Anonpone x Girl

Jun 20th, 2015
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  1. >You are Anon
  2. >But not just any random Anon
  3. >No sir...
  4. >You, you are Anon number 312
  5. >And you are in line to pay a bill
  6. >You may be wondering what bill you, Anon 312, are trying to pay
  7. >Well
  8. >It is not really a bill, but more like an... exchange of sorts
  9. >Anon 312 you sure are a lucky bastard
  10. >You aren't in a line
  11. >You're walking towards the girl right now in fact
  12. >She's kinda cute...
  13. >Got the dyed red hair with some freckles
  14. >Maybe some eyeliner
  15. >Yeah, that's her over by the motel door
  16. >You wave n' shit
  17. >This exchange isn't any normal exchange
  18. >Oh look, she waved back
  19. >What a lucky asshole you are
  20. >"Hey Anon!"
  21. >She smiles
  22. >Oh god does she smile
  23. "H-hey Rylee."
  24. >autism.disgust
  25. >This is a cuddle exchange
  26. >You sigh in relief and nervousness as she giggles
  27. >You're lucky you got a hot girl, and not some greasy pigfucker
  28. >This was your first time doing it, but hey, should be fun
  29. >Right?
  30. "S-so, do you have the serum?"
  31. >She nods and leads you into the motel
  32. >ohfuck.jpg
  33. >Here we go
  34. >"Yeah, I got it."
  35. >She smiles when you sit on the neatly made bed
  36. >"Trust me, Anon. You're gonna love this."
  37. >You shiver slightly
  38. >You always were a bit of a sperg
  39. >She doesn't seem to mind though, cuz she sat next to you
  40. >And her hand is on your knee
  41. >Oh jesus
  42. >She bites her lip as she digs through a pocket in her black jeans
  43. >"Ah!"
  44. >She pulls out a small vial filled with a bluish liquid
  45. >There it is
  46. "Is it uh... Is it instant, or one of those slow things?"
  47. >She takes the vial and puts it in your slightly damp hand
  48. >"It's instant. Don't worry. All painless."
  49. >Shit, well
  50. >No turning back now
  51. >You glance at her before unscrewing the vial
  52. >You down that fucker in one go
  53. >Fuckyeah.webm
  54. >The girl smirks at you
  55. >Oh shit
  56. "Feelin' a bit tingly..."
  57. >OH SHIT
  58. >You feel blinded for a second, like a stun grenade just got thrown into the room
  59. >Everything feels off
  60. >Legs are all wonky and bent oddly
  61. >You feel a pair of soft hands wrap around your now fuzzy midsection
  62. >"Hey, it's okay..."
  63. >Aw fuck, you're being kidnapped or some shit
  64. >More panic!
  65. >You wriggle more, afraid of whoever is kidnapping you
  66. >Don't blame the newly minted pony for being afraid
  67. >One hand starts rubbing at your belly
  68. >"No no... Don't panic. It's okay, Anon."
  69. >It's Rylee's voice, speaking ever so softly into your poor pone ear
  70. >Oddly enough... It does seem to be calming you down a bit
  71. >The hand rubbing through your fur on your belly
  72. >Just rubbing ever so softly
  73. >You blush and stop wiggling, realizing that you might have seriously lost your spaghetti for no reason
  74. >"See? Not so bad."
  75. >She giggles and rubs your left ear
  76. >You whimper from the touch, experiencing sensations that you've never felt before
  77. "Y-yeah. Not so bad..."
  78. >You barely manage to get that out, but you think she heard it.
  79. >Rylee releases you for a moment
  80. >You look at her in confusion, until you realize what she is doing
  81. >The freckled girl gets on the bed and lies down on it, resting her back against the frame of the bed
  82. >Your eyes widen and ears fall back as she pulls you onto her lap
  83. "What're you doing?"
  84. >Your weak protests fall on deaf ears as she strokes at your back
  85. >You feel a hand tickle at an appendage on your back
  86. >So you're a pegasus?
  87. >Neat...
  88. >"Your wings are very pretty, Anon."
  89. >You gulp in response
  90. "Thanks, Rylee. I guess ponies are just like that."
  91. >Here you were, sitting on a girls lap as a pony, being stroked in a very non-sexual way
  92. >Your eyes slowly close as you quietly groan in response to her petting and stroking
  93. >No wait.
  94. >You jerk your eyes open, fighting off the enemy that was sleep
  95. "I should stay awake. Can't fall asleep on a stranger when I just met her."
  96. >She giggles
  97. >That's good, right?
  98. >"Silly pony. It's okay if you do."
  99. >She strokes your neck and head region
  100. >You only blush in response as you lose the battle
  101. >Darkness overcomes you as your eyes lock tight, unable to fight the stroking easing you into your fate
  102. >So warm...
  103. >So comfortable...
  104. >Tap tap tap
  105. "Huh..."
  106. >Something was tapping you
  107. >"Wake uuuuup Anon pony."
  108. >Your eyes snap open as you try to jerk out of bed
  109. >But you can't jerk out of your bed, because you can't move
  110. >And you can't move because Rylee is holding you hostage with an arm
  111. >"Don't freak out, you fell asleep, so I just let you sleep."
  112. >Oh... Well... You still fell asleep on a girl.
  113. >That's not how first dates work.
  114. >They also don't entail being a pony and being hugged and cuddled with
  115. >So this wasn't a date
  116. >This was just a cuddle exchange
  117. >Your cheeks turn red in shame
  118. >The girl giggles, stroking your brightened cheeks
  119. >"Hey, don't get embarrassed mister Anon."
  120. >She rubs your sides and belly
  121. >"Ponies don't get embarrassed."
  122. >You close your eyes, hoping it'll go away if you ignore it.
  123. >"People become ponies for a little bit to feel good."
  124. >Uh oh.
  125. >"And do you know who makes those ponies feel good?"
  126. >You crack open an eye to look at her face
  127. "You...?"
  128. >She smiles down at you and rubs both your ears
  129. >"That's right Anon, me."
  130. >You coo softly as she scratches your ears and rubs your belly
  131. >She doesn't go anywhere near your thighs though, just staying around the upper body region
  132. >Which was fine
  133. >You really didn't want to know about horsecock right now
  134. >Rylee takes one of your hooves and squeezes it a little
  135. >"You're lucky you got me, Anon."
  136. >Huh?
  137. >"Do you wanna know why?"
  138. >She smiles
  139. >You want to know why.
  140. "W-why?"
  141. >She giggles at your shyness
  142. >"I do 'Other' things than cuddling and scratching my ponies."
  143. >Oh boy.
  144. "Can you um... Elaborate...?"
  145. >She smiles cheekily
  146. >"Of course Anon..."
  147. >You're nervous about where this is going
  148. >But... You're still very curious
  149. >Rylee winks at you
  150. >You didn't even notice one of her hands creeping along to squeeze your butt
  151. >You squeak
  152. "R-Rylee?!"
  153. >She giggles
  154. >"Yes Anon?"
  155. >You gulps, prepared to confront her
  156. "What are you doing?"
  157. >She smiles and scratches underneath your chin
  158. >"Doing my job. Making ponies feel good."
  159. >You blanch
  160. >Oh fuck
  161. >You should have had this coming
  162. >You squeak again as you feel another hand tease your flaccid pony cock
  163. >Both your front hooves move down to protect what's good, but she pulls them back with one arm
  164. >She flips you and her onto your sides
  165. >Rylee has an arm around the front of your chest, preventing your front hooves from doing anything
  166. >She's also teasing your... growing length with her other hand
  167. "R-Rylee, please don't do this..."
  168. >She kisses your ear and whispers into it
  169. >"But you agreed to this, remember? Or did you not read the fine print?"
  170. >You whimper
  171. "F-fine print...?"
  172. >"Oh yeah. I won't go into it, but basically... I can do this to you..."
  173. >She continues stroking your cock, it growing with each pulse
  174. >"And I must be doing my job right... Look at you go!"
  175. >You blush in shame
  176. >You were enjoying this...
  177. >Is it rape if you enjoy it?
  178. >You aren't fighting back
  179. "O-oh god this is s-so wrong..."
  180. >Your dick continues to expand in her soft, smooth hand
  181. >She giggles
  182. >"Ponies are so much more fun than men, you know."
  183. >You stay silent, wondering where she's going with this
  184. >"Even men turned stallions, they're so much more fun. They whimper, but secretly enjoy it."
  185. >You whimper in response
  186. >She smiles
  187. >"Like that. I know you're enjoying this, Anon."
  188. >You stay silent, trying not to give her the benefit of the doubt
  189. >But you are enjoying it...
  190. >Finally, it escapes you
  191. "Ahh..."
  192. >The girl laughs
  193. >"Ha! See! You do like it..."
  194. >She stops stroking and grasps your rock hard cock with a practiced hand
  195. >"No shame in enjoying it... Like i said... I make ponies feel good..."
  196. >She slowly strokes it up and down, seemingly overjoyed to be doing this to you
  197. "I..."
  198. >She shushes you before you can speak, kissing your ear again
  199. >"Don't talk, just enjoy this..."
  200. >She keeps stroking and rubbing, occassionally rubbing against your sack
  201. >Oh fuck did it feel good
  202. >She was incredibly good at this
  203. >You wonder how many cocks she's touched with these hands
  204. >Nope
  205. >Don't think about it
  206. >Who cares about how many dicks she's touched
  207. >Wait
  208. >You do
  209. >You let out another moan, becoming distracted by your own thoughts
  210. >Rylee giggles and rubs faster
  211. >You squirm, eyes widening as you feel the familiar pressure buildup
  212. >You won't give her the satisfaction of making you cum
  213. >You won't!
  214. >But... You don't know how long she'll keep at this.
  215. >"You know... I'm not gonna stop until you splooge all over this bed."
  216. >She strokes your cock a little slower, teasing you just on the edge
  217. >"Who cares about a mess anyways... Let the manager deal with it."
  218. >That answers your earlier question...
  219. >You bite your lip and close your eyes tightly, trying to shut yourself down
  220. >You can't let her win!
  221. >You wo-
  222. "Ahh!"
  223. >The girl aims your pone dick away from the two of you, your cum spurting onto the bed in thick pearly white ropes
  224. >One
  225. >Two
  226. >Three... Ropes.
  227. >Holy shit...
  228. >The girl giggles and rubs your back as you pant
  229. >"Now... That wasn't so bad, was it...?"
  230. >Not at all...
  231. >Fin.
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