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  1. — RANK OF 'SITH' - Revised for Lord chat.
  3. The rank of Sith will be part of a rank restructure, set between the ranks of 'Adept' and 'Lord'.
  5. The rank of Sith is being created to provide a stress-free rank for people who cannot create events, or do not wish to, and cannot take apprentices for any reason. It is for a person who has completed enough work and trials for their master to advance from the adept rank but does not meet the requirements for Lord (or if the player does not want to be a Lord).
  7. The rank of Lord has many requirements that must be fulfilled to keep the rank, such as taking apprentices, creating events, and logging on at a steady rate to engage with new recruits and RPers on NON EVENT DAYS. The rank of Sith takes these requirements off and allows someone to RP with less stress, but still keep power.
  9. Lords now must:
  10. -Take one or more active apprentices (if an apprentice is inactive for more then 20 days and has not given warning, they are not considered active).
  11. -Create and run RP events for the guild.
  12. -Engage with new recruits on a regular basis.
  13. -Engage in RP on NON Event Days.
  15. If a Lord is not able to meet 3 of the 4 commitments listed above on a regular basis, they will be moved down to Sith rank. You will be able to keep your perks but not your rolls. You will also lose access to Lord chat as you wont need to claim interest in apprentices.
  18. Lord perks are unchanged:
  19. -2 Perk Slots
  20. -PVE Rolls: 20-110
  21. -PVP Rolls: 45-110
  22. -Ability to train apprentices
  23. New change:
  24. -Given a Fury Class Interceptor for use (previously for Darths).
  25. -AFK kick at 90 days.
  27. The proposed features for 'SITH' rank are:
  28. -Cannot take apprentices.
  29. -Is not required to create or run events for the guild (but is not stopped from doing so).
  30. -Required to log in less frequently.
  31. -Attend at minimum event days.
  32. -AFK kick at 60 days.
  34. Sith perks will be:
  35. -1 Perk Slot
  36. -PVE Rolls: 1-100
  37. -PVP Rolls: 1-100
  39. PVE is the same power as apprentices and acolytes. PVP is a slightly higher max roll that helps you defend and attack Lords, but also places you in slight power above Apprentices.
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