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  1.                                 M8s warm up strats pre owl games
  3. Cab: Looks at stvs and tells us everything the other team does in game then we fail the push, also spends 3 hours practising roleout in order to fail it during owl. He also gets an asian influence working in fruitshop.
  5. Cell: ONS mumble + asian, need i say more
  7. Roight: Dota 2 + asian. Oh and add 5
  9. LF: Although asian, LF is not in the prime of his youth and therefore has an extensive warm up which ranges from hiting 8 cones, gardening and watching tv. The asian part gives a massive edge but.
  11. Daveii: Before scrims 8 hours of pugs + make sure none of his family is playing candy crush or angry birds. There are some bs rumors as well that his internet is always slow cause shes always on skype to deadly, it's never been confirmed but
  13. Deadly: Pregame wank but don't finish, builds testosterone never fails
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