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  1. shim suductino
  3. >This was a terrible idea.
  4. >You are Anonymous and you’ve offered to take Shimmy on a small universe hopping vacation.
  5. >”Oh my! You truly are exquisite!”
  6. >And your alternate self in a fifties style suit, tie, and hat is flirting with her.
  7. >”Your hair so silky, skin so smooth and sculpted features! I assume you two are dating.”
  8. >”Hu, well, no but I don’t see what that has to do with anything.”
  9. >Shimmer says, flustered and blushing.
  10. >”What a crime, I assume you’re taken then?”
  11. >”W-w-well, no, n-not is so many words.”
  12. >He looks at you, accusational if not even a little insulted.
  13. “What?”
  14. >You say, defensively.
  15. >”Well, this must be rectified immediately!”
  16. >The chairs of the out door café and clouds clearing, making a space around you and Shimmer.
  17. “No no no no you are doing nothing of the sort!”
  18. >Just as you say this, music begins playing from nowhere.
  19. “And this is not the type of thing our abilities are supposed to be used for!”
  20. >The other you walks to the opposite side of the circle and looks at Sunset with purpose.
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmQq6yLe2ww
  22. >”Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!”
  23. “Oh no”
  24. >He starts to walk slowly towards Shimm, dancing with a grin on his face.
  25. >”If you can use some exotic booze there's a bar in far Bombay!”
  26. >He reaches Sunny and offers his hand.
  27. >”Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away.”
  28. >After a moment of hesitation she takes it and he pulls her towards himself and into an outside left dance position and starts waltzing.
  29. >”Come fly with me, let's float down to Peru!”
  30. >They start a waltz, moving quickly.
  31. >”In llama-land there's a one-man band And he'll toot his flute for you!”
  32. >He spins her.
  33. >”Come fly with me, let's take off in the blue.”
  34. >He pulls her back and they begin again.
  35. >”Once I get you up there, Where the air is rarefied, We'll just glide, Starry-eyed!”
  36. >He looks deeply into her eyes and her face somehow gets even redder.
  37. >”Once I get you up there, I'll be holding you so near.”
  38. >He holds her by the waist tightly and points her towards you.
  39. >”You may hear, Angels cheer, 'cause we're together!”
  40. >The tarpaulins and umbrellas suddenly fly away and he points to the sky.
  41. >”Weather-wise, it's such a lovely day!”
  42. >He takes hold of her again and looks into her eyes.
  43. >”Just say the words and we'll beat the birds, Down to Acapulco Bay!”
  44. >He takes her by the waist and starts walking her towards you in the Promenade position.
  45. >”It is perfect for a flying honeymoon, they say! Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!”
  46. >He spin throws her towards you and pointedly points at you with an open smile and gives you a thumbs up while the music keeps playing.
  47. >She lands in your arms as you catch her red faced and smiling trying not to look directly at you.
  48. >You yourself turnip red and more than a little bit embarrassed.
  49. >As the music continues she says.
  50. >”Well, do you have something to say?”
  51. “Well, it, a uh, I sortof find you to be the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent, and wonderful person I have ever met and would very much like to pursue a long term romantic relationship with you.”
  52. >Once you finish rambling you pull her up and start dancing away.
  53. “Once I get you up there, Where the air is rarefied, We'll just glide, Starry-eyed”
  54. >As you continue dancing you begin to walk on air, taking her with you.
  55. “Once I get you up there I'll be holding you so near.”
  56. >You take her into a coupled spin.
  57. “You may hear.”
  58. >When you catch her out of the spin you bring your face dangerously close to hers, her eyes widening.
  59. “Angels cheer, 'cause we're together!”
  60. >Just before your noses meet, you pull away and pick her up bridal style and jump high into the sky, wind whistling but the music still clear as a bell.
  61. “Weather-wise, it's such a lovely day, you just say the words, we will beat those birds Down to Acapulco Bay!”
  62. >Once you reach cloud level you land on thin air and place her feet back down on nothing and start dancing again.
  63. “It is perfect for a flying honeymoon, they say.”
  64. >As the music crescendos you begin spinning her.
  65. “Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly.”
  66. >You catch her and smile at her.
  67. “Pack up, let's fly away!”
  68. >And just as the music ends you bring her close and kiss her.
  69. >When you break the kiss you start slowly floating down, her panting in your arms.
  70. >Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.
  72. -----------------------------------------------
  74. birth of evil
  76. >”Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”
  77. “You can’t escape doctor, it’s over.”
  78. >”Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.”
  79. “We’re taking you in. Saddle Ranger, break the glass.”
  80. >”Right!”
  81. >Says the comically big heroine as she charges at the window.
  82. >”Brown paper packages tied up with strings.”
  83. >Ranger collides with the glass butt to little effect.
  84. >”These are a few of my favorite things.”
  85. >The tall doctor says as he shows you a small piece of paper with a magic circle drawn on it.
  86. “Wait, what?”
  87. >”Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels.”
  88. >He places the paper on the sand covered ground and wind starts to blow in the tiny metal room, revealing much larger circle with him in the center.
  89. >”Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles.”
  90. >He stands up, lab coat billowing, the wind getting stronger.
  91. “No.”
  92. >You say in disbelief.
  93. “Girls, we need to get in that room NOW, we can’t let him do this.”
  94. >Panic starting to rise in your voice you start chilling the window as fast as you can while the others do everything they can.
  95. >”Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.”
  96. >The doctor begins to float in mid air and lightning starts to strike the inside of the room.
  97. >”These are a few of my favorite things!”
  98. >His voice becoming strained, with gritted teeth and eyes wide.
  99. >Ranger slams into the glass again with a pained grunt and finally you see a small crack forming.
  100. “Come on girls! Just a little bit more.”
  101. >Sweat freezing on your brow, you redouble your efforts as do the others.
  102. >”Yeah, you can do it!”
  103. >Says Hum Drum enthusiastically.
  104. >”Girls in WHite drEEEsses WIth B-BlUe sATin saSHeS”
  105. >He begins to glow white and he grips his head tightly.
  106. >Another crack forms as Radiance hits it hard with a massive sledge hammer.
  108. >He screams out, his legs folding to his chest as the walls around him gain a layer of frost.
  109. >The first crack widens audibly as Mistress Mare-velous gives it a mighty kick.
  111. >You can see the doctors skin begin to change to furs and scales as his hands lengthen into a claw and paw.
  112. >Suddenly the frost in the walls explodes into vapor and Ranger crashes into the window and it just barely holds up.
  113. “Just one more!”
  115. >Saddle Ranger charges one more time with maximum effort, Radiance prepares one last swing, and Mare-velous gets ready for one more kick.
  116. >They all land at the same time and the glass shatters, but before any of you can react you are hit by a massive explosion, slamming you all into the wall behind you.
  117. >When you finally start to see again you start to see a dark silhouette rising from the ground.
  118. >”When the dog bites.”
  119. >A calm, soothing voice whispers into your ear.
  120. >”When the bee stings.”
  121. >The silhouette steps through the hole where the glass was and starts walking towards you.
  122. >”When I'm feeling sad.”
  123. >You see the others around you begin to wake up as well.
  124. >”I simply remember my favorite things.”
  125. >You quickly stand up, along with your friends getting ready to fight.
  126. >”And then I don't feel”
  127. >”DIE!”
  128. >Zapp suddenly throws a massive lightning bolt at him.
  129. >He deftly catches it in his hand and seems to examine it.
  130. >”So~ Baaad~”
  131. >He lowers the ball and reveals his lopsided disfigured face and grins.
  133. >There’s a crash behind you. When you look back, the already dented wall has been ripped apart, leaving a massive hole revealing the Maretropolis skyline.
  134. >When you look back to the doctor he gives a loud
  135. >”HA!”
  136. >And the lightning ball explodes into light, throwing all of you through the hole.
  137. >You catch yourself soon after and immediately go to catch Hum Drum.
  138. >You see Zapp and Radiance go to catch Fili-Second and Mistress Mare-velous respectively.
  139. >But then you see Him floating beside you.
  140. >”Raindrops on roses”
  141. >He raises his hand towards Radiance and a giant wave of water crashes into her, making her drop Mare-velous.
  142. >”And whiskers on kittens”
  143. >When you go to catch Mare-velous he points his hand towards you. You try to dodge but instead of water, string flies at you and wraps around your face, blinding you.
  144. “Mmmph!”
  145. >You can only struggle as you fall.
  146. >You can hear Zapp charge up a lightning bolt.
  147. >”Nnngha!”
  148. >”Bright copper kettles”
  149. >You hear a ting as if a kettle were just stuck by a fingernail.
  150. >”And warm woolen mittens”
  151. >”Aaaahh!”
  152. >You hear Zapp yell with the sound of rustling fabric.
  153. >”Brown paper packages tied up with strings”
  154. >When you get the string off you feel rope tie around you and Hum Drum, now completely incapacitating your wings.
  155. >You also see the others being tied up as well being pulled towards you, with Zapp covered in wool.
  156. >When you meet, one big rope goes around all of you, putting you back to back, and brown paper folds itself around you.
  157. >”These are a few of my favorite things.”
  158. >You hear Rager roid out and the rope gets very tight and then loosens  and you hear a loud ripping noise and the paper blows away.
  159. >When you look down you see that the ground is getting uncomfortably close.
  160. >A loud clap of thunder is heard and a tornado forms under you, carrying you safely to the ground.
  161. >You all stand up and you take Hum Drums shoulders, fear clear on your face.
  162. “Hum Drum, you need to run! Go tell the mayor what’s happened and hide!”
  163. >”But-”
  164. “JUST DO IT.”
  165. >He seems startled but promptly runs off.
  166. >”There he is!”
  167. >Yells Mare-velous, pointing as clouds begin to swirl and it starts raining brown.
  168. >He calmly floats down to the ground.
  169. >When he lands Rager and Mare-velous give mighty battle cries and charge at him.
  170. >”Cream-colored ponies.”
  171. >Just before they get within punching distance, he waves his hand and cream crashes into them hard.
  172. >”And crisp apple strudels.”
  173. >Just before they uneasily get up, fire comes out of his outstretched hand, nearly frying Mistress.
  174. >Fili-second and Zapp now decide to charge. Fili going for a strafing run while Zapp charges straight at him.
  175. >”Doorbells and sleigh bells.”
  176. >Before Fili-second can even get close dozens of giant bells appear around her, ringing definingly, causing everyone to clasp around their ears and close their eyes but poor Fili is forced to her knees, screaming. Radiance erects a shield around you and herself but doesn’t have time for anyone else.
  177. >When Fili-second collapses, her ears bleeding, the ringing stops.
  178. >Zapp, not looking well, continues her charge.
  179. >”And schnitzel with noodles?”
  180. >He says questioningly, as if uncertain, as a trebuchet seemingly made of noodles flings a pile of rocks at her with true aim.
  181. >”Okay, I’ll admit, that one was bad, but what was I supposed to do with ‘schnitzel with noodles’?”
  182. >You and Radiance exchange a determined look.
  183. >You both fly into the air, you start throwing ice bolts at him while Radiance makes a gatling gun and starts firing.
  184. >But everything just stops within a 3 metre radius of him.
  185. >”Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings.”
  186. >Suddenly, massive round rocks appear and chain themselves to your legs, pulling you down sharply.
  187. >”These are a few of my favorite things.”
  188. >Once you’ve both fallen Radiance starts hammering away at her chain with a chisel but to no effect.
  189. >”Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes.”
  190. >You and everyone else gets wrapped in tight fitting white dresses and tied down by blue ropes.
  191. >”Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes.”
  192. >You are all dragged towards him and arranged in a neat row in front of him.
  193. >The wind picks up and it begins snowing chocolate brown snow, and a single snowflake lands on each of your noses, including his.
  194. >”Silver-white winters that melt into springs.”
  195. >The clouds clear and a circular section of street under you is ripped from the ground and starts rising very quickly.
  196. >When the skyline is fully visible he turns away from you and walks to the edge of the circle.
  197. >”These are a few of my favorite things.”
  198. >He clears his throat and with an incredibly loud and booming voice, he sings to the entirety of Maretropolis.
  199. >”When the dog bites, When the bee stings, When I'm feeling sad!”
  200. >He raises his arms theatrically and you can see the sun peaking over the horizon with the moon still in the sky.
  201. >”I simply remember my favorite things, And then I don't feel so bad!”
  202. >He begins to laugh maniacally and when you look up into the sky you see the stars spelling the word ‘Surrender’ in the sky.
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