Monster's Monster (v1.0)

May 24th, 2014
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  1. Tags: Male human / Female monster
  2. I wrote this for monster years ago, partly as an effort to woo. It was the first thing I ever wrote that wasn't human/human and I wanted to see if I could do it. Accidentally first uploaded it to pastebin as anon here.
  4. The young man woke up. It was dark, and he'd hit his head. He looked around frantically, seeing only shadows, feeling a soft patch of dried leaves beneath him. Above was a small hole, some ten feet above him. Night was coming through. He stared at it for a moment or two, putting the pieces together. "I must have fallen through and hit my head," he murmured to himself.
  6. "You did," came a reply, and the young man was so shocked he nearly jumped out of his skin. He tried to pinpoint the origin of the voice and could not. It went on in a woman's voice, sounding both young and mature, "I wasn't sure what to do with you, so I moved you to my bed. Are you alright?"
  8. He nodded mutely at the darkness, and felt the pile of dried leaves under him. It was soft, but hardly a bed.
  10. "I hope you don't mind that I took off your extra skin," the voice said demurely.
  12. The young man realized he was naked, and blushed profusely. "What the hell did you do that for?" he asked. Truth be told, he was more embarrassed that he hadn't noticed he was naked than he was because he was actually naked. But more than anything, he was disturbed that she had called his clothes extra skin.
  14. The woman's voice came back, "I wanted to see what you looked like."
  16. "Well now you've seen," he said angrily, standing up. "Now give me my fucking clothes back."
  18. "No." The reply was playful, and followed by an almost girlish giggle. "I want to touch too."
  20. For a moment, he was filled with pure confusion. Then anger, that he was not getting his clothes. Then curiosity followed as he wondered, Am I going to get laid? Could that actually be about to happen? I hit my head too hard. But nevertheless, he relaxed back into the soft bed of leaves. It was more of a nest, really, he realized. And it was huge. He was calm until he heard a scraping and sloshing sound, like someone was dragging a trashbag full of gravy down a sidewalk, and it was miraculously not bursting.
  22. "What is that?" he asked, sitting up again.
  24. "My abdomen," she answered casually, but there was a hint of pride buried somewhere in it.
  26. "Your--" he started, confused, and stopped when he felt something warm on his shoulder. Something that he was absolutely certain was not part of the body of any girl he had ever met, something slimy, almost feverishly warm, and covered with small gripping rings, suckers. He screamed and tried to pull away, only to find that was not an option.
  28. More tendrils found his arms and legs and held onto them, and from the sudden rise in temperature around him, he became certain there was another body, something right in front of him. Something absolutely massive, something radiating heat. He caught a glimpse of the things holding him and almost fainted. They were a dark color, blue maybe, with a peppering of pale freckles on one side. The other side was coated in even rows of delicate suckers. He turned forward and met the gaze of a thousand jelly-like eyes that caught the moonlight and tossed it in his face. He screamed harder.
  30. "Don't scream," her voice came. She sounded sad, and a bit scared. "Please don't scream, please? I don't want to hurt you, really!"
  32. "Let go!" He yelled.
  34. She did at once, vanishing from view. He felt the heat shrink away. The dragging sound now accompanied by a tap-tapping skittering noise. "I'm sorry," she whispered from the other end of what must have been a massive cavern. "I got too excited."
  36. The young man sat up. Everywhere the monster had touched him, slime had been left. Fortunately, the dried leaves didn't seem to stick to it. He felt guilty now. Could that thing be real? Could it actually have feelings? Had he insulted it? He wondered if perhaps he had misjudged it... after all, if it had meant to hurt him, it would have done so by now.
  38. "I'm sorry," he said. "You scared me."
  40. "I know."
  42. There was a long silence between the two where the young man's disgust warred with his curiosity. "How about... how about you come back here? You can touch me, if you let me see you."
  44. "You can't see in the dark?" was her incredulous response.
  46. He laughed, a pleasant laugh. "No. I need light." She knows as little about me as I do of her, except that she can see me, he thought.
  48. The thing returned to him, more slowly and cautiously this time. She walked through the lone moonbeam from the hole above this time, and he gasped at the sight. At first he thought she was a fly when he saw her bulbous, eye covered head. He revised that thought to dragonfly with the head the size of a horse when he saw a huge set of mandibles tucked under an eye-covered upper lip. He purposefully looked away from that grotesque sight and looked over the rest of her.
  50. Her main body was like a potato, thick, dark, misshapen. From it grew six or seven uneven legs that reminded the young man all too much of potato eyes, but sturdy and jointed. On her front, under her head, were five tentacles, the ones she had grabbed him with. She held these above the ground with great care, the way a woman might hike up her dress to avoid getting the hem wet. That comparison made him quirk a smile.
  52. Last was her abdomen, and he realized that had been the cause of the scraping sound. It looked huge and heavy, twice as big ad her potato body and absolutely bulbous--big enough to house a volkswagon beetle, the young man thought.
  54. When he did not scream, she approached and extended one of her coiled tentacles to touch his chest. He was ready this time, and made no noise as she ran her suckers over him. Sometimes they'd grip him gently and she'd pull her arm away, the light, sucking popping sounds echoing through the cave. They felt like alien kisses. Her other tentacles came into play when the young man chuckled at the noise and marveled to himself that he would never have imagined this could happen.
  56. He shut his eyes after a while when he realized that she was very intent to explore his body completely. But his eyes snapped open again when she reached to caress his penis. "Careful!" he said suddenly.
  58. "Why?" she asked, withdrawing her tentacle. She cocked her head to the side.
  60. He blushed. "I-I might have a reaction," he said. He didn't exactly think it was likely that he would, but he wouldn't have bet against it, considering how incredibly warm, soft, and slippery her appendages were.
  62. She hesitated then said playfully, "I want to see." Her tentacle coiled gently around his penis, engulfing it in her hot, slick flesh. He was embarrassed by how fast he got hard, and a groan escaped him. He leaned back in the nest and shut his eyes.
  64. She giggled. "That's cute," she said, and began to squeeze and stroke him a bit harder, seeing what other reactions she could get out of him. One of her arms coiled around his thigh, another wove under his back and cradled his head as her grotesque form loomed over him.
  66. He was seeing stars at the sensation. It was like being licked by a hundred tongues at once, like being kissed by as many sets of gentle lips, but at the same time it was unlike any other thing he'd ever felt. His eyes opened and he looked up at her multitude of eyes. "Don't stop," he sighed.
  68. The monster didn't. She kept going, rubbing his body all over with her spare tentacles when she realized he was coming to enjoy that. She painted him in her slime, leaving no part of him dry as she listened to his ecstatic sounds. He came, spilling his seed all over her tentacle. She let go of him and left him lying in her nest, limp and panting as she examined his cum and extended a thick black proboscis from her mouth to taste it. Clearly she decided it was tasty, because she licked herself clean.
  70. "Again," she demanded, pleased. The young man didn't care to tell her no. She was better than sex, and he welcomed her sucker-covered touch. She soon joined him where he lay, setting her huge body down next to him and watching him with childlike amusement as she stroked and rubbed and sucked him. It seemed almost a game to her, a game of seeing what she could do to him.
  72. "You like this even more than I do," she marveled.
  74. "Y-yeah," he moaned.
  76. She brought him to orgasm again, and he came so hard his vision seemed to blur. His hips bucked involuntarily, pushing his member deeper into her tight grip as he covered her tentacle with his cum. The young man watched her lick it off. He started to relax. Maybe he would stay in this cave longer than he had initially planned.
  78. "Let's do that again," she suggested. It wasn't really a suggestion, he didn't really mind.
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