Breakfast - Hexferried

Apr 10th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >...
  3. >Nothing happened.
  4. >Many days passed yet nothing happened to you.
  5. >Some ponies stalked you for a while, but they eventually stopped.
  6. >Besides one.
  7. >That one, however, is probably Hexferry.
  8. >She usually hides in alleyways and on rooftops.
  9. >Though, it might not be her; you do pass by her on the streets.
  10. >Either way, you don't really care.
  11. >Ponies have stopped staring at you and cowering, but they do notice you.
  12. >Well, two ponies still stare at you, Hexferry and the orange filly.
  13. >Hexferry, well, it's obvious she does. She instantly loses a good mood when she notices you.
  14. >Her friends probably try to help her, but she doesn't seem to be improving.
  15. >Good.
  16. >The orange filly... has always had an odd interest in you.
  17. >You really wish she would stop caring; you certainly don't care about her.
  18. >Even today, when you passed her, she stared at you with a curious expression.
  19. >... She started following you.
  20. >The fat mare put a quick end to that.
  21. >You've seen many other... interesting things today.
  22. >The white stallion and the bee moth both ran from the "Moony" moth.
  23. >"Moony"? Even the regal moth has idiotic tendencies.
  24. >No one in this village is about being an idiot.
  25. >Except you.
  26. >You are perfect.
  27. >The hippie one was walking with the peach one.
  28. >The stagnant brown mare was with a brown stallion. Neither of them were talking, but both of them seemed very awkward.
  29. >The yellow one wasn't far behind them, stalking them like Hexferry stalks you.
  30. >... You haven't seen Hexferry yet.
  31. >...
  32. >You look around.
  33. >Thankfully, you're close to your home.
  34. >Unfortunately, that either means Hexferry will show up in a little bit, or she's been following you this entire time.
  35. >Which will it be this time?
  36. >The door to Hexferry's house opens.
  37. >...
  38. >If you think about something, it will activate a reaction.
  39. >You slowly inhale a deep breath, then exhale it at a similar rate.
  41. >As she leaves the safety of her home, you get a good look at her.
  42. >Or, well, a bad look. Like how she is.
  43. >She's a wreck.
  44. >Her mane is disheveled, her antennae are askew, she has bags under her eyes...
  45. >She looks only a little worse than she normally does.
  46. >... She walks into your path.
  47. >And stops.
  48. >She's looking down.
  49. >You can't see her face, but you know she wants to talk with you.
  50. >You adjust your path so you can go around her.
  51. >As expected, she moves back into your way.
  52. >She extends her wings.
  53. >... She remembers the first time she did this.
  54. >No matter.
  55. >You'll simply wait for her to think you care, then walk past her.
  56. >Just like the first time.
  57. >"Hey..."
  58. >Her voice is scratchy and low.
  59. >You stop a little bit in front of her.
  60. >"... I'm sorry for everything."
  61. >...
  62. >What?
  63. >"I've been... paranoid, I guess. I just..."
  64. >She takes time to let out a deep sigh.
  65. >"I got really pissed off at you. I thought I should make you miserable because you made me angry. That... is stupid."
  66. >Of course it is, it's an idea she came up with. It was doomed from the start. It couldn't be anything besides stupid.
  67. >"You probably noticed... The whole village knows of you now, but... They're mostly indifferent."
  68. >She turns her head so she can look at her right hoof.
  69. >"It wasn't right of me to intrude on your way of life. If you don't want to hang out, that's fine. But..."
  70. >She looks up to you.
  71. >Her face shows actual sadness.
  72. >"If you ever get bored, or want to hang out, or... whatever, I'll be open."
  73. >She slowly moves out of your way, but she doesn't avert her gaze.
  74. >"And again... I'm sorry."
  75. >... You...
  76. >You haven't cared so little about something anyone has said to you.
  77. >This is a new low of caring.
  78. >You walk past her without even turning to her.
  79. >The only good thing to come from this is her giving up.
  80. >As you get to your door, you glance back at Hexferry.
  81. >She sighs, then turns away to walk away.
  82. >You enter your home.
  83. >It's freedom from ponies without brains.
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