Piercing The Heavens.

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  1. All of this occured in space, above Earth and aside a destroyed Arconia:
  3. Ciel yells: THERE'S YOUR PLANET. GONE.
  4. Ciel says: ..
  5. *Ciel points to Earth.*
  6. Ciel yells: THAT'S NEXT.
  7. Red says: ...I recognize that planet.
  9. *Blue roared back his challenge. "LIKE HELL IT IS!"*
  10. Kokobar(Jumpy) says: ..
  11. Blue says: It's beautiful, isn't it Red?
  12. Kokobar says: You Dai-Gurren brigade are a bunch of crazy people, fools even. But the dream you hold does break the impossible.
  13. Blue says: When we win...
  14. Red says: ..It's been so long since I've seen it.
  15. Blue says: We should go back.
  16. Nenshou Disuna says: Blue. Red.
  17. Red says: Right.
  18. Blue says: We should sit like we used to.
  19. Nenshou Disuna says: A-Game.
  20. Nenshou Disuna says: Focus.
  21. *Kokobar walked up to Alex.*
  22. Nenshou Disuna says: ...This'll be harder than the Anti-Spirals.
  23. *Red takes a spot by his younger brother.*
  24. Kokobar says: Maybe it was destiny to meet.
  25. Alex Aria says: C'mon.
  26. Ciel says: ...The Anti-Spirals are nothing. They're..worthless!
  27. Ciel yells: I CAN'T BE DEFEATED!
  28. Ciel yells: NOT BY YOU, NOT BY ANYONE!
  30. *Celest(Soldato) in awe just looked around him... the supernova from the planet's destruction blew him and everyone else into the depths of space. "What just happned...the planet I was born on crumbled and blew up before my very eyes," he mumbled to himself, his face still in awe. All the pain and emotion he would of felt were numb from the shock.*
  32. *Blue rose one finger; he was in space, yet he still pointed skyward, as if there was something even further above. A ceiling which they all needed to shatter. "...You couldn't be defeated by any one person. But this isn't any one person. You said you didn't need anyone, and now, you're going to fall to the might of those who fight as one."*
  34. Blue says: We're Team Dai Gurren.
  35. Elena says: Damn it, too late...but it seems like most of you are still here...
  36. Mordred Pellax says: Shhh Elena... Just watch... Perhaps these beings will do the impossible.
  37. Ciel says: ...I don't care.
  38. Nenshou Disuna says: ...Blue. I think you know as well as I do what comes next.
  39. Ciel says: I'm Ciel.
  40. Ciel says: I'm the Kaioshin.
  42. *Soleil(BlossomUniverse) points a finger, straight at Ciel- "You still don't understand why you lost the first time- So now we'll show you, first-hand!"*
  44. Ciel says: ...You're my subjects.
  45. Unit #07 Model Z(Khaos_Dragon777) says: !!!
  46. Elena says: That's not what being a Kaioshin is about, Ciel.
  47. Ciel says: You exist because I allow it - and you will perish because I demand it!  
  48. Elena says: It's about protecting and guiding the beings of the universe to improve themselves.
  49. Blue says: That isn't how it works; we'll fight the path you chose for us, the destiny -you- decided.
  50. Blue says: And if there isn't another path, we'll make one with these hands.
  51. Blue says: You're through; that was the last mistake you'll ever make.
  52. Blue says: It's time for you to hit the ground.
  53. Ciel says: ...I can't die. Not to you.
  54. Blue says: You won't.
  55. Elena says: ...I agree with the mortals.
  56. Blue says: You'll die to all of us. You'll die to the hopes and dreams of those who perished.
  57. Ciel says: Your lives are measured in days and weeks months and years. You wither and then you die.
  58. Ciel yells: I AM ETERNAL!
  59. Elena says: Seperately, they don't have even a 0.01% chance. But together...I've seen what they can do working together!
  60. Blue says: ...And so is our fighting spirit.
  62. *Nenshou Disuna held his fist out! Flexing the single arm, the Saiyan King armed himself with the spirit of his kind! Team Dai Gurren assembled in full, ready to face the odds! "If you think that's how its suppose to be, then so be it! We make our own path! And you!" That power of his flourished, glowing above the planet Earth! A golden beacon to all who held the ideal of freedom dear! Team Dai-Gurren's light! "You get to taste what the thrill of a fight is! A fight you die in!"*
  63. Nenshou Disuna(Kitlea) yells: FEEL OUR FIGHTING SPIRIT!
  65. *Red brings a hand out, clenching it into a fist. His voice echoes out - even in the depths of space, this man's thunderous cry rang in the ears of everyone nearby. He was alive again - and just like his old self he'd scream at the top of his voice. "You hear that, Ciel?!" Right beside his friends and loved ones, on a team of fighters unrivalled in all the universe. "This is what I was telling you from day one! A man becomes the shield for his allies - with me and my team, we'll conquer the odds and do the impossible!" This was what he'd set out to do since the very first day Team Dai-Gurren was formed; he and Alyssa and Blue. "THE REPUTATION OF TEAM DAI-GURREN ECHOES FAR AND WIDE!" He draws his blade, pointing it straight at Ciel. "AND TODAY YOU GET TO EXPERIENCE IT FIRST-HAND!"*  
  67. Kokobar says: .. I'm impressed.
  68. Kokobar says: Team Dai-Gurren..
  69. Blue says: ...
  70. Kokobar says: .. Leave this to me.
  71. Blue THOUGHT: ...What's he doing?
  72. Nenshou Disuna THOUGHT: ...This Kokobar. A mystery.
  73. Red THOUGHT: This is.. familiar...
  74. Red says: ..Wait..
  75. Mordred Pellax(CrimsonRuby) THOUGHT: And here I was excited to watch Team Dai-Gurren fight...
  76. Red says: ...!
  78. *Kokobar suddenly walked before the whole team, putting himself in Ciel's way. A bright smile shone upon his face as he looked directly into the woman's eyes. His heartbeat was getting louder and louder, banging against his chest as the moment for this long lost hero, this eternal man, the first of his kind, a man who has understood every power in the universe, seen all of it. This man was ready to lay down this 'eternal' state. He had brought to this by a bunch of fools, idiots, kids, heartless nobodies and such, the worst mix of them all, they had brought Kokobar down to a level where he would believe it. The world could be fine without him. The world would be able to do this-- To find its path. "ETERNAL FELLOW! THESE KIDS RIGHT THERE HAVE SHOWN ME SOMETHING YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND, NOT UNLESS YOU LIVE FOR AS LONG AS I HAVE! AND THIS.." He paused, an artifact, a rune of sorts appeared behind himself. ".. IS MY GIFT TO THEM!" He clapped his hands, letting his power collapse onto itself as the energy around himself grew larger and larger, a white energy filling his entire self, bursting out as the rune that would normally spin shattered itself. Within its core, a white orb was floating. This orb suddenly began expanding, larger and larger. It engulfed the entire area as Kokobar's energy was filling all of it. The remains of arconia were still laying there, planet Earth was close enough, too, to give some of its power. Some of its duty. "GO BEYOND YOUR LIMITS AND DO THE IMPOSSIBLE, THIS IS A SACRIFICE I'M WILLING TO PUT FORTH FOR THOSE BEINGS. I'LL SAFEGUARD THEM WITH A PIECE OF MYSELF, MY SOUL WILL SERVE AS A GOOD LUCK CHARM FOR THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE. IT WILL REGROW, IT WILL RESTORE ITSELF!" A last heartbeat struck him. "THIS IS THE PATH I'VE DECIDED TO TAKE-- NO! THE PATH I'VE DECIDED TO MAKE!" The white light that had engufled everything around himself seemed to suddenly gather itself exactly where Arconia used to be. Be it everyone's life around himself or a whole planet-- A universe. This man was ready to muster all the power he had within himself in order to bring down an eternal who deserved it. "PATH... OF LIFE!" The remains of arconia would suddenly start fusing onto itself once more, just like at the moments of its birth. It'd come back, soon enough. Kokobar's whole existance had been moot until this very moment. He was ready to fade away. His heartbeat was no more, though a certain heartless would've recieved what she needed most, the last part of her incomplete self. Within Kokobar's hand a blade would appear, the weapon he used quite a bit. This weapon was brought up as the overwhelming white energy empowered himself-- Empowered team Dai-Gurren, filling all of them with this white light, this second life of them. Within this very second, they all had a bit of life adding ontop of their own-- A limitless potential, an endless energy. "TAKE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!" He dashed forth, aiming to slash Ciel with this last power of his, with what remained of the man's life, of his existence.*
  80. Kokobar(Jumpy) activated Olympian Jumpy.
  81. Kokobar(Jumpy) activated Pathfind.
  82. Blue deactivated Spiral Energy.
  83. Red deactivated Spiral Energy.
  84. Mordred Pellax has a black aura form around them!
  86. *Celeste is here! How could she not, as a member of Team Dai Gurren? Standing beside her best friends, she gazes toward the heroic sacrifice of the group's resident King Kitt-- errr, Pathfinder, and is abruptly spurred into life! The overhwelming sense of hope and belief fills her entire being, the sense that nothing is impossible; simply a wall to be broken down, simply another obstacle that she had to vault. That was the way of Team Dai Gurren, and it would always prevail, no matter what! A purple aura burst around her, spiralling upward in a similar fashion as her power; she was stronger than she ever was, and it was down to the sheer belief she had in herself, following the noble sacrifice on Kokobar's behalf. What a guy. She readies herself, pointing a blue-tipped finger at the crazed Makaioshin that Kokobar had sacrificed himself in order for them to defeat. It was the Spirit Gun Mega! Rather than shouting her attack name as per usual, though, she shouted in unison with all of her friends...*
  88. *Nenshou Disuna was struck by the man's sacrifice! Nenshou, a glowing beacon of Saiyan Spirit and the desire to win faced down the self-proclaime dKaioshin! As Kokobar gave everything he had, so did Nenshou! This Saiyan wasn't about to be one-uped by a lowsy luckster! He wasn't about to let this man's sacrifice go in vain! This was it! The battle where they would proclaim that not only Ceil can be broken, but fate itself! Nenshou felt it blossom in his chest, and knew without a single bit of doubt... "I, NENSHOU DISUNA, THE KING OF ALL SAIYANS, FACE THE FUTURE!" Filled to the brim with Kokobar's limitless power, the potential of his kind, the spirit he had, this young soldier pushed the threshhold once more! With the entire battle reaching a fevered pitch, with team Dai-Gurren feeding off its own energy, it was like a rotating drill! The drill that only grew and grew, their fighting spirit growing by the moment! "THE SPIRIT OF THE SAIYAN RACE IS KNOWN THROUGHOUT EXISTANCE! HERE AND NOW, IT GROWS ONCE MORE! THE SUPER SAIYANS HERE GROW! WE BLOSSOM!" The entire zone lit up - golden light overflowing around him. It was a stunning, shocking revelation! His power engulfed in itself! The Saiyan's might shone through! His spirit, the saiyans' might empowered further by a man's sacrifice! They were going to fight, they were going ot overcome this monster! When the light faded, Nenshou Disuna was aglow more viciously than ever before! Standing there with sharper features, a sterner face - more furious than ever, more filled with the fighting spirit of Team Dai-Gurren, Nenshou Disuna faced the future! "WE OVERTAKE THE HEAVENS! NOW, AGAINST TEAM DAI-GURREN, YOU LOSE!" Light, blue bioelectrical sparks coursed around him! A single bang of golden hair, a deeper, more vibrant shade of gold than before, was cast over his face. He had ascended, in a single, glorious moment, empowered by Kokobar's sacrifice, moved beyond what spirit he had shown moments ago.. To an Ascended Super Saiyan. Admist Dai-Gurren, Nenshou shone with the spirit of his kind. He shone with the spirit of team Dai-Gurren, their beacon! Nenshou Disuna, the King of the Saiyans, was ready to fight. To do the impossible.*
  90. *Red felt an intense power suddenly engulf his body - it was the essence of the man before him. His strength and power began to shift with the absolutely limitless energy that had been bestowed upon himself and his allies. In that instant, his green aura would appear to fade from the view of those around him. ...His body seemed to go into shock from the absolute raw energy it now contained. "...This is just like what happened to Midas..." He vividly recalled watching the man he knew as his best friend in death, sacrificing his existence to save his own. Now this man, one that he only knew through passing glances, was willing to throw himself away to ensure their success. He was tired of watching others toss themselves aside for his own sake - but this time... ...this time it was for everyone's. "In my heart and my soul, I carry the memories of those that have fallen." He speaks in a low tone, his body trembling from the sheer intensity of the power he now held - that Team Dai-Gurren now held. "...With my every action, with my every breath..." He takes a step forward, bringing his fist to cover his heart. "I'LL MAKE THEIR SACRIFICE KNOWN!" Red's form explodes with the power it had gathered. Energy formed from the strength of his fighting spirit, now mixing with the power of Kokobar's life essence, poured from his body in waves of green light. Sparks of energy would arc from his body, the man's power soaring to phenomonal levels. His voice rang out, full of authority - full of the bravado, confidence, surity, and masculinity that was fitting of Dai-Gurren's leader; it rang out with the men and women who had all taken a stand. "WHEN THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU AND YOU THINK ALL IS LOST..." He takes a step forward, extending his hand to the sky. "KICK REASON TO THE CURB AND DO THE IMPOSSIBLE!" His voice resonated, ending his speech with the signature battle cry of Team Dai-Gurren..*
  92. *Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) suddenly found herself filled with the energy of a planet that had died, the dreams of all those who lived on it being converted to raw, limitless energy. It was equally spread out between the entire team, including the two members who were rather forcibly inducted into Team Dai-Gurren. Right now, everyone who was joining in the fight, united against this common foe, was part of the team! And then, as Alex began to glow, something very unexpected happened: The sound of a beating heart echoed from her chest. "Let's do this, then...!" The blue and red energies from her and Alyssa's Kamui shot out of her glove. However, instead of combining into one, they first morphed into a new color: Green, signifying the fact that they have evolved into something new, surpassing what they were before! The two Kamui were no longer Maketsu and Muketsu, instead combining into one being above all other Kamui, the very heart and soul of clothing itself! Alex's newfound heart began to beat even more, fueled by a combination of Life Fibers and Spiral Energy. "KAMUI... TENGENKETSU!" Her outfit, while still ridiculous, was now green. The same green that Spiral Energy was known for. Alex fought with newfound power- power that felt better than what she held back when she was Asmodeus. The power she fought with now could move universes, but instead it only sought to unite them. Alex had finally cast away her previous life and evolved into her own person, her blood boiling with a newfound passion that she had never felt before. This is what it meant to have Spiral Power. This is what it meant to be a member of Team Dai-Gurren...! Alex would fight on, no matter the risk! And so she yelled.*
  94. Red activated Spiral Energy.
  96. *Uryu Alseif had felt it.. Deep inside of himself. The man known as Kokobar unlocked a dormant power deep within himself, something he had been aware of but didn't truly believe.. Until now that is. Flooding into his Super Saiyan state, the hybrid would gasp, eyes widening slightly. He was literally overflowing with energy at that point, waves of his golden aura rolling off of himself and into the depths of space, temporarily casting any nearby planets [AKA Earth] with it's brilliance. His power had begun to spike, blue bio-electricity sparking around his body in a sporadic fashion, a result of his steadily rising power. His muscles bulged in a fashion similar to when he ascended to his Ultra Super Saiyan state; the once gentle golden aura became chaotic in nature, followed by the hybrid's hair spiking even more than what it already did. His eyes temporarily lost their emerald color before returning, even brigher and fiercer than before. Uryu Alseif had ascended to a Super Saiyan Two. - The complete form of Ultra Super Saiyan. Despite gaining the new form, Uryu remained levelheaded, his gaze laying on that of the Queen of Hell. Kokobar's sacrafice wouldn't go in vain. Neither would anyone else who died. The hybrid prepared to attack, shouting in unision with the rest of his friends..*
  98. *Blue stared down what was the most unfathomably powerful foe the Dai-Gurren Brigade had ever faced. His longcoat billowed despite the fact there was no air to billow it. Words washed over him, words of inspiration, ones that were not his own, as a man commanded him to do something for which the Dai-Gurren Brigade was infamous, their very foundation, what it was that made them -legend-. For instants, the same as the fighting spirit and boundless willpower of Team Dai-Gurren, Kokobar seemed... Infinite. Energy coalesced around his being, and his power skyrocketed. It wasn't just him, but all of those around. Kokobar's sacrifice would not be in vain, so swore this drill... "What could you possibly contest -that-, Ciel?" He demanded of her an answer which none could provide, infinity stretching around them in every direction, that which they fought for, two sleeping worlds full of inhabitants banking on -them- for their salvation. The infinite darkness around them, the endless cold, they didn't bother him in the slightest, his unbreakable will powering him beyond the limits of an ordinary human. He decided he didn't need to breathe in space, so he didn't. His body told him it was freezing to death, he told it to shut the fuck up. His instincts told him to run...and he screamed back in defiance. "Our dead friends...the sorrow of -the people-. We'll take in all their regrets. We'll take it and turn it into power!" His body roared to life with energy not entirely his own, and through his seemingly infinite power, he'd demand of his teammates to fight -harder-, even harder than he already demanded. He could -feel- momentum rising, pressure mounting, and he knew that this, this was when those assembled -thrived-. This was where the heroes of this universe would dedicate every fiber of their being to the one directive shared by all things, no matter saiyan, human, beast or man... Survival. Ciel had spoken to them and told them how things would be. She'd claimed in the face of her assault, they'd crumble. She'd said she couldn't lose. She said she didn't need -anyone-. "The tomorrow we're trying to not a tomorrow -you- have decided on." He swept back his hand and his voice grew deafeningly loud, as if he commanded space itself to distort it. " ourselves...choose our tomorrow from the infinite universe! We'll fight through it. We'll fight through it and protect the universe. We'll show you..." And now he spoke even to Elena, to Levi, wherever he was, to all of the omnipotent or omniscent beings who'd ever dared to doubt they could stop Ciel... "We'll show you we can do it!"
  100. Limited only by his willpower, Blue would battle on. And his willpower...bolstered by the dreams of the fallen..
  102. Was limitless.*
  104. *Kogouro Jones floated in space idly as Arconia was destroyed, feeling as though his very soul had been ripped from him. Again. Vegeta had gone in a similar manner dealing with beings with ill intentions. But this? For Kais and Demons to come to the living realm and wreak havoc on everything he loved and cared for until all that was left was the love of his life? It was unacceptable. It infuriated him to a point where his rage was no longer a means of acheiving power. It was an extension of his being. Since the day he was born the only thing the world around him taught was that it was survival of the strong, and the weak would be handled through death, famine, plague, and other awful things that he had no intention of experiencing. Well he was done being the fucking victim. And the terrible part was that he had said this before. He had promised to rip out the eye sockets of anyone and everyone who opposed his will to live, but he had never actually had the power to do so. Until now. Until the very instant that the being known only as Kokobar bestowed the gift of a new power unto him. He felt as thought something inside his very soul had been unlocked and enabled, and it was just what he needed. As he snapped out of his idle trance, Kogouro looked to those around him only to realize that the people that he cared for were all there, waiting on him. Silently beckoning for his assistance in the matter at hand. His reason to fight had never gone away, it had just been hidden by his devotion to a cause that was not his own. It was time to turn over a new leaf. Within the blink of an eye his Super Saiya-jin returned to him. But he did not stop there as he glared at the self-proclaimed Kaioshin. He coudln't. "You come to this realm and threaten us, destroy a planet and take a countless number of innocent lives, then claim that we are your subjects?!" He clenched one fist only to release the hold on an imaginary something and point his index finger at the bitch. "You're crazy. There is no place for you in this realm, or the afterlife! You will cease to exist -now- and you'll like it!" By this time his adrenaline was at an all time high, and blue sparks were beginning to shoot around his body. He contemplated going into his Expanded form, but he didn't need to. All he had to do now was wait for the infamous chant of team Dai-Gurren to begin, and jump in.*
  106. Alex Aria activated Spiral Energy.
  107. Blue activated Spiral Energy.  
  109. *Ira Gamagori(Deckard Cain) was tossed from the massive power of his own planet explosion. His body became completely limp as he flew off into space. His eyes closed, unconscious, he could still tell deep within his brains senses that his body was still whole. But just barely. But before his mind could reboot, Ira crashed with immense force directly into a small asteroid. All his senses screamed. even while blacked out the pain he felt coursing around his body was unbearable.... He almost quit... Almost gave up on his life. However, just before his soul would leave his body, his life flashed before him... His morals, his will, his strength... and also his failure. It all flooded back into him. Ira mustered the power from within to open his eyes. It was the most challenging this he had ever attempted. All he could see was a white glare surrounding him. Being in a pre-unconscious state, Ira couldn't possibly understand the situation he was in. Then the feeling of being alive returned in full swing. Ira sight quickly changed from all encompassing brightness into a deep black speckled with the glory of distant stars. It was then he knew that he somehow survived the infernal blast. He tried to move arms and legs to no avail. All he could do know was watch the battle he assumed was about to begin... All he could do was pray. *
  111. *Soleil closes her eyes- and deep inside her heart, she's found the rest of herself. Just like Levi said, when the time was right, she'd know- and that time was right. It wasn't just realizing her true self, it was finding the path to that true self that mattered. And it was here. Kokobar had helped her find the way with his sacrifice. It wasn't one she would ever forget- just like Midas, just like Levi's, just like everybody else who gave their lives for something they believed in. So long as they believed, anything was possible! Her fist clenches. She brings it afront her chest. Light radiates from within, her sunlight-swathed hands still burning bright even in the void of space, her own portable beacon of hope that shone through the dark! And it was now that her power reached it's greatest heights, spurred on by her unquenchable desire to see her dreams come true! Dreams that she shared with those who stood alongside her, dreams she shared with her friends! And together, if they believed.. they could all, together, grasp them! Even the smallest of ants can carry the greatest of loads! In their hands was the future, and they held it tightly so that Ciel could take nothing from them! Even if she so tried to pry it from their hands, they wouldn't relinquish anything to the woman! And she'd tried, she'd tried to understand. She did everything in her power to give Ciel every benefit that she'd give everybody else, to treat her as an equal no matter what. But.. that was the difference between the two of them. That was what seperated a goddess from a greedy little girl who wanted everything because she was born with entitlement- And echoing Levi's words; heroes, champions, gods- they weren't born. They became them themselves, paved their own paths through destiny and through whatever stood in their way! And their will equalled the will of everybody who believed in them combined! This was the difference between her and Ciel! Where their paths diverged and Soleil manifested her heritage! And with power unparalleled to before, as the last vestiges of her ringed eyes lend her strength beyond her imagination, as her body is shrouded in radiance that could only be described as her own, personal, sun! And she burned brighter than she had ever hoped. She helped light the way- and everybody else burned just as brightly, and together.. They painted the skies with their hopes, their dreams, their stories.*  
  113. Soleil activated Olympian Fury.  
  116. Nenshou Disuna yells: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!
  117. Soleil yells: WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!
  118. Blue yells: JUST WHO THE -HELL- DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?????
  119. Celeste yells: JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!
  120. Alex Aria yells: JUST WHO THE HELL... DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!
  121. Uryu Alseif yells: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE???
  122. Kogouro Jones yells: WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE?!  
  124. Ciel says: ...
  125. Ciel says: I...I...
  126. Blue says: Lost.
  127. Blue says: You lost.
  128. Ciel yells: N-NO!!! I REFUSE!!! I AM A WINNER! I AM GOD!
  129. Nenshou Disuna says: This is our power.
  130. Red says: ... and your end, Ciel.  
  131. *Elena meanwhile, unable to aid in this battle, was largely concentrating on maintaining a atmosphere around a small asteroid. This task alone prevented her from acting...but she could still observe. The sheer power of the Dai-Gurren was incredible, to say the least. Was this the power the Antispirals and their allies feared? Spiral Energy...and Life Fibers, working together...she would have to ask later where that one managed to get such a thing. Perhaps it could be a useful tool for the forces of good to use?*
  132. Joel(Joejoe24) says: can u guys teach me skills
  133. Elena THOUGHT: With this power, I will have to move this asteroid soon.
  135. *Ciel || Fear; she'd had a taste of it once before, when she had been first defeated at the hands of Soleil, but it had never come in such force. What she sought to spread was despair; but all she had been met with was...hope. Hope: people going beyond the impossible, people kicking reason to the curb. It made her sick. Ciel was a coward. She only fought when she knew she could win, and... ... ...Could she win? Could she really defeat the combined forces of Team Dai Gurren? She was a God, certainly - spawn of Mazoku Demon and Kaioshin; pure good and pure evil. It should be a certainty. It should be a wash. In a normal world, in a regular world, in her world - this shouldn't be possible. After Arconia was destroyed, she should've been able to wipe them all out. It didn't make sense that they could defeat her. It was impossible! She was the physical manifestation of power; evil incarnate, the devil herself, and there was no way a team of lame brained fools - no matter how powerful, no matter how much belief - could defeat her, of all people. She just...she just had to let it go. And let it go she would. The pure, white energies around her mixed with the corrupted crimson ones, convulsing, combing; Ciel's power spiked upward beyond what she had even achieved during Arconia's explosion. Her true power came to the forefront, now, as black miasma filled the air. There was a palpable sense of pure, unadulterated -evil- permeating through the area. "'s over... Your dreams die today, members of Team Dai-Gurren! Your evolution halts now!" And then a maelstrom of meteors descended from the sky as Ciel prepared to do battle, once and for all.*
  137. Ciel(DaisyUniverse) used countdown:
  139. What followed was a beautiful verb as three Super Saiyan twos, two Spiral Humans, a Godmode Demigod, and a Kamui Nobody weaved around meteors in space while fighting a Makaioshin in Psuedo Heart of Darkness.
  141. They barely won.
  143. Blue activated Focus.
  144. Soleil activated Focus.
  145. Ciel activated Focus.
  146. Red uses the Eight Gates.
  147. Ciel ended using countdown.
  148. Ciel started to cast Meteor!
  149. Ciel activated Meteor.
  150. Celeste is knocked out by Ciel(DaisyUniverse)
  151. Celeste becomes angry!
  152. Blue used Sweeping Blade!
  153. Ciel deactivated Stance (Armadillo).
  154. Ciel deactivated Stance (WaterFists).
  155. Soleil used Sweeping Kick!
  156. Ciel activated Masamune.
  157. Uryu Alseif used Sweeping Kick!
  158. Red becomes angry!
  159. Blue used Sweeping Blade!
  160. Uryu Alseif is knocked out by low health!
  161. Uryu Alseif deactivated Focus.
  162. Soleil used Sweeping Kick!
  163. Red is knocked out by low health!
  164. Red deactivated Focus.
  165. Soleil is knocked out by low health!
  166. Soleil deactivated Olympian Fury.
  167. Soleil deactivated Focus.
  168. Nenshou Disuna is knocked out by low health!
  169. Nenshou Disuna deactivated Focus.
  170. Nenshou Disuna deactivated Ki Blade.
  171. Blue used Sweeping Blade!
  172. Nenshou Disuna regains consciousness
  174. Alex Aria(Sunshine Jesse) becomes angry!
  175. Kogouro Jones is knocked out by low health!  
  176. Ciel is knocked out by Blue!
  178. Kokobar says: I forgive what you are, Alex.
  179. Kokobar deactivated PathFind.
  180. Alex Aria says: ..Kokobar?
  182. Kokobar faded from existence..
  184. Uryu Alseif says: ....
  185. Nenshou Disuna says: ...Kokobar.
  186. Blue says: .........
  187. Soleil becomes angry!
  188. Nenshou Disuna says: ...It's time we finish this, ain't it?
  189. Blue says: Let's show her one hell of a combination.
  190. Blue says: Everyone, give it everything you got.
  191. Blue says: Keep going until we break through!
  192. Elena THOUGHT: Once they strike the finishing blow, I will have to return to the Afterlife to end it there. This cannot be allowed to happen again.
  194. *Blue had no illusions of doing anything here but drilling a hole through the heavens themselves. This was everything he'd built up to over the course of his life, here was where he did as Red had prophecized, standing in -space-, defiant of an omnipotent being, an all-powerful woman who mere hours earlier, he'd first heard announced a -God-. Against a foe of such raw, uncontestable might, nothing was more fitting as an end... Then for Team Dai Gurren to pierce the heavens. He rose one finger skyward. Just one. And he'd yell.
  198. He seemed -expectant.- If he was gonna do this, he couldn't do it alone. He'd never been able to do it alone; each of them were part of this team, each of them drove forward the drill, and only through their combined efforts would this be possible, Ciel, crumpled in space, ready to be finished off, once and for all. If it wasn't for all of their efforts, it wouldn't be possible.
  200. So he wanted to hear all of them shout.*
  202. *Nenshou Disuna was bloodied, bruised, but anythign but broken! Nenshou Disuna, King of the Saiyans, hovered by the beaten Ciel! With Alex ,with Uryu, Blue and Red, Kogouro and Soliel, Celeste too, team Dai-Gurren was ready! It was ready to break through, and do the impossible! It was... TIME TO FINISH IT! "TEAM DAI-GURREN STANDS STRONG! LET'S GO!" Finishing Move...! "NENSHOU!" The golden light suddenly erupted from the Ascended Super Saiyan! Bigger, stronger, bolder than ever! The Final Flash took form, and without any concievable strain, Nenshou drew on the empowered form! A glorious, dazzling flow of energy hovered in his hands, the cataclysmic power! And he threw the beam forward! It spiraled through Space, meeting with Blue! The man who would finish it! This was his part of the battle! This was his contribution! Team Dai Gurren did the impossible this day! Their fighting spirit glowed with more light than ever...!*
  204. *Celeste raises her hand, and spirit energy flowed from them into the final attack, into her husband-to-be; "Celeste!"*
  206. *Kogouro Jones throws a fist into the air as the combined might of team Dai-Gurren brought the 'ruler of the universe' crashing down. She had been seemingly injured but she was still there. He could feel her presence. This would not do. As the other members did their part to prepare their portion of the final attack that would pierce the heavens, Kogouro did the same. Who the hell did he look like letting the others down? "KOGOURO!" He sauced the pronounciation up to make it more shonen-esque, not that it mattered. A split second later a cyan spear of energy formed around his raised fist and surged with the same sparks that his most recent transformation. It then surged over to blue to fuel the attack in the making.*
  208. *Uryu Alseif | They had done it.. The battle was long and hard and a lot of friendly fire happened, but they had finally beaten the Queen of Hell.. At a cost, but without said cost, they couldn't have done it. Uryu's eyes fell close for a moment, enjoying the moment despite the pain he was feeling. He would -never- forget this battle. He'd make sure he passed on the story of it to everyone he knew so that future generations may hear it. So they too may hear the story of Team Dai Gurren and their victory. Extending his right hand, the hybrid's eyes would open, staring at the Demon Queen. He smiled, a small green ki orb appearing before his hand with a ringing noise. Said orb would increase 1000x times in size before dispersing, the overly powerful orb meeting Blue's drill! It'd infuse the attack with it's power and destructive nature [possibly it's size?!,] leaving an pulsing faint green glow on the outside of it. Team Dai Gurren was going to prevail once again.*
  210. *Red gets back to his feet, taking in all of the strength and energy that he'd accumulated throughout the length of this battle and channelling it into his arm. He smiled, through the pain and the blood and the strain he could do nothing but bear that same confident grin that he always did; no matter the situation, no matter the wall, they could always break through. "..Kick logic to the curb and do the impossible.." His hand lifts to the sky, glowing with a crimson energy that was his essence; it was all of Red, given a form that would power the drill to end Ciel's life. "TEAM DAI-GURREN'S ULTIMATE ATTACK...!" A stream of pure power would erupt from his hand, soaring up and into the sky, transferring all of the man's strength into his younger brother. Through his shades, he'd flash Blue a look.. and all he could do was smile. "...RED!" He sat back, watching his team put their all into a single combined effort.*
  212. *Soleil lifts her hand into the air, contributing her energy to the attack! "Soleil!"*
  214. Mordred Pellax says: Hmph...
  216. *Alex Aria rose her hand up to the sky and smirked, deciding to finish this with Blue in true teamwork fashion. Her entire body was surrounded by a brillian green glow, the Spiral Energy within her body hitting its true peak, her heart filling with an unsurpassable passion that she had never felt before! Gritting her teeth, Alex loudly announced her intentions:
  218. "Let's do this, Blue...!"
  220. And so Alex once more combined the powers of Life Fiber and Spiral Energy, wrapping around her hand in the form of a giant drill, just like what Blue and Red did. Her entire outfit wrapped around the drill, in fact, leaving her normal outfit under it. The Life Fibers combining into the drill revealed the two origin colors once more, as it radiated with a brilliant purple light, a thin green aura surrounding it.
  222. "No... EVERYONE!"
  224. With Kokobar's sactifice in her mind...
  226. "GIGA..."
  228. With Takashi's sacrifice in her mind...
  230. "DRILL.."
  232. With the hopes and dreams of all those here in her mind...
  236. She charged forth, combining the power of Team Dai Gurren into one final, mighty pincer attack with Blue to finish Ciel off once and for all!*
  238. *Blue was embraced by the energy coalescing around his body; he was wrapped in a dome of -green- initially, a surge from Uryu, but it was the first of many donations in powering the drill that'd make everything thought undoable reality.
  240. Cyan energy overlapped Blue's own wicked green, and then Celeste's own -golden-. It ebbed into him, flowed, encompassing his body in an impossibly bright cloak of energy as he -willed- a drill into existence, over his arm; but for whatever reason, it had not yet formed. With Soleil's own cry, it grew that much less ethereal, more solid...He'd not yet given the last bit of coaxing to make it whole..
  242. Until he heard Red's cry.
  244. Promptly, that drill would burst into existence, the most -tremendous- in size he'd generated to date. Limited not merely by his own willpower, but that of the collective members of the ballsiest team the universe had ever known...
  246. Piercing the heavens didn't sound like such a fool's dream, now did it?
  248. He moved forward, and in that stretch of time, between being still and moving forward, he could envision so clearly the one who'd departed, the one who was lost fighting Celeste, who'd tried his damndest. It was he who'd give the final surge forth, he who'd set the drill forged by their will spinning forth... Blue shouted for one who was already departed.
  250. "TAKASHI...AND...!"
  252. He became a conglomeration of various colors of such intensity it was entirely unprecedented, blinding, radiant. His drill bore down on Ciel with untold velocity as he became not just Blue, but the embodiment of Team Dai Gurren's fighting spirit, as he channeled not just himself, but each of them. He'd collide with Ciel from the opposite side of Alex, and their mighty attacks would clash...with her in the epicenter of the storm, power reverberating from the impact that could shatter stars.
  254. His shades -shattered-.
  256. "BLUE!"*
  258. And then?
  260. Team Dai Gurren pierced the heavens.
  262. Ciel(DaisyUniverse) is knocked out by low health!
  263. Zethus Storm is knocked out by low health!  
  264. Red is knocked out by low health!
  265. Elena becomes angry!
  266. Elena is knocked out by low health!
  267. Soleil is knocked out by low health!
  268. Nenshou Disuna is knocked out by low health!
  269. Kassandra Lyre becomes angry!
  270. Kassandra Lyre is knocked out by low health!
  271. Uryu Alseif is knocked out by low health!
  272. Celeste becomes angry!
  273. Celeste is knocked out by low health!
  274. Kogouro Jones is knocked out by low health!
  275. Blue is knocked out by low health!
  276. Mordred Pellax is knocked out by low health!
  277. Alex Aria is knocked out by low health!
  278. Ciel was just killed by exploding!
  279. Blue(Soldier_Dude) regains consciousness
  280. Nenshou Disuna yells: W-W-WE DID IT!
  281. Nenshou Disuna yells: WOOOOOO!
  282. Uryu Alseif says: Heh..
  283. *Soleil punches a fist into the air. They did it- and no sooner does she do that, does he throw her arms around Red and hugs him tighter than she's ever hugged him!*
  284. Blue yells: OF COURSE WE DID!
  285. Blue yells: WE CAN DO ANYTHING!
  286. Blue yells: WE PIERCED THE HEAVENS!
  287. *Blue collapses... That was the most over the top shit he had -ever- done.*
  288. *Elena starts concentrating, though her concentration was thrown off due to barely stopping the shockwave from the attack from shattering her shield and exposing herself to space. It would take several minutes to build up for a teleporation now. "That I will return to the Afterlife to finish it. You have all done well...with such power, the Antispirals won't even know what hit them!"*
  289. *Red is too busy screaming at the top of his voice to care he's having the life hugged out of him by his 6'7 girlfriend. "HELL FUCKING YES!"*
  290. Red yells: THAT WAS AMAZING!
  292. *Kassandra Lyre(SunflowerUniverse) silently wandered out through the crowds of people, the.. dirt. that came from space. She couldn't really believe her eyes, not at all. Ciel was dead. Matter had formed in a place where matter was not. It was all just so confusing. There was only one thing left to do. She shimmered into sight beside Blue and lifted her foot, then began curbstomping the shit out of the downed human. The only thing left to do.*
  294. *Alex Aria quietly faded into a portal of darkness.*
  296. *Soleil(BlossomUniverse) would stop her, but she's far too busy squeezing the life out of Red.*  
  298. Mordred Pellax(CrimsonRuby) says: Goodbye Blue hair person whose name I think is Alex. Everyone was screaming at the same time.
  300. *Red(Carnak) is far too busy being squeezed and simultaneously led on to notice.*
  302. Uryu Alseif says: ...Oi. Someone stop her.
  304. *Uryu Alseif was too tired to do so himself.*
  306. Nenshou Disuna says: ...Blue'
  307. Nenshou Disuna says: Blue's taken worse.
  309. When suddenly, the true hero saved the day:
  313. *Celeste(The-Submarine) cue punch!*
  315. *Blue(Soldier_Dude) is curbstomped. But he's been drilled through the core of a planet and is capable of breathing in space. He'll probably be fi-
  317. His waifu is best waifu.*
  319. *Kassandra Lyre was suddenly punted across the universe with a single punch. She'd probably be back some day. To curbstomp another.*
  321. *Blue lost his longcoat in that fight; he reorients himself in space, shaking his head to clear it, and then looks at Celeste, beaten, battered body covered in scratches.
  323. "...You wanted to be an astronaut growin' up. Now look at us."
  325. He was grinning from ear to ear...even though it hurt. A lot.*
  327. Celeste says: ...Yep!
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