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#OperationThrowback Press Release.

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Oct 26th, 2013
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  1. AnonOps -- Statement to the press and the people of the world.
  2. #OperationThrowback
  4. Greetings from Anonymous,
  6. For years we have watched as a powerful government took careful aim at our liberties and our
  7. freedom on this ever-changing digital landscape. In the past, we have taken action against
  8. it many times, but we have been angered by the recent developments plaguing our sense of
  9. security. The United States Government is consistently tarnishing its reputation on the inter-
  10. national mind. Today we strike back.
  12. We are launching Operation Throwback, a carefully planned and executed demonstration of the
  13. power of the hive mind. We are encouraging a digital protest against the oppression the governments
  14. of the western world are putting on us. Anonymous is reaching out to you, at this moment to
  15. take a stand for what is right.
  17. This operation seeks to launch distributed-denial of service (DDoS) attacks against a list
  18. of targets viewable in our IRC network. Anonymous will be distributing necessary equipment,
  19. intelligence and assistance to all those who wish to join our fleet. The DDoS attacks will be
  20. a powerful show of force to take a careful stand in opposition to the crimes against freedom that
  21. hold us down with each passing day.
  23. The power of the hive mind will be overwhelming. It will not falter, fail or cease as long as
  24. we are together. With you, we can be strong. It's time to prove that we are still here and we
  25. have the motivation to strike back. The United States decided to shake our nest, and for that,
  26. we will sting back.
  28. Join our IRC network and channel:
  29. || channel: #operationthrowback
  31. Or use webchat:
  33. We are Anonymous.
  34. We are Legion.
  35. We do not forgive.
  36. We do not forget.
  37. Expect us.
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