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Server Status Bot Privacy:

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Mar 7th, 2021
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  1. Server Status Bot Privacy:
  2. The Server Status Bot does not store any data for resale or "logging" of users. Only the single developer has access to the data and the data is double-password protected.
  4. Data stored:
  5. The following data is saved when using the following commands:
  6. each command -> command name and user tag (to understand in case of errors)
  7. notify -> user id / server id / channel id (functionality of the command)
  9. Data deletion:
  10. The data which are saved for the notify command can be deleted directly by deactivating the notification ("s.notify server deactivate").
  11. The user tag and the command name which are saved with each command can be deleted by contacting the developer. To do this, you have to join the support server, which is specified in the bot profile on the website. There you can write to one of the admins directly and ask for the data to be viewed or deleted
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