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  1. ╰Username: sassyrxn-
  2. ╰Password: Pick Me
  4. ╰Name: Jung Ye-Rim
  5. ╰Age: 17 yrs. old
  6. ╰Birthday: April 22
  7. ╰Birthplace: Incheon, South Korea
  8. ╰Hometown: Incheon, South Korea
  9. ╰Nationally: Korean
  11. ╰Height: 167 cm
  12. ╰Weight: 47 kg
  13. ╰Company: Source Music Entertainment
  14. ╰Backup: Hwang Eunbi/SinB
  15. ╰Training period: 2 years
  17. ╰Likes:
  18. •Plushies/Dolls
  19. •Yellow
  20. •Chocolates
  21. ╰Dislikes:
  22. •Horror
  23. ╰Trivia:
  24. •She met her first love during her trainee period
  25. •She met him at the bus
  26. •She has one older brother
  27. •Her mom was against of her being an idol
  28. •Her dream was being an idol
  29. ╰Face claim: Jung Yerin
  30. ╰Backup: Hwang Eunbi/SinB
  31. ╰Predicted ranking: 8th
  33. ╰Why did you audition: To make my family proud and for me to achieve my dream
  34. ╰Message to other trainee: Hi! Let's be friends and not enemies during the competition.
  35. ╰Message to national producer: Annyeonghaseyo! Please support me until the end
  36. ╰Message to family: Annyeong eomma, appa and oppa! Don't worry about me okay? I'll be fine. Just trust, support, believe and pray for me.
  37. ╰Your greeting: "Annyeonghaseyo! I'm Ginseng Ye-Rim imnida."
  38. ╰Rate your skill:
  39. Vocal: 9
  40. Dance: 9
  41. Rap: 8
  42. ╰Extra thing about you:
  43. •Listening to music
  44. •Dancing
  45. •Exercising
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