
  56. After that Richard would make his way to Nora as he see how bad her injuries were he feel sicking feeling inside him as sees someone he cares for hurt, so badly with Richard getting that strange feeling like before but once again nothing would happen it would just be there with the magic making him feel lessmad and happy like.
  57. (Richard Flint)
  58. -------------------------------
  59. Feels the pain through his entire body, he however didn't ever expect they would actually come out on top in this battle but, as he heard the giant beast fall to the ground he sighed in relief. The battle was hell and honestly he didn't feel like he did that well in general, gunning the massive beast down was something that wasn't an easy feat however he fought his hardest or at least his hardest he could possible give. The male could be seen smiling as he attempted to bring himself back to his feet, nothing could kill his vibe right now. Not even the pain of his broken wrist.
  61. "We did it guys..." He stated even though the victory really goes to his dear friend Nephthys. He collected himself from the ground, grabbing his staff with his none broken had before holstering it back onto his back.
  63. "Now... For the rewards of flowers hmm?" He'd state as he moved to follow the rest of the team into the field.
  64. (Aeton Hawk)
  66. -----SCENE 2(It's really short!)
  67. Zithembe thought she was adorable. He couldn't help but chuckle, nodding. "Hello Mecatl. I'm Zithembe." he simply says, folding his arms as he looks around. "Hmmm, what should we do, then, Neph?"
  68. (Zithembe Andile)
  69. ----------------------------------
  70. Mecatl studied their faces. She made sure to try and remember the faces and names of her sister's friends. Though beyond an introduction she wasn't sure what to say. She clung onto her sister's arm afterwards.
  71. (Mecatl Ixchel)
  72. ----------------------------------
  73. Nephthys Masry rolled a dice and it landed on: 5
  75. The Sarradian sighed a bit before he shrugged, "In all honesty? I have no idea, I've been practicing so much since you were injured and still have yet to do anything more than what you've seen... Oh... maybe I should show you!"
  77. Nephthys paused for a moment before the sea green eyes began to glow, a watery aura erupting from with in... The crashing sounds heard as a burst of wind came out for a moment... Then some dirt shifted into the air...
  79. The fire had... never came? Odd it was the last to occur usually... the rushing water changed in flow, moving towards one side of the Deseti mainlander. Then... flames rushed out... the two used separately yet together at the same time. They were almost entirely stable, with a minor flicker once in a while.
  81. "This... is how far my training has got me." Neph said before the aura feel, and this time is didn't seem to drain it's user hardly at all. Only using a slight bit of mana to hold.
  82. (Nephthys Masry)
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