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  1. Input matrix M
  2. Define X_1 = list of rows of M        
  3. Define X_2 = list of columns of M
  4. Define X_3 = list of diagonals of M
  5. Define X_4 = list of antidiagonals of M
  6. For each {integer a in {1,2,3,4}}{               // X_a is the set of rows
  7.    For each {integer b in {1,2,3,4} with b!=a}{  // X_b is the set of columns
  8.       For each {permutation s in S_n}{           // s is an ordering of X_a
  9.          For each {permutation t in S_n}{        // t is an ordering of X_b
  10.             For each {integer k in {1,...,n^2}}{
  11.                Define i such that k in X_a[s(i)]
  12.                Define j such that k in X_b[t(j)]
  13.                Define n_ij = k
  14.             }
  15.             Output matrix N_{a,b,s,t} = (n_ij).
  16.          }
  17.       }
  18.    }
  19. }
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