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  1. Hi Eva, thanks for having responded, the problem is this:
  2. My tablet HS610 (Serial: 95T60SH05799) does not work. My tablet is connected to the PC or to Android (Samsung S8+, the tablet LED turns on) but it doesn't work, it doesn't respond to any movement. I've been trying to solve the problem for almost a month but nothing, it's always the same and it's strange, on the internet with my research I haven't found anyone with this problem, so please help me.I need the tablet for more than a month now for projects and I would therefore like to solve the problem as soon as possible because this problem has really bothered me, In this other video-proof I will show the procedure of uninstalling and installing the Huion driver and with a test on Photoshop and on the Huion Tablet program, if I made a mistake in installing the driver, let me know. I reject the offer of the full refund with the return of the goods because on this tablet I have already spent more than 60 dollars and a month of time, and therefore I don't want to spend more on it, so a partial reimbursement is fine too, even half (like the my previous proposal of 33 dollars), to me, therefore, for time and cost, it is better to buy another one, maybe the GIANO and maybe on Amazon or anyway with European shipping, it is convenient especially for the time since I need it urgently, so please help me (I don't want to put you in a hurry) as quickly as possible to solve the problem.
  3. Thank you for your time and have a good day
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