Enchant Table | Translations

Dec 7th, 2023
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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  2. <Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  3.   <Translation Id="n_locked" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) This enchant table is now locked for ((color=#ba03fc)){0}((/color)) seconds by you" />
  4.   <Translation Id="n_expired" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) Your enchanting time has expired!" />
  5.   <Translation Id="n_success" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) Congratulations, enchantment has ((color=#3bff76))succeeded((/color))!" />
  6.   <Translation Id="n_fail" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) Oh no, enchantment has ((color=#ff3b3b))failed((/color))!" />
  7.   <Translation Id="e_wait" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) You have to wait ((color=#ba03fc)){0}((/color)) seconds to use enchant table again!" />
  8.   <Translation Id="e_locked" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) Someone is currently using this enchant table!" />
  9.   <Translation Id="e_close" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) The enchant table is too close to another!" />
  10.   <Translation Id="e_notenchantable" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) This item is not enchantable!" />
  11.   <Translation Id="e_noingredients" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) You don't have ingredients to perform this enchant!" />
  12.   <Translation Id="e_nomoney" Value="((color=#ba03fc))[Enchant]((/color)) You don't have enough money to perform this enchant!" />
  13. </Translations>
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