Sight and Wing

Aug 16th, 2019
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  1. Sight:
  2. -Mostly magical might is his fluff for being at 150 HP, he has Earth Pony strength but he's not like Mammon or Nero with god-strength
  3. -Has the power of future-sight: obviously used to see into the distant future or past, but also uses it in combat to be able to see moments ahead, predicting his opponent's every move before they make it and act accordingly
  4. -Has the power to rapidly age or de-age an object, reverting it back to a state that it used to be in or rapidly aging it to the point of it rotting or falling apart. For example, used on dreamstone would revert it back to its original 'blank' form before it was imprinted, or on oil would return it to a dinosaur it spawned from. Or in the case of speed-up, simply causing weapons to rust into nothingness or enemies to age into ash.
  6. Wing:
  7. -Extremely speedy / expert flyer, former Wonderbolt and the Messenger of the Order
  8. -His staff is capable of firing energy bolts of temporal energy
  9. -Has the power to speed up, slow down, or reverse time to a limited degree. Uses Reverse to pull off Healing or Mulligan-esque skills fluffed as him reversing damage or undoing a bad move
  10. -Speed-up increases his speed to outrageous levels, also lets him 'skip' ahead a distance in time like Tracer or take additional moves
  11. -Slow down debuffs his opponent, makes them easier to react to and lowers effectiveness
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