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Victia Keddel

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  1. >Be the would-be inventor
  2. [color="#0087AE"]Heeey, I AAAM aaan inveeentor![/COLOR]
  3. >Be the little inventor girl
  4. [color="#0087AE"]Weeell, I'm no little girl, but thaaat's good eeenough![/COLOR]
  6. [IMG]http://oi55.tinypic.com/20zcgns.jpg[/IMG]
  8. Your name is Victia Keddel, and you are seven sweeps old! You live in a giant castle-like mansion, in a very secluded Alternian hillside. Your lawnring spans almost as far as you can see. The only one other than you that lives in the mansion-hive is your Lusus, Nigel. He's a giant cawbeast, and enjoys repeating all your most embarassing phrases. You deal with him though; he does keep you company. Your room, and in fact your whole hive, is littered with all of your failed inventions; nothing useful, just fun little gadgets. Things that fly, or walk, or roll on their own power. You used to make more dangerous things, but a terrible accident that took one of your old friends, and one of your horns, dissuaded you from such things. To mention inventing, your Fetch Modus; Invent. You gather materials; stone, iron, wood, whatever. And when you carry all the neccessary materials in a secondary Captchalogue deck, the item you want to use is unlocked. Unfortunately, you lose the materials after this. Your Strife Specibus also relates to your inventing habits; Wrenchkind.
  10. If you were to be in a SDRICT session, you would be the Witch of Heat, from the Land of Metal and Steam. The Land is miles and miles of steel scaffolding, with superheated steam jets rising from the ground every now and again. Your consorts would be monkeys, your Denizen Kraken, and you would be a Prospit Dreamer.
  12. You are a light-blue ([color="#0087AE"]0087AE[/COLOR]) blooded female, your Trolltag is [color="#0087AE"]steamyInnovator[/COLOR], and you talk [color="#0087AE"]Reeeaaally eeexciteeedly, aaand teeend to yeeell aaalot![/COLOR]
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