Pride and Equality

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  1. "How dare he! He didn't even try to say goodbye, did our friendship mean nothing to him?!"
  2. >"Dear, I'm sure he meant too. He was probably too excited to think about it. I'm sure he'll contact you again when he gets the chance."
  3. >You are Starlight Glimmer
  4. >Your best friend just left to Celestia's school, leaving you without a second thought.
  5. >It's been 3 days, you've been going back and forth between rage and sadness
  6. >Your mother is trying to clam you down, but nothing she says takes the pain away
  7. "But he didn't even try to talk to me about it. Just left me like I was some toy he was done playing with!"
  8. >"Even if that is the case, it's not the end of the world. You can make more friends."
  9. >Your mother tires to put her hoof on your shoulder but you knock it away."
  10. "You don't get it, he was my best friend because he was the only pony who actually wanted to be my friend!"
  12. "Everypony makes fun of me because I suck at magic. That and they think I'm weird for liking kites"
  13. >"Starlight...."
  14. "Sunburst is the only one who actually took the time to get to know me. He was even helping me with my magic."
  15. >Tears start falling from your face
  16. " I have nothing. All because he got his stupid cutie mark."
  17. >"Starlight don't say things like that, a cutiemark is an important aspect of a pony's life. It tells us what we're destined for-"
  18. "Yeah it tells us who gets to be powerful and important, and who are the losers who get left behind."
  19. >You wipe the tears from your face, now wearing a more stern face.
  20. "A stupid mark on our flanks shouldn't decide our fates."
  21. >"Starlight don't say things like that!"
  22. >The argument continues for an hour
  23. >You eventually get sent to your room
  24. >You destroy everything that reminds you of Sunburst.
  25. >Photos and toys all broken on the floor
  26. >You lie on your bed
  27. >You look at your flank, wondering what your mark has in store for you.
  28. >All possibilities anger you.
  29. >Mother says that it'll all pass.That you'll meet someone just like and maybe even better than Sunburst.
  30. >She's wrong you tell yourself
  32. >They're all wrong of course.
  33. >All fools who do whatever their flanks tell them to.
  34. >You won't be like them
  35. >Tomorrow you'll leave this dumb town.
  36. >You'll master your magic and challenge fate itself
  37. >You'll create a new world, a better world
  38. >A world where no one is special, where everypony is equal
  39. >No one will stand above anypony.
  40. >Then you'll have real friends
  41. >You look out your window and see the sun setting
  42. >Tomorrow is a new beginning
  43. >But now it's time for rest.
  44. >You keep looking at the sunset as your eyes begin to close
  45. >You don't know why but the sunset gives you comfort
  46. >Perhaps a sign that there are great things in store for you
  47. >You finally asleep and dream about a brighter future, with a smile on your face.
  50. >Canterlot
  51. >The place makes you feel uneasy
  52. >You've just arrived after a train ride
  53. >It took a little longer to get here than you intended
  54. >Though you should've realized that they weren't going to let a small filly go this far by herself
  55. >So when you actually became old enough you left home immediately
  56. >You've gotten a lot better at magic, but your skills are still pretty laughable
  57. >Still no cutiemark, because of course fate hates you that much
  58. >You head to a hotel and go over your plan
  59. >If you're going to free the world from cutie marks, you need some powerful spells
  60. >Though this place is a huge reminder of what you lost, it's also the best place to find what you're looking for
  61. >Start with obtaining some spell books, then find someone willing to teach you more advanced stuff
  62. >That second part may prove a challenge as you haven't really been the social type in forever
  63. >You take out a map of Canterlot
  64. "Alright, library isn't too far from here. Guess I'll start there."
  65. >As you head over there, you take notice of the city's inhabitants
  66. >All of them look like they're so full of themselves
  67. >Their elaborate cutiemarks makes you hate them even more.
  68. >Once inside the library, you check out any book you think will help
  69. >None of them seem have anything close to what you're looking for, but at least you can learn quite a bit
  71. >After a few hours, a young mare passes by you
  72. >"Heh, blank flank."
  73. >You stop reading
  74. >You sit there for a few seconds, taking in what she just said
  75. >You can feel the anger raising
  76. >You look back slowly and see the mare
  77. >What you see takes you by surprise
  78. >The mare had a yellow coat, red and yellow mane, and a sun themed cutiemark
  79. >She kinda looks like....
  80. >No, let it go. Don't let this distract you.
  81. >Suddenly you hear a thud
  82. >"Hey watch where you're going", Said another mare with glasses.
  83. >"Hey it's not my fault you got in my way, 4 eyes", the yellow mare retorted.
  84. >The mare with glasses picked up her books and got up to glare at the other mare.
  85. >"You did that on purpose, I demand an apology."
  86. >"I don't have to apologize for anything. I'm Celestia's prized pupil. You're beneath me."
  88. >The mare with glasses got a better look at the other mare
  89. >She started to chuckle softly.
  90. >"Ex pupil you mean, I heard about you."
  91. >This broke yellow mare's bravado
  92. >"I-I don't know what you're talking about."
  93. >"Don't play dumb, you're Sunset Shimmer. Celestia kicked you out for being a whiny brat. Everyone at the school talks about it."
  94. >Sunset tried to keep her cool
  95. >"S-shut up, it wasn't like that. Celestia just couldn't handle that I would eventually surpass her."
  96. >"Right, keep telling yourself that."
  97. >The mare started walking away from Sunset.
  98. >Before she got too far, Sunset used her magic to pull the mare's glasses off
  99. >The mare looked back at Sunset
  100. >"Hey, what you're doing?!"
  101. >Before she could do anything, Sunset put the glasses on the floor and smashed them with her hoof
  102. >"I dont have to take this. Pupil or no I'm still above you all!"
  104. >Everypony in library was looking at the scene now.
  105. >The other mare grabbed her now broken glasses.
  106. >"What the heck is your problem?!"
  107. >The librarian walked up to them, accompanied by two guards.
  108. >"What's going on here?"
  109. >Sunset began to look nervous.
  110. >"No, I don't have time for this."
  111. >Sunset's horn lit up.
  112. >The guards rushed up to her.
  113. >Before they could get to her there was a flash of light and Sunset was gone.
  114. >"Darn it", said one of the guards.
  115. >"Come on, she's probably outside", said the other guard.
  116. >They ran out the library, while the librarian went to comfort the mare with broken glasses.
  117. >"Are you alright, Moondancer?"
  118. >"Yeah, I'm alright, she responded.
  119. >She looked at her broken glasses sadly.
  120. >At this point you had enough of being a bystander and walked towards Moondancer.
  121. "Hey, I can think help with that."
  122. >Moondancer looked confused.
  123. >"Really?"
  124. "Ugh, yeah. I've been learning this repair spell."
  125. >Moondancer looked at you blankly.
  126. >"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try."
  127. >She hands you the glasses.
  128. >You take a deep breath.
  129. >Time to find out if all that studying was worth it.
  131. >You clear your head and focus on the glasses.
  132. >You light up your horn and began the spell.
  133. >The glasses start glowing.
  134. >After a few minutes of exhausting concentration, the glasses finally mend.
  135. >You let out a sigh of relief .
  136. >However, when you look back at the glasses you can see they didn't repair all the way."
  137. "Darn it, I'm really sorry. I thought I could-"
  138. >"Hey don't worry about it, that's a pretty advanced spell you tried. It's still pretty impressive."
  139. >You look at her shyly.
  140. "R-really?"
  141. >"Yeah, you just need some more practice. Actually I have a friend who might be able to help with that."
  142. >Yes, just what you were looking for.
  143. "I'd like that thank you. You're 'Moondancer', right? I'm Starlight Glimmer."
  144. >"Nice to meet you Starlight."
  145. >You shake hooves and talk for a bit.
  146. >Before she left, she told you she'd set up a meeting with her friend for you.
  148. >You return home and play over today's events.
  149. >While you're excited that you've managed to get a tutor, you can't stop thinking about that Sunset Shimmer.
  150. >She seems to embody everything you hate.
  151. >The fact that she somewhat resembles Sunburst didn't help.
  152. >You wonder if Sunburst became just like her.
  153. >It wouldn't be surprising if they were dating or something.
  154. >No matter, you have work to do.
  155. >When you're done, then you can put ponies like Sunset Shimmer in their place.
  157. >"Okay, try it out now."
  158. >You do as the purple mare says.
  159. >You focus your magic on the broken stick.
  160. >Unlike the last few tires you actually succeed.
  161. >You breath a sigh of relief, Moondancer pats you on the back.
  162. >"Nice job, Starlight!"
  163. >You look back at the rather bored looking mare.
  164. "Thanks Twilight, I think I'm getting the hang of it now."
  165. >Twilight gets up and starts packing her books.
  166. >"Yeah sure, now if you'll excuse I need to get going."
  167. "Um yeah, I understand. We can do this again another time right?"
  168. >"Maybe, I'd have to check my schedule. Anyway, I guess it was nice meeting you Starlight. See you at class, Moondancer."
  169. >"Later, Twilight."
  170. >Moondancer hugs her friend goodbye, the latter seems a bit uncomfortable with the gesture.
  172. >Twilight breaks the hug.
  173. >"Yeah....bye."
  174. >Twilight then goes off on her way.
  175. "Your friend is.....interesting."
  176. >Moondancer frowns.
  177. >"Well look, I know she seems kind of....not so friendly, but it's just because she takes her studies very seriously. She's actually really nice when you get to know her."
  178. >You don't really believe her, in fact Twilight reminds of a certain sun themed mare.
  179. >But you hold off on your true thoughts, at least for now.
  180. "Yeah you're probably right. Must be pretty tough being Celestia's personal student."
  181. >You try not to groan out at your own sentence.
  182. >"Of crouse, I'm sure we'll all be great friends soon."
  183. >You fake a smile.
  184. "Looking forward to it."
  185. >"Well I'd better get going too. Later Starlight!"
  186. >As you wave goodbye, you notice something at the corner of your eye.
  188. >At a nearby tree, you could've sworn you saw somepony lurking behind it.
  189. >You get near it and notice more movement.
  190. >You get a glimpse of a yellowish shape.
  191. >It couldn't be her, could it?
  192. >Why would she be here unless....
  193. >Then it hits you
  194. "Sunset Shimmer, get it out here. I know it's you!"
  195. >Soon enough, the mare in question approaches from the tree
  196. >She looks at you slyly.
  197. >"Well, you got me. How did you know it was me anyway?"
  198. "Please, Celestia's prized pupil hanging out here while the spiteful ex student is walking around? Of crouse it's you."
  199. >She rolls her eyes.
  200. >"Fine, who the heck are you anyway?"
  201. >"Starlight Glimmer, and if you're try to hurt Twilight-"
  203. >"Oh please, I know I may not be the nicest pony, but I'm not just gonna hurt some filly."
  204. >You glare at her.
  205. >"Also, 'Starlight Glimmer', really?"
  206. "You have a problem with my name?"
  207. >"Well 'Sunset Shimmer and 'Starlight Glimmer' sound a little too similar to be a coincidence. Like a set up to some dumb joke. Celestia didn't put you up to this did she?"
  208. "No, what is it you want anyway, kidnap Twilight and beg the princess to take you back?"
  209. >Judging by Sunset's face, you seem to have stuck a nerve.
  210. >"You'd better stop talking now before you regret it."
  212. "Or what?"
  213. >Suddenly she gets near your face with her horn lighting up
  214. >"Keep angering me and find out."
  215. >At this point you realize you don't really have the power to really fight her at the moment.
  216. >You back away slowly, then face the ground
  217. >She powers down her horn and smirks.
  218. >"That's what I thought."
  219. >You stand there, not really sure what to do.
  220. >"I get it, you're no good with magic are you? That's why you're having that brat teach you".
  221. >You look at her, trying not show your embarrassment.
  222. >"Heh, I understand where you're coming from actually.
  223. "W-what?"
  224. >"No really, I know what it's like trying to get more power. But learning from that Sparkle isn't going to do you good."
  225. >You're confused now, not really sure how to respond.
  226. >"Tell you what, if I'm ever feeling nice I'm might be willing to teach you real magic. For a fee of crouse".
  227. >You're completely speechless at this point
  228. >"Think it over, I don't why but you interest me. See you later, Starlight".
  229. >She leaves, leaving you alone at the park.
  231. >A few days have passed.
  232. >Twilight is too busy studying too teach you anything lately.
  233. >Moondancer is you keeping you company while you study at the park.
  234. >"So which book do think Twilight would like better?"
  235. >Moondancer has been talking for the past hour about what to get Twilight for her birthday.
  236. >While you like Moondancer, you find that you can't really connect with her.
  237. >She just goes on and on about Celestia's school or how "amazing" Twilight is.
  238. >Both subjects are just reminders of what you hate the most.
  239. >But you need her, plus she's a nice pony at heart. Just brainwashed by the system, you'll fix that one day.
  240. "Um, that one."
  241. >You point at one of the books, not really paying attention.
  242. >"Elements of Harmony: A Reference Guide? Are you sure?"
  243. "Yeah, Twilight looks like somepony who would enjoy learning about mythology."
  244. >"Yeah, I can see that. Thanks Starlight, here you can have this one."
  245. >She hands you the other book.
  246. >"Mage Metalbrook's 7 enchanted items", could be useful you suppose.
  248. >After awhile, a thought comes to you.
  249. "Hey Moondancer, can I ask you something?"
  250. >"Sure, what is it?"
  251. "What do you know about that Sunset Shimmer you ran into a few weeks ago?"
  252. >"Oh, not much honestly. She was kicked out not too long after I got into the school."
  253. >She readjusts her glasses, obviously remembering the incident at the library.
  254. >"All I heard was that she didn't really get along with other students. She made Celestia angry and got kicked out. That's all I really know, why are you asking, she's not bothering you is she?"
  255. "No, it's just.....she just kinda reminds me of somepony."
  256. >"Who?"
  257. >You consider asking her if she knows Sunburst, but that would probably lead to questions about why you're really here.
  258. >You decide to lie, she wouldn't understand, at least not yet.
  259. "Oh don't worry about it, doesn't matter anymore."
  261. >"If you say so. Anyway, I'm afraid I have to get going, class is starting soon."
  262. "Alright, until next time."
  263. >"Thank you for helping me pick out a gift."
  264. "No problem, I'm sure she'll like it."
  265. >"I hope so, later Starlight."
  266. >She leaves
  267. >Poor girl, if only she wasn't misguided.
  268. >You might've considered, better not let that distract you.
  269. >"So watcha reading?"
  270. >You jump
  271. >You turn to see Sunset Shimmer standing behind you.
  272. >"Oh sorry, didn't mean to scare you. Okay a maybe little."
  275. “What are you doing here?”
  276. >”Oh, I was just passing by. Thought I'd say hi.”
  277. >You don't believe her for a second.
  278. “What do you want Sunset?”
  279. >”I was wondering if you considered my offer?”
  280. “Not really.”
  281. >She frowns
  282. >”Oh come on, not even a little?”
  283. “You expect me to believe you're  just offering to teach me out of the goodness of your heart?”
  284. >”What are you getting at?”
  285. “You obviously expect something in return, what is it?”
  286. >Sunset sighs
  288. >”I'm.... lonely.”
  289. >Sunset looks away, trying to hide her blush
  290. >You stand there, expecting the punchline to a joke
  291. >It never comes
  292. “Are you serious?”
  293. >”Look, everything I ever wanted was shattered, in one case literally. Everyone hates me, and I know it's kinda my fault.”
  294. >Sunset’s face cringes, as if it pains her to admit all this.
  295. >”I have nothing left, seeing you wanting to achieve something reminded me of what I lost.”
  296. >”I figured I can at least help to get what you want. Plus I can get back at that Sparkle by being a better a teacher than her.”
  297. >You take a moment to consider all this.
  298. >Part of you feels like this was all a trick.
  299. >But there was a look of sincerity on Sunset that you couldn't deny.
  301. >You kinda related to her in a way
  302. >Losing something you cared about.
  303. >Plus Twilight's teaching was admittedly taking too long
  304. “Alright, I'll do it.”
  305. >”Really? Alright, let's get this started. You won't regret this.”
  306. “I hope so.”
  307. >You and Sunset spend the rest of the day practicing magic.
  308. >She'd teach one thing, then teach you how to do it better.
  309. >You got more progress done with her in a day then the month you spent with Twilight.
  310. >Sunset taught you spells you never even heard of.
  311. >For some reason, you learned spells faster with Sunset
  312. >It was almost like your time with Sunburst
  313. >But somehow, better.
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