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loftar on Haven 2.0: 'Hafen' (Dec 17 '13)

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  1. (23:36:06) * loftar has joined #haven2
  2. (23:36:11) <Tonky> there!
  3. (23:36:12) <Sparkeagle> and moderators aren't usually flip floppity in who they trust
  4. (23:36:16) <Tonky> thanks loftar :3
  5. (23:36:34) <loftar> For the record, we're working on the rewrite of Haven under the working name of Hafen, so you can use that instead of "haven2". ;)
  6. (23:36:36) <Tonky> loftar, please tell them how moderators are powerless lol
  7. (23:36:43) <Tonky> Hafen?
  8. (23:37:03) <Tonky> what does that implicate?
  9. (23:37:10) <Bandit> cool
  10. (23:37:13) <loftar> It's just a silly linguistic twist on the name.
  11. (23:37:24) <Tonky> break it down for me plz?
  12. (23:37:31) <Sparkeagle> just like colonel :P
  13. (23:37:41) <Tonky> maybe i should google
  14. (23:37:43) <loftar> Before the Swedish spelling reform of 1906, many words that are now spelled with a "v" were spelled with an "f" instead.
  15. (23:37:52) <Sparkeagle> yep
  16. (23:38:00) <loftar> Also, Hafen is German for Haven. :)
  17. (23:38:25) <Tonky> hafen is a stationary shop in scandinavia
  18. (23:38:33) <Tonky> bleh
  19. (23:38:38) <loftar> I was not aware of that. ^^
  20. (23:38:54) <Tonky> http://hafen.jp/
  21. (23:39:22) <loftar> Huh
  22. (23:39:30) <Tonky> so how is it going so far? has jorb played it enough yet?
  23. (23:39:51) <Bandit> Loftar...please allow this world to last awhile
  24. (23:40:01) <Tonky> *chuckles*
  25. (23:40:06) <Sparkeagle> lol, i thought stinging nettle was www
  26. (23:40:08) <loftar> It's not actually playable yet. Jorb has been playing a lot of Salem lately, though.
  27. (23:40:13) <loftar> With the Gluttony rework and all.
  28. (23:40:20) <Tonky> oh right
  29. (23:40:29) <Sparkeagle> i'm sorry, i like my gluttony
  30. (23:40:32) <Sparkeagle> jk
  31. (23:40:36) <Bandit> lol
  32. (23:41:21) <Tonky> so you guys are now relieved? :p
  33. (23:41:23) <loftar> If I may say so myself, the new Gluttony system turned out even better than expected. We're almost even rather considering borrowing concepts from it back into the new Haven.
  34. (23:41:30) <Tonky> that this world would still go on for another while
  35. (23:41:40) <Tonky> oh really?
  36. (23:42:09) <Tonky> errrr, i really dont like the original concept of gluttoney system though, tbh
  37. (23:42:17) <Sparkeagle> I actually didn't know loftar and jorb used global chat till today
  38. (23:42:23) <loftar> What part of it don't you like?
  39. (23:42:36) <loftar> There is no global chat. ^^
  40. (23:42:43) <Tonky> i just like normal eating getting my status up as well, as a noob
  41. (23:42:57) <Sparkeagle> I would have to play salem again to tell you what i didnt like
  42. (23:43:25) <loftar> Why is that? Because it feels like you waste food?
  43. (23:43:26) <Sparkeagle> o yeah, i didn't like not knowing what the hell i was doing
  44. (23:43:44) <Tonky> wasting food? more like about hoarding food in the first place
  45. (23:43:54) <loftar> The new gluttony system is far simpler, so that should be a far lesser problem, at least.
  46. (23:44:01) <Bandit> I have OCD. i hate wasting food. LOL
  47. (23:44:07) <Tonky> well, ill see how it goes anyways
  48. (23:44:18) * Elmekia has joined #haven2
  49. (23:44:27) <Sparkeagle> is there modded clients for salem?
  50. (23:44:33) <Tonky> yeah
  51. (23:44:40) <Sparkeagle> dang, never knew
  52. (23:44:43) <loftar> Well, FWIW, you now need far lesser food to gobble stats as a noob, so you don't need to hoard very much in the earliest stages of the game.
  53. (23:45:00) <loftar> less*
  54. (23:45:15) <Tonky> but you have to sit (actually stand) and start using food only to raise stats
  55. (23:45:19) <loftar> And in the latter stages it's just fun to hoard of smorgasbords anyway. :)
  56. (23:45:33) <Tonky> smorgasbords???
  57. (23:45:34) <loftar> -of* :P
  58. (23:45:36) <Tonky> google time...
  59. (23:45:45) <Oddity> loftar give us details about Hafen please
  60. (23:45:53) <Bandit> I've been playing for 5 months almost and just now getting to the point of having a bonfire thing
  61. (23:47:41) <loftar> Oddity: We may start posting about in not too long.
  62. -
  63. (23:51:50) <loftar> I generally consider it sensible not to have a global chat regardless of community size.
  64. (23:51:52) <Bandit> unless someone speaks..
  65. (23:52:05) <Sparkeagle> me and bandit is in the same boat
  66. (23:52:12) <loftar> I was against the global chat from the beginning; it was only added because Jorb wanted one, and even he came arond later.
  67. (23:52:13) <Oddity> loftar can you tell us anything about Hafen right now
  68. (23:52:31) <Bandit> I would think a global chat would be flooded with advertising bots of the traders
  69. (23:52:36) <loftar> around*
  70. (23:52:39) <Sparkeagle> will the world be bigger?
  71. (23:52:50) <loftar> Well, apart from that I generally dislike global knowledge of the state of the world.
  72. (23:52:55) <Sparkeagle> an easy question to answer
  73. (23:53:08) <Tonky> lol
  74. (23:53:20) <loftar> I want the world to keep a feeling of being open to new discoveries.
  75. (23:53:35) <loftar> If there's a global chat, then you can never know if there are whole groups of people out there yet to be discovered.
  76. -
  77. (23:55:36) <Oddity> loftar can you tell us anything about Hafen right now
  78. (23:55:57) <loftar> I don't particularly think I have any news that I haven't already spoken about.
  79. -
  80. (23:59:03) <loftar> The thing is, it is my intent that the world be larger, but more challenging to traverse.
  81. (23:59:37) <loftar> With more meaningful topology and a wilderness that actually contains some kind of element of potential danger.
  82. -
  83. (00:03:14) <loftar> You may remember that Jorb wrote that "We wish to paint more vivid and varied pictures of nature in general". That's pretty much what we're working on more than most other things.
  84. (00:03:41) <loftar> We intend to post the first screenshot before new years. :)
  85. (00:04:11) <Oddity> I want to get invited to inner circle so I can play it
  86. (00:04:34) <loftar> There will probably be no time when the game is only playable to the inner party.
  87. (00:04:45) <loftar> We'll more than likely open it publicly when we open it at all.
  88. (00:07:43) <loftar> The worst problem, I think, with the development of Salem was that since we were getting paid to work on it, it was hard for us to justify (to ourselves, that is) taking prolonged periods of time just pondering the systems and potentially remaking them from scratch.
  89. (00:08:27) <loftar> Which is of course a possibility that we've always kept open with Haven, and even if we haven't used it to the fullest possible extent, it keeps the mind open in a good way.
  90. (00:08:29) <Tonky> is it true that someone buys like 4000 dollars worth of silver eveyr month?
  91. (00:08:55) <Sparkeagle> wth
  92. (00:09:21) <Tonky> i really doubted it but this guy kept on saying this one guy from the tribe insisted that lol
  93. (00:09:36) <loftar> I think it's considered bad practice to openly discuss the financials of an enterprise, so I'll refrain from doing so. :)
  94. (00:09:48) <Tonky> xD okay
  95. (00:09:52) <Bandit> that sparks a question. Will there be things you can BUY in the game?
  96. (00:10:00) <loftar> In Haven?
  97. (00:10:01) <Sparkeagle> does haven actively get donations still?
  98. (00:10:33) <loftar> Probably, but it's Jorb's PayPal account, so I don't know for sure. The amount of donations we get for Haven has always been rather small. :)
  99. (00:15:18) <Sparkeagle> loftar, do you have any women problems?
  100. (00:15:40) <loftar> None whatsoever, since I have no women. Why? :)
  101. (00:16:22) <Sparkeagle> or is it that you have guy problems?
  102. (00:16:23) <loftar> I don't have a very vast gallery to choose from. :)
  103. -
  104. (00:20:09) <loftar> If we do get to monetizing Haven, the model we've considered the most is a sort of semi-subscription where you can play a certain amount for free per month, but have to pay to play more than that.
  105. (00:22:03) <Tonky> i hope hafen is as addictive as haven :)
  106. (00:22:18) <07loftar> I sure hope it's more, at least in the good way. :)
  107. (00:22:41) <Tonky> oh loftar, you devil!
  108. (00:22:49) <07loftar> It should be said that there are bad ways of being addictive, for sure.
  109. (00:23:10) <07loftar> I have actually found Candy Crush painfully addictive as of late, and it's really in a bad way, because I hate every second I play.
  110. -
  111. (00:31:21) <loftar> Well, admittedly, it took like two years before people started playing Haven.
  112. (00:31:23) <loftar> Slightly less.
  113. (00:31:28) <Sparkeagle> we have the main plot, all the characters, and the main cities named and plotted
  114. (00:31:57) <loftar> It can certainly be debated whether it was actually "playable" even at that point, though. ;)
  115. (00:31:59) <Sparkeagle> and its a single player rpg
  116. (00:31:59) <Tonky> didnt you say the original jorbs project was like since you were school students?
  117. (00:32:19) <loftar> Well, we've been *discussing* it far longer, of course.
  118. (00:32:25) <loftar> But we only started working in fall 2007.
  119. (00:32:53) <loftar> If anything, I think I've said that "loftar" and "jorb" are names we reused from an even var earlier project.
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