(WIP) In Nomeni Patri (RGRE)

Apr 23rd, 2017
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  1. > Be Anon, farming on the outskirts of a small village of ponies
  2. > It seems you are stuck in the horse medival times, victim of spontaneous, cross dimensional teleportation
  3. > You blame all those hours playing Portal, and not doing anything productive
  4. > Now you have all the time in the world to be productive, and it's just as bad as you thought it would be
  5. > You get up at dawn, yawning and wishing for proper running water
  6. > You make do with a water basin and a washrag, giving yourself a quick wipedown
  7. > You pull on your handmade boxers and pants
  8. > No shirt though
  9. > After a full year living in this village, the ponies' nudist colony ways have rubbed off a little, hence why you generally don't wear a shirt unless it's absolutely necessary
  10. > Of course, having fewer clothes that you have to wash is a contributing factor to your exhibitionism
  11. > After a simple breakfast of bread and cheese, you are ready to start your day
  12. > You open the door to your little cottage, taking in the sounds of the wildlife
  13. > Snippets of birdsong, a gentle breeze rustling your wheat field, baby noises
  14. > Wait
  15. > Baby noises?
  16. > You look down
  17. > It seems someone left a basket on your doorstep, with two little foals inside
  18. > The white earth pony gazes up at you with big, magenta eyes and babbles happily
  19. > The blue pegasus foal is asleep, nestled up against what you assume is its sibling
  20. > Welp
  21. > You can't really complain too much, Miranda took you in when you had nowhere to go
  22. > If you were going to drop off some unwanted foals, a cow's farm isn't a bad choice
  23. > You pick up the basket and carry it to the barn
  24. > Lil' whitey with the pink mane giggles, and you smile at her
  25. "Aren't you the cutest."
  26. > She wiggles her little hoovsies and grins
  27. > Muh heart
  28. > You shift the basket under your arm as you use the other to open the barn door
  29. > Miranda looks up from her feeding trough, and raises an eyebrow at the basket
  30. > "What did you find, colt?"
  31. > You walk over, setting the basket down for her to see as you grab the pail
  32. "Looks like we got volunteered to be an orphanage."
  33. > The cow sniffs at the foals, a goofy smile on her face
  34. > "I always wanted you to give me foals, but I didn't expect you to do it like this."
  35. > You roll your eyes
  36. > Miss Daisy here hits on you so regularly, it has almost lost all meaning
  37. > You grab a stool and set the pail below her udders
  38. > The you pause
  39. "We should probably let them go first."
  40. > "Hm?"
  41. > You go to the basket and start to pick up whitey, but then bluey starts fussing, and you pick her up instead
  42. > At the touch of your hands, bluey opens her cyan eyes groggily
  43. > You gently rock her in your arms, whispering soothingly as you bring her to Miranda's udders
  44. > She latches on to the nipple greedily, sucking down the warm milk
  45. > Miranda's voices catches
  46. > "Oh, oh my."
  47. > She swings her head around to gaze on the suckling foal with a warm look in her eye
  48. > "I didn't think I'd feel this again, ever since Jessie got too old for it."
  49. > You smile
  50. > Miranda has been a little lonely, ever since her youngest went off to find her fortune
  51. > Once bluey is full, her eyes drift shut
  52. > You still burp her for good measure, before setting her back in the basket and grabbing her sister
  53. > While whitey suckles, you glance at Miranda
  54. "What should we name them?"
  55. > She considers this, gazing upon the sleeping pegasus foal
  56. > "I'll name this one, and you can name the other. What name indeed..."
  57. > You look at the nursing filly in your hands
  58. > Even now, you think you can see the hint of a baby smile
  59. "I'm thinking Sunshine."
  60. > Miranda hums in approval
  61. > "I like it. Then, this one shall be Moonlight."
  62. > Once you are done feeding Sunshine, you set her down next to her sister, and watched as they cuddles in their sleep
  63. > Adorable
  64. > "Oh Anonymous, I believe it is your turn to have some of my milk."
  65. > You honestly don't know what to think of Miranda
  66. > One one hand, she is a cow
  67. > It's not as if cows are particularly attractive in any way
  68. > On the other hand...
  69. > You tug on her teat, squirting milk into the pail
  70. > "Hnnnng, oh yes."
  71. > Her voice
  72. > "Grab me with those strong hands, unf."
  73. > It sounds like a mature woman
  74. > "B-buck yessssss!"
  75. "Not in front of the kids, alright?"
  76. > She gazes at you with bedroom eyes
  77. > "It's fine, they won't remember. Oh, but I will never forget. Now pull on my teats harder."
  78. > The things you do for dairy
  79. > And whyboners
  82. > It still throws you, how cows are essentially horse-world Vikings
  83. > Roaming around, raiding villages for salt, and even when they eventually settled down in the subjugated lands, they still insisted on living in barns, rather than the more luxurious houses ponies used
  84. > Of course, Miranda is too tactful to call the villagers weak to their faces, but she's confided to you that none of them are strong enough to even consider sharing a mate with
  85. > Apparently, that's how cow battles work, a sort of fighting audition for getting into the stronger herd
  86. > That may be why Miranda insists on turning the mill, pulling the plow, and pulling the wagon to the market
  87. > Some sort of combination of "cows are stronger, so they should do the heavy work" and trying to impress you into considering some interspecies action
  88. > Normally, she would bring you with her to market, to use your masculine wiles to get better deals
  89. > But someone has to watch the kids, so here you stay
  90. > It's not so bad, they are pretty good kids
  91. > They are already walking around on all fours, bumping into furniture, sniffing and gumming anything they can find
  92. > Moony flaps her tiny wings, never quite taking off, but occasionally lifting a hoof or two off the ground
  93. > Sunny loves to sit in the sunlight and play with the shadows
  94. > To be honest, you aren't ready for the crying and sleep disruption
  95. > Miranda is sympathetic, yet convinced that because you are a stallion, you know what you are doing
  96. > Well, she's not entirely wrong, you have babysat for your older brother and his brood before
  97. > And it is pretty comfy, taking an afternoon nap with Sunny and Moony curled up on your chest and belly
  99. > To your and Miranda's embarrassment, Sunny's first word is "teat"
  100. > Meanwhile, Moony has mastered the art of giving you a heart attack, flying around like a cute little flappy birdpone
  101. > Her first word is "down" because that is what you loudly insist she needs to get
  102. > You can't believe how much they have grown in just one year, and you wish someone would invent a camera
  103. > Both to record these precious moments, and for the inevitable blackmail
  104. > You have resorted to making drawings, but they are bad enough that using them as blackmail might be mutually assured humiliation
  105. > The kids have started following Miranda around, even when they aren't hungry or thirsty
  106. > It's pretty cute, and gets you some much needed peace and quiet
  108. > One night, after putting the kids to bed, you crash on the couch
  109. > When you wake the next morning, you feel oddly good
  110. > Like really good
  111. > Also, your dick feels warm and wet
  112. > Your eyes snap open
  113. "M-Miranda?"
  114. > The cow pulls her head up, your manhood slipping out of her mouth with a pop
  115. > "Morning, Anon."
  116. > She licks your balls with her long tongue, a light blush on her cheeks
  117. > Your hips rise involuntarily
  118. "What the hell?"
  119. > She smiles, nuzzling your shaft with her velvety muzzle
  120. > "You always wake up so early to milk me, even though the foals keep you up at night. I just thought I'd return the favor and milk you~"
  121. > Then Miranda wraps her tongue around your cock and pulls it greedily into her mouth
  122. > You groan at the sensation, clutching at the couch cushions
  123. > The cow giggles, bobbing her head up and down
  124. > This is so wrong, but it feels so right
  125. > What would Grandpa Nemo say?
  126. > 'I'll be back in a bit, Bessie is feeling lonely.'
  127. > Dammit Grandpa
  128. > Miranda's tongue writhes and coils around your length, its rough yet soft texture sending tingles all the way up your spine
  129. > You hiss in pleasure, toes curling
  130. > She gazes up at your with a playful look in her eyes, slowing her rhythm to a crawl
  131. > You stare at her in confusion and impatience
  132. > You are feverishly warm, sleep addled, and getting pretty close to the edge of orgasm
  133. "You win this time, Miranda."
  134. > That's when you start thrusting into her mouth
  136. > A year later, you marry that cow
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