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Feb 5th, 2016
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  1. Decompiled source code of Kairos Planets’ client software:
  4. Rentmodule.dll source code
  7. User “-” did some reverse engineering of Kairos klient app in Slovak forum about Kairos. His conclusions:
  8. – App itself is harmless.
  9. – It only pings Kairos server to count affiliate “online” time (for resources rental reward calculation)
  10. – it checks installed/bought modules
  11. – it gives access to affiliate’s backoffice and basic functions (like password change)
  12. – it downloads RentModule.dll and pass control to this module (possible backdoor, depending on RentModule.dll content)
  14. RentModule.dll does not seem to do anything really “smart”.
  15. First of all, a source code for RentModule.dll is much smaller than for KairosPlanet.exe main file. So we cannot expect anything sophisticated and robust.
  17. With some overhead, RentModule.dll does this:
  18. It looks for the rented package (Silver, Platinum…). Based on the package type, it creates a hidden file “_disc” with an adequate allocated size in folder “_WinApp” on the first available hardrive with a sufficient storage space. That’s all.
  20. The file “_disc” consumes a storage space of the user, but is not used by any other means. No sign of a distributed processing nor managing distributed storage space.
  21. Good luck in “beta testing” of this software for affiliates!
  23. If you open file _winApp/_disc (this supposed to be a container for Peer to Peer cloud data), you see it is absolutely empty (filled in with binary zeroes).
  25. It’s in tune with analysis of Kairos client software, which initialize this file to size according to bought “investment package type”, but does not use it any other way.
  27. It means one thing: promised distributed processing and cloud storage for Kairos’ corporate clients does not exist. It’s total fiction and fake. How it goes with Kairos mission statement?
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