Chapter 1 - Stage 4

Nov 20th, 2020
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  1. Opening
  3. Constantia: Its weird. The rescue request connection has been lost.
  4. I was able to confirm the origin, but...
  5. Did something go wrong?
  6. Griffon: It may be the signal of a friend.
  7. If thats the case we have to go to help.
  8. Constantia? You have the information, right?
  9. Constantia: Yeah. I added it to the console map.
  10. I would like a final confirmation.
  11. Master, we need to move as quickly as possible.
  12. It seems that some of our girls need immediate help.
  14. Ending
  16. Constantia: I think the source of the signal was near here.
  17. Griffon: Really? Its weird. There is no biological reaction near here...
  18. There is an AGS reaction.
  20. What is an AGS?
  22. Griffon: An AGS is a robot system specialised in combat and security
  23. In simple words a police robot.
  24. Constantia: There is an AGS reaction?
  25. Pupp Head: Confirming the users identities. Infection reaction... None!
  26. Identification... 2 bioloids. Crime record... None!
  27. We provide police services to good citizens and bioloids.
  28. How can I help you?
  29. Griffon: What? Where did this guy come from?
  30. Pupp Head: Dont worry about greeting. Its like flattery for us the machines.
  31. Did you get a rescue signal?
  32. Constantia: Yes. Did you send the signal?
  33. Pupp Head: Thats right.
  34. Griffon: What is this? We were worried that one of our friends was in danger.
  35. Instead we found this stray dog... how annoying.
  36. Pupp head: Im not a stray dog, but a police and military robot.
  37. SD-3M Pupp Head!
  38. Griffon: Yeah I get it. By the way... why did you send a rescue signal? and why are you alone?
  39. I thought you guys originally fought in groups.
  40. Pupp Head: Thats correct, but the emergency action guidelines are different.
  41. Silicon-Metal polymerised organisms were unavoidable due to the widespread assault.
  42. Griffon: Silicon-Metal polymerised organisms? What?
  43. Constantia: It seems that robots call the iron-bugs by other name.
  44. Pupp Head, do you mean that you sent the signal because you got separated from the main team?
  45. Pupp Head: Exactly. Because part of our AGS unit was isolated a wide number of rescue request are being sent to the surrounding areas.
  46. Constantia: I see, to respond to the request the commander permission is required.
  47. Pupp Head can you accompany us?
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