May 28th, 2019
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  1. {A laboratory|A lab} {information|info|details} management system is {software|software application} which is {usually|typically|normally|generally}, {but|however} by no {means|implies|indicates|suggests} {always|constantly} {used|utilized} in {a laboratory|a lab} setting. A LIMS system is {used|utilized} to {manage|handle} and track {materials|products} and {data|information} {including|consisting of} samples and instruments, work {flow|circulation}, invoicing, reporting and {a variety|a range} of other functions.
  3. These {information|info|details} management systems {may|might} either be {designed|developed|created} for {a relatively|a fairly|a reasonably} narrow {range of|variety of|series of} {capabilities|abilities} or {built|developed|constructed} to be {a flexible|a versatile}, {versatile|flexible} system which can {handle|deal with|manage} tracking and management of any {task|job} in the {laboratory|lab}.
  5. These systems are {also|likewise} {widely|commonly|extensively} {used|utilized} by {companies|business} who {manufacture|produce|make} {goods|products|items}; the {same|exact same|very same} {kind of|type of|sort of} {functionality|performance} {which makes|that makes} {a laboratory|a lab} {information|info|details} management system {nearly|almost} {indispensable|essential|important|vital} in a high sample volume {laboratory|lab} environment {also|likewise} {suits|fits|matches} LIMS systems to {use|utilize} in {industrial|commercial} scale production {processes|procedures}. There are {many|numerous|lots of} {similarities|resemblances} {between|in between} these {software|software application} systems and {process|procedure} {development|advancement} and {laboratory|lab} {information|info|details} systems, though they {may|might} be {used|utilized} in {nearly|almost} any environment where the storage, management and retrieval of {large|big} {amounts|quantities} of {data|information} is {mission|objective} {critical|crucial|vital|important}.
  7. The systems are {used|utilized} far beyond the medical and {scientific|clinical} fields, {being part of|belonging to|becoming part of} production and {quality control|quality assurance} systems in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and {nuclear energy|atomic energy} sectors, {environmental|ecological} analysis, water {testing|screening} and {many|numerous|lots of} other applications {across|throughout} a broad spectrum of {economic|financial} sectors {as well as|in addition to|along with} the sciences. In {nearly|almost} every environment where they are {used|utilized}, LIMS systems are {integrated|incorporated} with instruments, whether in the production environment or with measurement instruments or other {laboratory|lab} {equipment|devices} when {used|utilized} as {a laboratory|a lab} {information|info|details} management system {proper|appropriate|correct}.
  9. With a growing interest in scalability in {data|information} management systems, these {software|software application} {solutions|services|options} {offer|provide|use} {research|research study} {institutions|organizations} and {industry|market} {a user friendly|an easy to use} {method|technique|approach} of {managing|handling} {large|big} volumes of {information|info|details} {across|throughout} a single {laboratory|lab} or {many different|various|several} {facilities|centers} worldwide. These {information|info|details} management systems {provide|offer|supply} the {ability|capability} to increase {efficiency|effectiveness|performance} and throughput in the {laboratory|lab} or production {facility|center} by {facilitating|helping with|assisting in} automation and {reducing|decreasing|minimizing|lowering} the possibility of human {error|mistake} by {integrating|incorporating} instruments {directly|straight} into workflow, {one of|among} the chief {advantages|benefits} of LIMS systems.
  11. {One of|Among} the {challenges|difficulties|obstacles} of {managing|handling} {a laboratory|a lab} or production {facility|center} is {ensuring|guaranteeing|making sure} {regulatory|regulative} compliance. Another {reason why|reason|reason that} an increasing {number of|variety of} {laboratories|labs} are {adopting|embracing} {the use of|using|making use of} {a laboratory|a lab} {information|info|details} management system is to {streamline|improve|enhance|simplify} the {regulatory|regulative} compliance {procedures|treatments} in {place|location} in the {facility|center} by increasing the level of {accountability|responsibility} and {improve|enhance} the {accuracy|precision} of internal audits, something which {many of|a lot of|a number of|much of} these systems are {designed|developed|created} to {carry out|perform}.
  13. Not every {laboratory|lab} {has|has actually} yet {begun|started} {using|utilizing} these {software|software application} systems to {handle|deal with|manage} the management and tracking of their samples, reagents, instruments and to {monitor|keep track of|keep an eye on} workflow and to {provide|offer|supply} {an easy|a simple} to {use|utilize} {framework|structure} for the {large|big} volumes of {data|information} {generated|produced|created} by the {modern|contemporary|modern-day} {laboratory|lab}, {but|however} the {trend|pattern} towards LIMS systems is {a rapidly|a quickly} growing one. The {advantages|benefits} of these systems is {well known|popular}, {however|nevertheless} and it is a near certainty that {nearly|almost} every {laboratory|lab} and production {facility|center} will have {a laboratory|a lab} {information|info|details} management system in {place|location} in the {very|extremely|really} {near future|future}.
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