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  1. Technical 1:
  2. I will improve my ability to apply the Microsoft Excel software in my projects and responsibilities as a co-op.
  3. Action Plan:
  4. Ingevity offers tutorials on Microsoft Excel through their online “Grow” program which I feel will give a more solid foundation in the software. I also plan on talking to fellow coworkers to see how they use excel in their day to day operations to better understand the real-world capabilities and uses of such software.
  6. Technical 2:
  7. I will improve my understanding of the logic that controls different technical systems in the plant. This knowledge will allow me to more thoroughly explain my ideas and complete my projects.  
  8. Action Plan:
  9. I will read operating procedure documents to get an understanding of the equipment as well as seek out coworkers that use the equipment to show me the operation of it in person.
  11. Professional 1:
  12. I will improve clarity of my language by removing unnecessary words which will allow me to more effectively communicate my ideas with my coworkers.
  13. Action Plan:
  14. I will be more conscious of using the words “um” and “like” as well as taking time to arrange my thoughts before speaking.  
  18. Professional 2:
  19. I will improve my ability to establish interpersonal connections in a professional environment which will allow me to work more effectively with others.  
  20. Action Plan:
  21. I will remember that my coworkers are people first and employees second. I will make a point to learn about people personally and not just talk to them for help with projects.
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