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Sequoia Session 20

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  1. [19:37:34 ][@Doxy] Alright! Last time we left our heroes, they had helped Robin Scarlet - a cute and mysterious witch - with her stolen spellbook. After being rescued by their Pokemon, our heroes thrashed the power-mad Trevenant and were able to get on their way.
  2. [19:39:11 ][Lucian] "Those Pokemon were owned. If you have any allies in Blackwillow I suggest you seek them out.""
  3. [19:41:37 ][@Doxy] You join Robin on their big wagon, which turns out to be surprisingly fast transportation - her Torkoal isn't at all slow and steady - it's DAMN FAST and steady and ran all night without getting tired, gaining you quite a lot of time on your journey! As you wake up the following day, you see that you're no longer in the forest, but on the road by a particularly nice stretch of beach
  4. [19:41:37 ][@Doxy] along a deep bay called "Luvdisc Bay"
  5. [19:42:33 ][Lucian] "So...is it shaped like a Luvdisc? Or do you suppose there are a lot of Luvdisc in it?"
  6. [19:42:55 ]* Adrienne checks the internet for why this place is called Luvdisc Bay.
  7. [19:42:55 ][Adrienne] "Maybe the latter."
  8. [19:43:06 ][Dann-] "Or maybe the person that named it just really enjoys playing frisbee."
  9. [19:43:49 ][Lucian] "Well, I don't know why you would let a man with an inordinate love for the game of frisbee name a bay."
  10. [19:44:07 ][@Doxy] This area is usually fairly remote, but as you approach you see there's quite a few tents on the beach, volley ball nets have been set up, people are having Pokemon battles, and there's even a wooden stage that seems to have been set up.
  11. [19:46:14 ][@Doxy] Adrienne: it's named so because Luvdisc migrate up here during the summer, causing it to be a popular retreat for lovers .... and for hipsters who want to come out to one of the most remote and pristine beaches.
  12. [19:47:16 ][Adrienne] "Lots of Luvdisc migrate here up in the summer," she tells Lucian.
  13. [19:47:32 ][Lucian] "Oh, sounds like one of those kitschy tourist traps."
  14. [19:47:47 ][Lucian] "You know, the ones where people like me and my parents come during the summer."
  15. [19:48:36 ][Percival] "Even so it's pretty serene looking despite all the people."
  16. [19:49:00 ][@Doxy] It's not THAT many people; you'd judge maybe a dozen tents overall, and the area seems very remote otherwise.
  17. [19:49:56 ][Adrienne] "I don't think we have time to relax here, though, we've got the conference to get to. Don't wanna be late to that, way too many important sounding people."
  18. [19:50:49 ][Dann-] "We've been making pretty good time on this wagon though. We're probably ahead of schedule."
  19. [19:51:23 ][Lucian] "How much time /do/ we have?"
  20. [19:51:28 ]* Adrienne checks the map and date.
  21. [19:52:08 ][@Doxy] If you keep using Robin's wagon, you'd actually arrive like 3 days earlier than planned, by your estimations. Maybe even more, since its speed before was considering the rougher forest terrain, and the road from here on out is smoother
  22. [19:54:03 ][Lucian] "We can afford to stay a night or two."
  23. [19:54:04 ][Adrienne] "... Yeah, nevermind that. We'll have plenty of time if nothing screws with the wagon."
  24. [19:54:11 ][@Doxy] "I pass by this beach all the time~ It's pretty nice... I wouldn't say it's tourist-trappy, more like dirty college hipsters from Dahlia come out here to camp out because it's so 'underground' or whatever." Robin chimes in, yawning.
  25. [19:54:20 ][Lucian] "Though, I guess it's all up to what Scarlet wants."
  26. [19:54:40 ][Lucian] "Wanna kick back here for a day or two or do you want to keep moving onto Blackwillow?"
  27. [19:54:57 ][@Doxy] "I wouldn't mind stopping here for a bit! Plus it'd give Krampus a chance to rest~"
  28. [19:55:09 ][Lucian] "That honestly sounds worse than a tourist trap."
  29. [19:55:22 ][Lucian] "But it looks pretty open. I'm all for it."
  30. [19:55:26 ][Percival] "Sounds like a good idea for both parties."
  31. [19:55:53 ][Dann-] "We can always do our best to avoid the hipsters. Or school them in some battles."
  32. [19:56:12 ][Adrienne] "I don't mind chilling here for a bit."
  33. [19:57:29 ][@Doxy] "I shall pull over then~"
  34. [19:58:43 ][@Doxy] And pull over Scarlet does, finding a nice patch of grass close to the beach on which to pull up the wagon. There's a copse of trees nearby too, giving the area some privacy.
  35. [20:01:09 ][Dann-] "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm going swimming." Dann announces as he sets his stuff down and begins to take off his shirt. As he throws his shirt on his backpack, he continues, "Unless we wanted to take care of anything first?"
  36. [20:03:04 ][Lucian] "I don't think so?"
  37. [20:03:17 ][Lucian] "I'm going to check out the battles."
  38. [20:03:20 ][Adrienne] "I might go swimming eventually," she says half-heartedly. "Don't think there's anything on our to-do list." Adrienne sets down her stuff, and after some thought, begins releasing her Pokemon to enjoy the weather and scenery.
  39. [20:03:32 ][Adrienne] ... Even Nero.
  40. [20:04:55 ][Percival] "I don't think we have too much in any case. I'll be checking what's up with the stage here."
  41. [20:05:23 ]* Lucian takes off his shirt and changes into swim trunks and a jacket, heading down the beachside to check out the stage.
  42. [20:06:59 ][castfromhp] Rami finds a cozy spot of sand and settles down for a nap. Arthur and Layla start to build a sand castle around the snake while Mina enjoys the water.
  43. [20:07:10 ][@Doxy] Scarlet follows after Percival and Lucian, though she remains in her witch outfit.
  44. [20:07:26 ][@Doxy] At the stage at the center of things, there seems to be quite a few things going on -
  45. [20:08:30 ][castfromhp] Nero rushes off towards the stage.
  46. [20:09:07 ][@Doxy] There's a large stand with like 6 kegs of free beer set up. There's a large sign that says "Free Beer!" and a smaller sign that says "Courtesy of Littlerose Gym".
  47. [20:10:12 ]* Lucian lets Merric out so he can enjoy the water. "You...guys wanna drink?"
  48. [20:10:14 ]* Dann- calls out all of his Pokemon too. "All right everyone, we're all going swimming. Last one to the water's edge is a rotten Exeggcute!" He then bolts towards the bay, shovel in hand.
  49. [20:11:11 ][@Doxy] On the stage itself there's a rock band setting up; the Drum says they're "The Combees", though currently "Final Destination" is playing from some speakers and a fairly bad magician is doing (bad) magic tricks in front of the stage.
  50. [20:11:40 ]* Dann- carries Sinon because he knows it's not quite fair for her to race the others on land.
  51. [20:11:58 ][@Doxy] Merric rushes over to the water and starts splashing around curiously on the beach, trying to 'catch' the waves.
  52. [20:12:59 ]* Adrienne decides to head to the stage after changing into her swimsuit, a green two-piece bikini with seafoam blue flower designs, bought back in Oceanspray, completing the look by undoing her hair from its usual braid and taking a light jacket along. "That's a lot of free beer," she comments to Lucian, keeping an eye on the hellmonster.
  53. [20:13:26 ][@Doxy] "And we better get some of it quickly."
  54. [20:13:54 ][@Doxy] Scarlet grabs one of Lucian's hands and Adrienne with the other and drags them towards the beer
  55. [20:13:58 ][Lucian] "You're right."
  56. [20:14:27 ][@Doxy] "Although usually I prefer hard liquors. Witchcraft is all about efficiency."
  57. [20:14:28 ]* Dann- chucks his shovel into a nearby dune when he reaches the water and jumps as far as he can over the first wave.
  58. [20:15:07 ][Lucian] "Getting drunk is witchcraft now?"
  59. [20:15:13 ][Adrienne] "Don't drag me," she says, miffed. "I don't drink alcohol."
  60. [20:15:44 ][@Doxy] "Oh I'm so sorry."
  61. [20:15:56 ][@Doxy] She lets go of Adrienne, looking at her like she just said her mother died.
  62. [20:15:56 ][Lucian] "Boooring."
  63. [20:16:06 ][Lucian] "Whatever, I can drink for the both of us."
  64. [20:16:36 ]* Lucian does exactly that.
  65. [20:16:39 ][@Doxy] "Oooh they have so many types. The Littlerose Gym is a brewery so that make sense."
  66. [20:16:54 ][Adrienne] "Sorry," Adrienne says to Scarlet. "I uh, didn't mean to be mean."
  67. [20:16:58 ][@Doxy] Meanwhile with Dann, Nathan is the only one that's particularly eager to jump into the surf, but that he is~
  68. [20:17:24 ][@Doxy] Kai, Winston, Atlas, and Sorrel all hang back - most of them being uncomfortable in water.
  69. [20:17:27 ][Lucian] "You're not being mean. Just weird and kinda boring."
  70. [20:17:31 ][Lucian] "S'all good."
  71. [20:17:32 ]* Dann- releases Sinon once he and her hit the water. "If you want to wander a bit, that's fine, just don't get lost, ok?"
  72. [20:17:54 ][Adrienne] "I resent being called boring."
  73. [20:18:17 ]* Adrienne decides to drink. Who's boring now? :|
  74. [20:18:26 ][@Doxy] Kai yawns and heads right back towards the wagon. Fuzzy Roomba roombas off towards the crowds, while Atlas and Sorrel stick around to play on the beach.
  75. [20:18:27 ][castfromhp] "Hello!" A cheery looking man pops up from behind the beer stand. "We do have quite the selection today, but I'm afraid it's but a small fraction of what we brew at home. Would you like a weissbier, a lager, or a pale ale today?" He sweeps his hand over the cups of beers and smiles widely.
  76. [20:19:07 ]* Dann- smiles at Nathan's eagerness and then looks back at the others with a sigh. "I guess water doesn't suit most of them, eh Nathan?"
  77. [20:19:32 ][Percival] "Huh, I wonder oh really? That's pretty good publicity to have a selection like this."
  78. [20:19:41 ][castfromhp] A bulbasaur also wanders out from behind the stand. It has a rather large hop in place of the normal bulb.
  79. [20:20:13 ]* Adrienne has a limited idea of what the three are. "I'll take a lager."
  80. [20:20:18 ][Lucian] "What's your darkest stout?"
  81. [20:22:08 ][castfromhp] "We have an imperial stout called Slaking Stout, but we only have it in bottles."
  82. [20:22:21 ][castfromhp] Meanwhile, the Bulbasaur offers Adrienne a cup with its vines.
  83. [20:23:09 ][Lucian] "Is it not available then, or will I just have to keep it stuffed in a bag while we're on the beach or something?"
  84. [20:23:51 ][Adrienne] "... Huh. Thanks," she tells the Bulbasaur, taking the cup. She takes a sip of the liquid.
  85. [20:24:03 ][@Doxy] "What's your strongest most powerful beer???" Scarlet asks
  86. [20:24:34 ][@Doxy] Dann: Nathan splashes you with telekinesis >:D
  87. [20:25:14 ][castfromhp] "We just don't have it on tap like the rest." The man says as he reaches behind him into a cooler and fetches a bottle. He pulls a bottle opener out of his pocket and does a fancy spin with it before popping off the cap and handing it to you, Lucian.
  88. [20:25:59 ][castfromhp] The man wordlessly reaches back in the cooler and hands Scarlet a bottle with a Hydreigon on the label.
  89. [20:26:07 ]* Dann- grins mischievously at Nathan, leaps into the air, and belly flops the surface, sending a huge wave at him.
  90. [20:26:09 ][@Doxy] "YES."
  91. [20:26:48 ][Lucian] "Uh, thanks."
  92. [20:27:20 ][@Doxy] Scarlet takes it reverently. "So powerful it only has a Pokemon for a label. Perfect."
  93. [20:27:42 ]* Lucian looks at Scarlet, "You sure you can handle that? I know you're pretty strong but you're kinda...small, aren't you?"
  94. [20:27:51 ][@Doxy] Dann successfully used FLOP WAVE against Nathan! It was super effective!
  95. [20:27:53 ][Lucian] "Or is handling alcohol a witch power now."
  96. [20:28:10 ]* Adrienne steps to the side since she got her drink. "Witches have varied powers, I guess."
  97. [20:28:19 ][@Doxy] Nathan recoils and uses POUR: the scoops up a liter of water with telekinesis and just dumps it on your head from above
  98. [20:28:39 ][@Doxy] "I-I can handle it!"
  99. [20:28:53 ][castfromhp] "And what would you like?" The man turns to Percival.
  100. [20:28:58 ][@Doxy] "Unless I don't, get too drunk, try to fight the ocean, and drown. Oh well."
  101. [20:30:04 ][Adrienne] "You're probably not going to drown."
  102. [20:30:15 ][Lucian] "Yeah, we would probably try to save you."
  103. [20:30:21 ][Lucian] "Probably."
  104. [20:30:23 ]* Dann- laughs and wipes the water out of his eyes. He opens his eyes to a particularly large wave and quickly ducks under it as it crashes towards Nathan.
  105. [20:30:28 ][Lucian] "You might make enemies out of us while drunk."
  106. [20:30:36 ][@Doxy] "Are you saying I can't fight the ocean by myself??? I can fight the ocean."
  107. [20:30:43 ][@Doxy] She gives the ocean a dirty look
  108. [20:30:52 ][Lucian] "I can't promise we'll be on your side when you decide to fight the ocean."
  109. [20:31:03 ][Adrienne] "Yes, you can't fight the ocean by yourself."
  110. [20:31:04 ][zoofman] Nero pops out of the water, next to you Dann, and throws a navy blue bikini top in your face!  He then punches your arm and ducks back under the water.
  111. [20:31:24 ][Percival] "Hm, how about Weissbier then?"
  112. [20:31:56 ]* Percival rolls out his pokemon towards the ocean in the midst of talking.
  113. [20:32:02 ][castfromhp] "A great choice!" The man nods to his bulbasaur who fetches you a cup as well.
  114. [20:32:24 ][Lucian] "I dunno, fighting the ocean on your own is probably the easy part."
  115. [20:32:27 ]* Dann- sighs as he pulls the clothing off of his face. He does a double take as he realizes what it is and looks around nervously.
  116. [20:32:40 ][Lucian] "It's probably the whole winning that's gonna throw a wrench in your plans."
  117. [20:34:46 ][Dann-] "Nathan, you don't, uh, see anyone missing part of their swimsuit, do you?"
  118. [20:34:51 ][zoofman] Roll me Perception, Dann!
  119. [20:35:27 ]* Lucian takes a swig of his Slaking, looking around the beach for people to fight
  120. [20:35:33 ][Dann-] 2d6 Please no peeping tom
  121. [20:35:51 ]* CritSenpai (~CritSenpa@Rizon-6349BC74.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  122. [20:35:59 ][Percival] "Ah, thank you. You know I wonder if everyone's a bit all tipsy over the beach due to this."
  123. [20:35:59 ][Dann-] 2d6 Please no peeping tom
  124. [20:36:00 ][CritSenpai] Please no peeping tom: 5 [2d6=4,1]
  125. [20:36:06 ][castfromhp] Session BGM theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhb3l-9FT4s
  126. [20:36:31 ][Lucian] Operation Babehunt
  127. [20:36:33 ][Adrienne] "So Scarlet," Adrienne says conversationally. "How'd you get into learning uh... Magic?"
  128. [20:36:44 ][zoofman] Dann, as you nerviously scout the beach, you notice Sven! He's floating in the water on an inflatable Wailmer and sipping from a thermos of coffee.
  129. [20:36:45 ][@Doxy] Scarlet sighs theatrically. "So little faith. T'is the curse of a witch like me to be underestimated and misunderstood, I suppose. SIIIIGH~"
  130. [20:38:04 ]* Dann- chuckles as he sees Sven - coffee in hand even out on the water. He wades out to greet him. "Yo! Sven!"
  131. [20:38:05 ][Adrienne] "You're right, there is no witch like you," she says in an unimpressed tone.
  132. [20:38:30 ]* Adrienne kind of has a ¬_¬ expression on right now.
  133. [20:39:11 ][castfromhp] "Hey!" Sven waves. "Fancy running into you here. You have impeccable taste in beaches, I must say."
  134. [20:39:37 ][@Doxy] Scarlet turns to look at Adrienne, considering the question. "Well, it.. it was... it wasn't anything specific, I just started studying it one day, and then I started realizing how not FAKE it seemed and I was surprised, and then I found other practitioners and then I found my BOOK and... I dunno. I'm still really quite new to it, it's only been about a year since I started studying
  135. [20:39:37 ][@Doxy] the occult in earnest."
  136. [20:40:26 ][@Doxy] "Before that, I was working on becoming a Gym Trainer in Aralia City."
  137. [20:41:05 ]* Dann- smirks. "Yeah, I guess so. What brings you here? We're on our way to Blackwillow and thought we'd stop here for a bit." Realizing he's still holding a bikini top, he does his best to not make it obvious.
  138. [20:41:45 ]* Percival drinks from his cup and meanders over towards the tents.
  139. [20:41:50 ][Adrienne] "Huh. So you switched from Gym Trainer to Witch?"
  140. [20:41:57 ][castfromhp] 4d6
  141. [20:41:58 ][CritSenpai] 4d6: 16 [4d6=3,4,3,6]
  142. [20:42:26 ][castfromhp] Sven notices the top you're holding and starts to say something but is cut off.
  143. [20:42:42 ][@Doxy] "Yup!" Scarlet says, smiling widely at Adrienne.
  144. [20:43:47 ][Adrienne] "... What does a witch even do?"
  145. [20:43:57 ][@Doxy] Lucian, the arenas are still loosely set up, but no one seems to be battling at the moment, though quite a few people are standing around. There's also a large Trading Machine and a Healing Machine set up.
  146. [20:44:11 ][castfromhp] Percival, a tattered black cloth with a skull and crossbones on it blows on the wind and lands at your feet.
  147. [20:44:40 ][zoofman] Around this time, a black haired girl wades over toward Sven and Dann.  She hunched over, only showing herself from the neck up.  "Hey...Sven?  I need you to do me a favor.  Can you get me a towel from the tent?"
  148. [20:45:24 ][@Doxy] "Well, if you're asking how I make a living - it's not too different from collecting and selling antiques, to be honest. I travel a lot looking for things that might have ~occult significance~. But of course most of it is junk."
  149. [20:45:30 ][Percival] "Ehh? That's quite a bit strange for the beach, it sorta reminds me of a flag."
  150. [20:45:50 ]* Lucian asks around about the inactivity, perfectly willing to start a fight himself if need be.
  151. [20:46:10 ]* Percival stares upwards at the top of the tents in an effort to see if it was ripped off.
  152. [20:46:34 ][castfromhp] Percival, perception check.
  153. [20:47:26 ][@Doxy] Lucian, join #BeachBattle
  154. [20:47:30 ][castfromhp] Sven gives Dann a confused look, then replies to the girl. "Uh, sure Sue. Just give me a moment." He slowly starts to paddle to shore.
  155. [20:47:37 ][@Doxy] !join #BeachBattle
  156. [20:47:37 ][CritSenpai] Ara ara, you want me in #BeachBattle?
  157. [20:47:40 ]* Adrienne scratches the back of her head, then adjusts her glasses. "Occult significance," she repeats in a half-question half-skeptical tone.
  158. [20:48:29 ]* Dann- winces when he sees the girl. He holds out the bikini top and looks away. "Sorry, but I think this might be yours...please don't hit me."
  159. [20:49:43 ][Percival] 4d6
  160. [20:49:44 ][CritSenpai] 4d6: 17 [4d6=4,6,3,4]
  161. [20:50:25 ][zoofman] TOO BAD. She flushes red in the face when she sees it, grinds her teeth and baps you in the same place Nero did!  She's pretty strong!  She then snatches the top and ducks down in the water, deeper, only showing the top half of her head.  She's staring daggers at Dann and is red as a beat in the cheeks!
  162. [20:51:46 ][Adrienne] <@Doxy> "Do I need to turn you into a spoink? Coz I'll turn you into a spoink."
  163. [20:51:46 ]* Adrienne strongly considers being snarky, but given what she's seen, decides against it. "... I'd rather not risk it," she admits.
  164. [20:51:47 ][castfromhp] Percival, nothing catches your eye when you look over the tents, but as you're glancing around you see a boat off shore, quite a distance away. It's hard to tell from here, but it looks like a...really small galleon? No, wait, it's just a standard motorboat with a dinky mast attached to it and an exterior modeled to look like a wooden ship.
  165. [20:52:08 ]* Dann- holds his palms out towards her before she can hit him again. "I'm sorry! It wasn't me though. One of my friends has a, well, how do I put this?" He pauses. "An evil little Igglypuff."
  166. [20:52:43 ][Dann-] He scrunches his face up and prepares for further punches.
  167. [20:52:44 ][castfromhp] You can see two people on the boat jumping up and down and waving towards you. One of them falls into the water, and the other makes an exaggerated scene out of stooping by the side to see if they're okay before pulling them back up.
  168. [20:54:25 ][zoofman] She stands up again once she's got the top back on - quite a toned figure.  She puts both hands on her hips and tilts in a sassy manner.  "An 'evil Igglypuff?'  Really?  That's the best a pervert like you could come up with?  Ugh, don't tell me you're actually aquaintences with this lecher, Sven."
  169. [20:54:26 ][castfromhp] The two of them struggle to push and rotate what looks like...a cannon? And point it towards the beach!
  170. [20:55:44 ][Percival] "Intersting, wait... Oh no no!" he shouts attempting to wade a good deal into the waters.
  171. [20:57:16 ][castfromhp] There's a loud BOOM! as the cannon fires, the recoil pushing the two hooligans into the water. As you wade into the water, there's a THUMP behind you in the sand.
  172. [20:57:59 ]* Dann- straightens up and takes on a less apologetic stance. "Hey now, that's not very fair. I'm not a pervert. I spent the last ten minutes looking for you to give it back!"
  173. [20:59:54 ][zoofman] "Well of course you would once you are caught red handed, hrmph!" She jerks her head to the side, eyes closed, as she crosses her arms across her chest.  She then starts to stomp her way back to shore.
  174. [21:00:54 ][zoofman] Nero then pops up again, punches Sven's floatie, putting a whole right through it.  It starts to deflate under him.
  175. [21:01:06 ][zoofman] He then ducks down again and is gone.
  176. [21:01:07 ][@Doxy] sploooooororphffffffff
  177. [21:01:14 ][@Doxy] The saddest sound
  178. [21:01:33 ]* Dann- dives towards the sinking craft to help grab anything of Sven's that should not get wet.
  179. [21:01:48 ][Dann-] "Please tell me you saw that Sven."
  180. [21:02:23 ][Percival] "What's with the cannon, really can't that hurt a ton! Are you uh, alright in the water, this might be yours just looking at your boat."
  181. [21:02:27 ][castfromhp] "What a wretched little creature." Sven says rather calmly, given the situation. There's no much of his to grab; he just has his coffee, which he sips as he starts to tread water.
  182. [21:03:21 ][castfromhp] "I'm sorry, Sue hasn't had the best week. She invited her friends out to the beach to relax after a run-in with some vicious Pokemon..." Sven explains. "...but I'm the only one who showed up."
  183. [21:04:34 ][Dann-] "Vicious Pokemon?" Dann asks. If Sven seems to be trying to salvage the floatie, Dann does his best to help haul it towards the shore.
  184. [21:04:37 ][castfromhp] As you get closer to the boat, you hear splashing and a spheal coated in mud swims up behind you and tries to tug at the pirate flag you picked up, Percival.
  185. [21:05:44 ][castfromhp] The pair on the boat climb back up and hack up sea water, then flash each other big grins and turn towards you. They're a man and a woman in pirate outfits, with eyepatches and silly hats they're wringing free of water.
  186. [21:07:13 ][castfromhp] "Whatever do you mean?" The man says, giving the woman a bewildered look. "Jacuzzi has never hurt anyone!" The Spheal gives an affirmative yelp. "I mean..." He clears his throat. "Arrrr! We heard there be beer at this beach, and we intend to plunder it!"
  187. [21:07:28 ][castfromhp] He pulls out a plastic sword from a scabbard and poses dramatically.
  188. [21:08:01 ][zoofman] "Yarrrrr! Gimmie yer bootie!" The blonde woman yells!  Least you think it's a woman, she's got a fake as hell looking mustache and beard on.
  189. [21:08:21 ][zoofman] She's waving around what's clearly a toy flintlock
  190. [21:09:36 ][castfromhp] Sven nonchalantly folds up the ruined floatie. "Thanks for the help. It was uh...a swarm of Bidoof, if I recall."
  191. [21:09:47 ]* Percival hands them back the flag. "I see, sorry I thought you were launching something more, leathal than your rotund fellow there."
  192. [21:10:11 ][Percival] "Are you doing this for... sport or is this your life out here?"
  193. [21:10:30 ][zoofman] "What!? Jacuzzi is a perfectly capable ass kicker! I mean, uh, swab the poopdeck!"
  194. [21:11:27 ][Percival] "I'm sure he is but, he's not exactly a cannonball that'd kill everyone I'm sure."
  195. [21:11:28 ][Dann-] "Bidoof? I don't usually think of those as vicious. What did they do exactly?"
  196. [21:11:47 ][castfromhp] "For sport? A pirate's life is one of hard work and glory!" The man takes the flag and lets out a Chatot, which flies up to the mast and reattaches it.
  197. [21:13:22 ][castfromhp] "Pattie, what do you say we recruit this kid into our pirate crew?" The man leans in at you with a grin. "Would you like to join?"
  198. [21:13:43 ][Percival] "Sport's not quite the right word, ah nevermind. Are you looking for anything specific out he- oh uh depends on what you do."
  199. [21:14:06 ][castfromhp] Sven shrugs and sips his coffee. "You'll have to ask her."
  200. [21:14:23 ][zoofman] By the time, Sue has gotten one of those Hydreigon beers, and is sitting on a towel near a tent on the beach while sipping from it.  She's pretending to be fixated on whatever thell Percival is dealing with.
  201. [21:16:04 ][zoofman] "Why, spirits o' course!  Our grogs be empty and the scrawny landlubber has barrels o' the stuff!"
  202. [21:16:10 ][zoofman] That's the bearded woman, of course.
  203. [21:16:43 ][castfromhp] The man then moves to the back of the boat and starts directing the 'pirate ship' closer to the beer stand. It's moving quite slowly due to all the added weight on the boat.
  204. [21:17:36 ][Percival] "Oh, well there's plenty of that to go around. It's pretty good tasting to boot, so I can't blame you for wanting some."
  205. [21:18:59 ]* Dann- scatches his head as he and Sven wade towards the shore. "I don't suppose you can help me convince her that I really didn't, uh, steal her top."
  206. [21:20:33 ][castfromhp] Sven glances over at what she's drinking. "Give it a few minutes. I don't think I'll need to."
  207. [21:22:18 ][castfromhp] The man on the boat offers Percival a hand to pull him up as he steers the boat.
  208. [21:24:25 ]* Dann- sighs. "Well in that case, I think I need a beer too. You want anything?"
  209. [21:24:52 ][zoofman] TIME SKIP A FEW MINUTES LATER...the boat finally touches shore, and Sue is on her second bottle.  Quite rosie in the cheek department to boot.
  210. [21:25:56 ][castfromhp] Dann, you see the closest you've seen to Sven giving a glare as he looks toward the beer stand before he turns back to you with his usual disaffected and slightly smug expression. "I'll pass, but thanks."
  211. [21:27:10 ]* Dann- resists the urge to raise an eyebrow and heads over. He returns a few minutes later with a lager in hand and carefully approaches Sue. "So, are you going to punch me again if I get any closer?"
  212. [21:28:28 ][zoofman] The bearded woman hops off the boat and marches over to the beer stand, pointing the toy gun at the bartender. "Yarrrr! Hand over ye' goods or go down with the ship, laddy!"
  213. [21:29:14 ][zoofman] Sue wraps herself up in her towel as you approach, clearly on the defensive, and stares up at Dann.
  214. [21:30:20 ][castfromhp] The man turns around with a 'what the fuck' expression on his face, which quickly turns into a bellowing laugh. "Oh hey! George! Pattie! Long time no see. Pirates this time, is it? Oh I mean..." He dramatically staggers back. "Ohhhh nooooo! Please don't hurt me!" His Bulbasaur feigns surprise as well as it hands the pair cups of beer.
  215. [21:31:30 ][zoofman] "H-hey shut up I'm not Pattie-" The woman says quietly. "I'M EDWARDO THE BUTCHER YAARRRR."
  216. [21:32:05 ][castfromhp] "I see you've roped someone into your shenanigans." The beer dude looks at Percival. "Another weissbier?"
  217. [21:32:35 ]* Dann- sits down so as not to be leering down at her. "Look, I know how that must have looked, but I was telling the truth. I just jumped in the water to play with my Ralts," he gestures towards Nathan nearby, "and suddenly my friend's Igglypuff pops out of the water and throws something in my face."
  218. [21:33:16 ][Dann-] "That Igglypuff, by the way, is like, a few days old." He takes a swig of his drink. "And it is literally a hellbaby. Nothing but trouble."
  219. [21:34:15 ][Percival] "Seems fun to me atleast, yep another would be good."
  220. [21:34:32 ][Percival] "What sort of shenanigans?"
  221. [21:35:14 ][zoofman] "Y-yer a hellbaby," she manages, doing the same offstandish look away from before.  Its at this time that Nero bursts out of the sand, steals her towel with a single tug, and runs off into the water.  Sue is left flabbergasted.
  222. [21:36:07 ][Dann-] "See?!" Dann almost yells, pointing dramatically with his drink hand. This has the unfortunate side-effect of dumping most of his beer on the ground.
  223. [21:36:22 ][zoofman] 1d100 do you pour it on Sue
  224. [21:36:23 ][CritSenpai] do you pour it on Sue: 88 [1d100=88]
  225. [21:36:32 ][zoofman] You luckily do not pour it on Sue.
  226. [21:36:46 ][castfromhp] "Well..." The beer man gets a nostalgic look on his face while George and Pattie celebrate their victory by chugging down their beers. "Last time I ran into them, they were 'phantom thieves'. So they dressed up in bedsheets with holes poked into them. I think they tripped over themselves too much to get taken seriously - or get into any serious trouble."
  227. [21:37:17 ][Percival] "You two must have a great time around Halloween then."
  228. [21:37:54 ][zoofman] Sue blinks a few times, then hops to her feet - nearly toppling over again since she's clearly hammered. "Okay, so maybe you weren't the thief.  Well, I'm sorry, I guess."
  229. [21:39:50 ][castfromhp] "Those two used to be Gym Trainers of mine, actually, but they decided they were free spirits who couldn't tie themselves down to one place. I'm the Head Brewer and Leader at the Littlerose Gym, by the by. If you're a Traienr, you should come challenge me sometime - brewery tour's included free of charge."
  230. [21:41:08 ][castfromhp] "Oh, and the name's Anders."
  231. [21:41:41 ]* Dann- looks in his cup at the remaining sip of beer with disappointment. He then looks up at Sue. "Don't worry about it. What brings you two to this beach anyway?"
  232. [21:43:28 ][Percival] "Ah, that makes a good deal of sense as for why they're hanging out here."
  233. [21:43:31 ][castfromhp] The Bulbasaur serves you up another beer as you chat, of course.
  234. [21:43:57 ][zoofman] Sue's eye twitches at the mention of it. "it was SUPPOSED to be the ultimate beach trip, complete with watermelons, fireworks and barbeque...but no one showed up, except Sven, who wants to do nothing but sip coffee.  Stupid Sven."  If lasers could shoot out of her eyes, they would at Sven right now.
  235. [21:44:23 ][Percival] "I'm pleased to meet you Anders, I'd be Percival. We'll see about challenging you some time, the rest of my group's all scattered about the beach anyhow."
  236. [21:46:01 ][castfromhp] "That would be grand! What brings you and your friends to this beach in particular? You don't look quite er, smug and disaffected enough to be the usual visitors here."
  237. [21:48:12 ][Dann-] "Hey now, Sven isn't stupid. He does like coffee a bit. Well, more than anyone I've ever met, but yeah. Also, did you say watermelon? I love watermelon."
  238. [21:50:30 ][Percival] "Oh we're just travelling along the way to Blackwillow Valley, we're a good deal ahead of schedule so we decided to stop."
  239. [21:51:56 ][zoofman] "Yeah?  Well thank fuck someone does!" She swoops into the tent behind her to grab it, along with a blindfold and baseball bat.
  240. [21:52:49 ][castfromhp] "Headed to the Reserve then? It's a great time of year for that." Anders says cheerily, serving up some other beachgoers who've wandered up to his stand.
  241. [21:54:17 ][Percival] "Yep, we're hoping we can take in the sights there a good deal before being pulled in other directions. I think I'll see what the others are doing and that they've not dug themselves into a pit accidentally."
  242. [21:57:18 ][zoofman] Sue throws the watermelon down on a fresh towel, blindfolds herself, and, well, Dann can probably see where this is going.
  243. [21:57:42 ]* Percival turns and heads off towards Dann checking to make sure he's not about to be bat down.
  244. [21:57:43 ]* Dann- hops up and gets a little farther away before watching the show.
  245. [21:58:34 ][zoofman] 1d20 Does she hit Sven in the donger?
  246. [21:58:34 ][CritSenpai] Does she hit Sven in the donger?: 1 [1d20=1]
  247. [21:58:43 ][zoofman] Yup, Sven happens to walk by at the perfect, or unperfect, time
  248. [21:59:05 ][@Doxy] 2d8+10+28 fertility damage
  249. [21:59:05 ][CritSenpai] fertility damage: 47 [2d8=8,1]
  250. [21:59:18 ][zoofman] She swings the bat back, and nails him right in the netherregion
  251. [21:59:18 ]* Dann- winces as he sees it all happen in slow motion.
  252. [21:59:23 ][castfromhp] Sven just...collapses. His coffee spills all over the sand and he just stays there, curled up and twitching.
  253. [21:59:23 ][@Doxy] -47 permanent sperm count srry Sven
  254. [22:01:18 ][castfromhp] Anders waves to Percival as he goes to see Dann, cheerily oblivious to the misfortune that just befell Sven.
  255. [22:02:16 ][zoofman] Sue finally nails the watermelon, cracking it open, but when she throws off the blindfold to celebrate, she spots Sven and pauses.
  256. [22:02:20 ][zoofman] "Did I..?"
  257. [22:03:03 ][Percival] "That does look pretty fun."
  258. [22:03:29 ]* Glens (~uid57730@Rizon-29655186.ealing.irccloud.com) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  259. [22:06:04 ]* Dann- just nods quietly.
  260. [22:06:17 ][zoofman] After swiftly figuring out there's not much she can do for Sven other than shower him in aplogies, Sue slinks back into the sand and gives a defeated sigh.
  261. [22:07:10 ]* Dann- sighs as well and scoops up two large chunks of watermelon. He sits back down and hands one to her. "Hey, no use letting good watermelon go to waste. That does seem like a pretty fun way to open them, in any case."
  262. [22:07:12 ][zoofman] ...its then a Krabby scuttles over to her with a slip of paper.
  263. [22:08:05 ][castfromhp] Sven manages to meekly crawl to his coffee thermos and drains the rest of it before picking himself up and shuffling off towards the beer standing, muttering that he "could use one of his cousin's damned beers after all".
  264. [22:09:03 ]* Dann- glances at Sven as he limps away. "Did he say cousin?" He mutters quietly.
  265. [22:10:21 ][zoofman] "Huh? Yeah the brewmiester is his cousin..?" She turns her attention to the Krabby and the hand out, before just drunkenly nodding at the crab.  It scuttles away with a :> face.
  266. [22:11:13 ][Percival] "Oh... that happened too. Actually it seems that the man holding up the brews there's the leader of the gym here too."
  267. [22:13:09 ]* Dann- 's eyes widen. "Sven's cousin is a gym leader? Wow! Didn't see that coming." He takes a thoughtful bite of his watermelon. How is it?
  268. [22:14:36 ][zoofman] It's fresh! Probably ORGANIC.
  269. [22:14:40 ][zoofman] Very tasty :>
  270. [22:15:05 ][Dann-] "Mm!" Dann turns back to Sue. "This is fantastic! Where did you get it?"
  271. [22:15:21 ][Dann-] "You should try some Percy."
  272. [22:15:49 ][@Doxy] You head back to the beeru, and Adrienne and Scarlet and maybe Lucian get a refill
  273. [22:16:00 ][zoofman] "Huuuh?  The farmer's market in Blackwillow.  You can find a lot of good stuff there...especially berries."
  274. [22:16:00 ]* Adrienne passes on by and waves at Dann. Over at the stand, she asks for another cup of lager before looking over to Sven and asking "what's up with you?"
  275. [22:16:20 ]* Lucian runs back to the others, "YO, guess who 2 large in a beach battle?"
  276. [22:16:20 ][Percival] "Alright, it does look pretty juicy all broken apart."
  277. [22:16:23 ][Lucian] "2 grand?"
  278. [22:16:29 ]* Dann- waves back. "Did you guys win?" He yells.
  279. [22:16:39 ]* Percival picks up a piece and starts chomping down.
  280. [22:16:42 ][Lucian] "Ehhh, whichever one stnds for 2k"
  281. [22:16:44 ][castfromhp] Anders barely manages to to hand Adrienne her cup of lager without spilling it, still cracking up.
  282. [22:16:48 ][Lucian] "I mean, two thousand."
  283. [22:17:21 ][Percival] "You hopefully? Everything alright there?"
  284. [22:17:34 ][castfromhp] Sven mumbles between gulps. "...got hit in the balls."
  285. [22:17:34 ]* Lucian makes a serious face, "But seriously, I gave Loptyr the rest of my drink."
  286. [22:17:55 ][Lucian] "So if you see a murder in progress or like, people getting attacked or stolen from?"
  287. [22:17:59 ][Lucian] "Mmmmaybe let me know."
  288. [22:18:08 ]* Lucian looks at the new faces, "Who are these losers?"
  289. [22:18:16 ][Adrienne] "Were you being a snob about coffee around the wrong people?" Adrienne drinks more beer.
  290. [22:18:24 ][zoofman] Lucian literally says this to the drunken pirates
  291. [22:18:34 ][zoofman] They turn his way, looking terribly offended.
  292. [22:18:41 ][Lucian] "Arrrrrr."
  293. [22:18:54 ][castfromhp] Sven shakes his head, before finding a comfy sand dune to flop down on. "Accident." He says meekly, finishing off the rest of his drink.
  294. [22:19:00 ]* Dann- looks at Sue. "Would you like to meet the owner of that hellbaby? I wouldn't recommend punching her, though."
  295. [22:19:08 ][zoofman] Pattie shoots him in the face.  Turns out its a paintball gun.
  296. [22:19:12 ][zoofman] 1d20
  297. [22:19:12 ][CritSenpai] 1d20: 20 [1d20=20]
  298. [22:19:18 ][Percival] "They're pirates and former gym trainers, even the leader's over here it seems."
  299. [22:19:33 ][zoofman] Well let's say Lucian takes 40 damage cause that hits like hell, hits you right above the glasses.
  300. [22:19:35 ][Percival] "Well alright, you're getting friendly with that I see."
  301. [22:19:37 ][zoofman] And now your face is rainbows.
  302. [22:19:46 ][Percival] "That's a good look for you."
  303. [22:19:58 ]* Lucian lands on his back but gets up and laughs it off, "Hah, jokes on you. I'm a doctor."
  304. [22:20:15 ]* Lucian picks the lenses and wipes the broken bits off his face.
  305. [22:20:17 ][zoofman] "Yeah...more like a BUTT DOCTOR!" The bearded woman taunts, waving the gun around.
  306. [22:20:31 ][Lucian] "I can just heal the damage. You just picked a fight with a white mage, fella."
  307. [22:20:51 ][Lucian] "You'll get tired long before I run out of MP."
  308. [22:21:05 ]* Adrienne finishes her drink rather quickly and asks for another from the beer guy.
  309. [22:21:43 ][@Doxy] Scarlet: "WHITE MAGE? Tsk and I'd thought you were cute."
  310. [22:21:45 ][castfromhp] Anders has mostly recovered by then, but he still can't help but chuckle whenever he looks in Sven's direction. The Bulbasaur serves you a drink.
  311. [22:21:49 ][@Doxy] "I was the more deceived."
  312. [22:21:57 ][Lucian] "Anyway, you guys are pretty alright."
  313. [22:22:03 ][@Doxy] The swoons theatrically after the shakespeare quote
  314. [22:22:07 ][@Doxy] Poke-Shakespeare?
  315. [22:22:08 ][zoofman] Sue gets back up, wobbling after her two drinks, and hrmps at Adrienne.  "You need to discipline that pink turd of yours better, he stole my top earlier!"
  316. [22:22:10 ][castfromhp] Meanwhile, Sven has recovered enough to wander off toward the tents. He ducks into one.
  317. [22:22:25 ][@Doxy] William Shakespheal
  318. [22:22:50 ][Percival] "Eh? Where'd Nero even go actually."
  319. [22:22:56 ][Lucian] "Oh, you got attacked by hellbaby?"
  320. [22:23:00 ][Lucian] "Well, watch out."
  321. [22:23:05 ]* Adrienne gives the Bulbasaur and Anders a thumbs up. She then looks over to this completely random lady, and sips her drink. "Sorry about Nero, it's a work in progress."
  322. [22:23:14 ][Lucian] "I let loose my Doduo and it's probably gonna do worse?"
  323. [22:23:45 ]* Lucian stops Scarlet, "Woah, hold up."
  324. [22:23:47 ][Percival] "Atleast it can't fly around."
  325. [22:23:49 ][Lucian] "I could class change for you."
  326. [22:23:51 ][Adrienne] "... You know, Lucy. I wonder if Double Satan and Hellbaby are going to get along."
  327. [22:24:05 ][Lucian] "I /would/ class change for you."
  328. [22:24:11 ][Dann-] "I sure hope they don't get along."
  329. [22:24:14 ][Dann-] "For all our sakes."
  330. [22:24:17 ][Adrienne] "Also, Nero can definitely fly. I've seen it, and it looks seriously goofy."
  331. [22:24:23 ]* Lucian looks into their eyes, as if his nonsense words actually mean something."
  332. [22:24:34 ][@Doxy] "Aw~ <3"
  333. [22:24:40 ][@Doxy] Scarlet just looks SO TOUCHED
  334. [22:24:55 ][Adrienne] "What's this white mage thing, anyways?"
  335. [22:24:59 ][Percival] "I'd not like to imagine your bird friend being a mount for Nero, they get around easily enough without each other as is."
  336. [22:25:09 ][Lucian] "I guess I could be a uh, chemist."
  337. [22:25:18 ][Lucian] "I do enough of that anyway. Sorta."
  338. [22:25:32 ][zoofman] Adrienne, roll perception
  339. [22:25:39 ][Lucian] "Chemistry is basically witchcraft to some people anyway."
  340. [22:26:17 ][@Doxy] "What!??? How have you never played a Final Finneon game, Adrienne!?"
  341. [22:26:18 ][Adrienne] 2d6
  342. [22:26:18 ][CritSenpai] 2d6: 8 [2d6=5,3]
  343. [22:26:44 ][zoofman] You see exactly this happening on the far end of the beach, Nero riding Loptyr.
  344. [22:27:14 ]* Adrienne is about to answer Scarlet, but instead bursts into laughter at the sight of Nero and Loptyr getting along.
  345. [22:27:21 ][@Doxy] Nero is holding a long string of tied-up bikini tops, waving in the wind like a banner
  346. [22:27:37 ][Lucian] "Woah, your Pokemon is pretty cool Adrienne."
  347. [22:27:38 ][castfromhp] Sven approaches the rest of the group carrying a large duffel bag over one shoulder and his coffee thermos in the other. He flops down and sips his coffee while wistfully staring at the sea, fishing for someone to notice him.
  348. [22:27:39 ][zoofman] That evening, the KYAAAA could be heard for miles
  349. [22:27:48 ][Percival] "I guess they're not fighting, oh my god that's a fantastic banner.""
  350. [22:27:57 ][Lucian] "Bring them over here. I want to swim in the sea of bikini tops."
  351. [22:28:12 ][Adrienne] "I don't know if I should be more angry or impressed."
  352. [22:28:19 ][Percival] "Atleast it's only taking the tops of suits."
  353. [22:28:20 ][Lucian] "Why not both?"
  354. [22:28:21 ][Adrienne] "Nero's less than a week old."
  355. [22:28:25 ][Dann-] "At least you can take solace in not being the only one Nero abused, Sue."
  356. [22:28:49 ][@Doxy] "A week? Well, he's certainly ... precocious!!"
  357. [22:29:03 ][Lucian] "Who cares. You can't change natures."
  358. [22:29:08 ][Lucian] "Not unless you're some kind of Mentor."
  359. [22:29:26 ][Adrienne] "Maybe I should have Percy take a look at him," Adrienne muses. "But later."
  360. [22:29:34 ][Percival] "Ehh, aging varies, it's not like they age the same way we do."
  361. [22:29:49 ][Adrienne] "Oh yeah, I dunno. I just never got around to doing much video games," Adrienne shrugs.
  362. [22:29:54 ][Percival] "I'll see what I can do, for now he does seem to be having fun."
  363. [22:29:55 ][Adrienne] "Occupied with uh, other things."
  364. [22:30:09 ][Percival] "At the expense of every lady on the beach."
  365. [22:30:40 ][@Doxy] Scarlet looks up at the sky. "Not even noon yet, and you've already unleashed two hazards onto the beach. Tsk."
  366. [22:31:09 ][Lucian] "I've only unleashed /one/ hazard."
  367. [22:31:14 ][zoofman] Sue is pretty perplexed with the sight of Nero and Loptyr, "You guys must really -hic- run into a lot of problems."
  368. [22:31:29 ][Lucian] "Maybe these people are Ninjas..."
  369. [22:31:35 ][Lucian] "That way they could avoid the hazards, right?"
  370. [22:32:00 ][@Doxy] "Ninjas, Pirates, Witches, Hipsters ... let's hope we can avoid zombies."
  371. [22:32:07 ][@Doxy] "Wait I already said Hipsters nvm HEYO."
  372. [22:32:16 ]* Adrienne sidesteps and nudges Sven with her foot. "Stop looking so downtrodden," she says. "Pain fades, or get an ice pack."
  373. [22:32:16 ][@Doxy] Scarlet slaps Sven in the back
  374. [22:32:18 ]* Dann- laughs.
  375. [22:32:37 ][Percival] "Ehh, it's not that harmful, it could possibly get worse."
  376. [22:32:43 ]* Lucian looks at Sue very scrutinously, "Who are you?"
  377. [22:33:23 ][castfromhp] "Ow!" Sven grumbles at getting slapped by Scarlet. "I'm not downtrodden. ...I was waiting for someone to ask what was in the bag." He admits quietly, taking a gulp of coffee.
  378. [22:33:35 ][@Doxy] "Well, what's in the bag?"
  379. [22:33:40 ]* Adrienne sighs. "What's in the bag?"
  380. [22:33:40 ][Dann-] "She's Nero's first victim of the day. At least I think that's the case."
  381. [22:33:49 ][castfromhp] He opens it up to reveal a bunch of goggles and rebreathers. "Anyone want to go diving?"
  382. [22:33:58 ][Lucian] "Scarlet!"
  383. [22:34:03 ][Lucian] "You're gonna get your chance."
  384. [22:34:08 ][Lucian] "You can fight the ocean now!"
  385. [22:34:18 ][zoofman] "I'm Sue - " she starts to say something as a Krabby comes back to poke her in the leg, with another sheet of paper.  She looks down, picks it up, "Huh?  You need me to come with you? Well okay..." She follows the crab.
  386. [22:34:25 ][@Doxy] "N-no I can't."
  387. [22:34:26 ]* Dann- looks abruptly at Sven with wide eyes. "YES."
  388. [22:34:38 ][@Doxy] "I uh, don't have a swimsuit."
  389. [22:35:04 ][Dann-] "Well, you could go borrow a top from Nero."
  390. [22:35:06 ][castfromhp] Sven looks over at Sue being led away. "And it was her idea to bring all these too." He sips his coffee.
  391. [22:35:06 ][Adrienne] "Hold up, I'm gonna check something out. Diving sounds fun." Adrienne breaks off to follow the Krabby.
  392. [22:35:22 ][Percival] "Yes, diving sounds like a great idea, we are in great conditions to dive, clearly."
  393. [22:35:23 ][Lucian] "Oh...hold up!"
  394. [22:35:38 ]* Lucian waves for Loptyr, "Hey, asshole. I need a swimsuit!"
  395. [22:35:44 ]* Lucian looks at Scarlet.
  396. [22:36:02 ][Percival] "Oh right there is a large array floating around isn't there."
  397. [22:36:03 ][Lucian] "I dee kay, an A cup?"
  398. [22:36:16 ][Lucian] "Maybe less?"
  399. [22:36:30 ]* Lucian whispers to them, "Don't worry, I don't mind."
  400. [22:36:42 ][Lucian] And by whisper, he says in a loud whispery voice.
  401. [22:36:52 ][@Doxy] Scarlet turns red from embarassment, then literally bursts in to flame.
  402. [22:37:00 ][zoofman] Well the Krabby is leading Sue back stage to prepare for the contest, obviously.
  403. [22:37:07 ][@Doxy] FLOOOOOFFFFHFFHFF
  404. [22:37:17 ][@Doxy] All that's left is a small pile of ashes
  405. [22:37:35 ][Lucian] "Woah, wet t-shirt contest? I'm in."
  406. [22:37:43 ]* Lucian races up to the stage as well.
  407. [22:38:36 ]* Adrienne downs the rest of her beer and shrugs. Why not, what's the harm? She signs up for the contest.
  408. [22:38:37 ][@Doxy] Loptyr does do a run-by attack and drops off a top with Lucian though
  409. [22:38:49 ][Dann-] "Did they say wet t-shirt contest?" Dann puts his face in his hand and shakes his head. He turns to Sven. "Well, if she was the one that was so excited to bring the scuba gear, maybe should hold off?"
  410. [22:39:13 ]* Lucian gives the bird a thumbs up as it passes by him, and throws the top at the pile of ashes.
  411. [22:39:19 ][Percival] "Wait I'm not sure if that's really geared towa- oh screw it, there's nothing saying we can't join in."
  412. [22:39:29 ]* Dann- scoops up Scarlet's ashes in his shovel and heads to the stage.
  413. [22:39:46 ]* Percival heads off towards the stage once more.
  414. [22:42:05 ][castfromhp] Sven is left alone with his bag of diving gear. He stares out wistfully over the sea again and resumes sipping his coffee. The two 'pirates' sit down and console him.
  415. [22:42:49 ][@Doxy] Scarlet is already over near the stage when you get over there, still slightly red with embarassment! And now holding TWO Hydreigon beers.
  416. [22:43:27 ][@Doxy] On the stage currently there's uh, a Stantler wearing a clip-on tie.
  417. [22:44:26 ][Adrienne] "Hey Scarlet, lemme have some of that," Adrienne gestures to the beer.
  418. [22:44:31 ][@Doxy] The Stantler walks up to a mic. "Hello everyone! I'm Mr. White, this is the Luvdisc Bay 2015 wet t-shirt contest!"
  419. [22:44:54 ][@Doxy] A bunch of obviously fairly drunk ladies walk up onto the stage and the crowd cheers
  420. [22:45:33 ]* Percival looks into his cup. "Am I hallucinating or is there a pokemon up there speaking?"
  421. [22:45:53 ]* Lucian walks on to, trying to blend in.
  422. [22:46:10 ][zoofman] Sue does the offstandish hiphands again, "What, you've never heard of Mr. White? What sorta hick are you?"
  423. [22:46:33 ][zoofman] She sashays on stage, probably not understanding what she's enrolled herself in.
  424. [22:46:50 ]* Percival walks up the stage despite his confusion.
  425. [22:47:52 ]* Adrienne heads up. Not drunk, but kind of in a "fuck it" mood.
  426. [22:48:10 ][castfromhp] Adrienne, you feel something nudging at your feet.
  427. [22:48:24 ][@Doxy] Scarlet jabs Dann in the ribs. "What, you're not gonna go up with your buds?"
  428. [22:48:26 ]* Adrienne looks down.
  429. [22:48:28 ]* Lucian tries to mirror Sue's movements.
  430. [22:49:01 ][Percival] "Man is this what all the beer and stouts are here for, making everyone so willing to get up? It's working well."
  431. [22:49:06 ][castfromhp] Rami slithers up your leg and makes her way up to perch across your shoulders.
  432. [22:50:37 ]* Adrienne pets Rami and heads on stage. Well, if Rami wants to join in, why not.
  433. [22:51:29 ]* Dann- stares at Scarlet and then down at his bare chest. "I think it might be a bit hard to participate without a t-shirt?"
  434. [22:51:49 ][@Doxy] "Sounds like excuses but ok."
  435. [22:52:29 ][Dann-] "Besides," he says as he pulls out his phone, "someone has to take pictures for blackmail, right?"
  436. [22:53:16 ][Dann-] He smirks at Scarlet. "You're not going up either, I see."
  437. [22:53:19 ][Percival] "Should we get Rami a shirt or is he fine as is?"
  438. [22:53:39 ]* Lucian calls out from the stage, "You can't blackmail someone who is legitimately beautiful like me!"
  439. [22:53:54 ][Adrienne] "She, Percival. And no, don't get Rami a shirt."
  440. [22:53:55 ][Lucian] "I'll embrace it."
  441. [22:54:05 ][@Doxy] Scarlet crosses her arms and looks away haughtily. "I'm a fire witch, if my shirt got wet the resulting steam eruption would cook every living being in a 2 mile radius."
  442. [22:54:08 ]* Dann- calls back. "I can certainly try!"
  443. [22:54:12 ][Lucian] "But if you want pictures for masturbtion...I won't gripe."
  444. [22:54:14 ][Dann-] He gives them all a big thumbs up.
  445. [22:54:30 ][Dann-] "I can use pictures for more than one thing!" He replies with a wink.
  446. [22:55:11 ][Lucian] "Yeah, I guess your brain has enough in it for at least two other things..."
  447. [22:55:16 ][Lucian] "...maybe three."
  448. [22:55:25 ]* Dann- looks at her quizzically. "Doesn't that, uh, make it rather irresponsible of you to come to a beach?"
  449. [22:55:28 ][Percival] "Righto, sounds like a good plan."
  450. [22:55:39 ]* Lucian winks at him, holds the wink so he can snap a shot, and then turns back to the Stantler.
  451. [22:56:06 ][@Doxy] "YOU'RE A BEACH," Scarlet says heatedly to Dann and stalks off, closer to the stage.
  452. [22:56:48 ][Adrienne] "He's a geologist," Adrienne shouts over to Scarlet. "Probably!"
  453. [22:56:57 ][Percival] "Aw, don't worry I'm sure you'll do fine anyhow."
  454. [22:57:00 ][@Doxy] The Stantler clears his throat.
  455. [22:57:05 ][Dann-] "Sorry..." He says, giving her a weird look as she shambles away.
  456. [22:57:56 ][@Doxy] "Alright everyone! Judging today.. we have myself, Mr. White for those of you who might now know me! But we're also joined by local fisherman, Cornelius!"
  457. [22:58:06 ][@Doxy] The Krabby walks onto the stage, waving at the crowd!
  458. [22:58:11 ][@Doxy] Or... maybe that's just how Krabby walk
  459. [22:58:52 ][@Doxy] "And St. Cascara University representative... Moses Melon!"
  460. [22:58:57 ]* Adrienne facepalms. "I threatened a judge," she says to herself. And Rami. And anyone next to her listening.
  461. [22:59:19 ][castfromhp] Rami nuzzles you reassuringly.
  462. [22:59:28 ][@Doxy] Moses walk up onto the stage, beaming at Adrienne, Lucian, and Percival!
  463. [22:59:31 ]* Lucian waves at Moses from the stage.
  464. [23:00:10 ]* Percival waves at Moses. "Huh, he gets around."
  465. [23:00:21 ]* Adrienne does not look excited at the sight of Moses being here. "Oh good, it's Moses."
  466. [23:03:29 ][zoofman] Mr. White "hands" Cornelius the mic, don't ask how that works.
  467. [23:03:30 ][Dann-] While things are about to get started, Dann looks around the area, trying to spot Winston.
  468. [23:04:14 ][@Doxy] Winston seems to have found a group of girls to hang out with. One of them is combing his fur, and another is feeding him berries from her palm.
  469. [23:04:22 ][@Doxy] They're identical triplets in fact
  470. [23:04:32 ][zoofman] "Okay, rules are simple, you all will go back stage and come out when your name is called.  These beautiful ladies here," a bunch of luvdisc pop out from the front of the stage, "will hose you down.  Do something to impress the crowd, but mostly us judges."
  471. [23:04:59 ][zoofman] He then scuttles off to the judge's table.
  472. [23:06:34 ]* Dann- smirks at his furpig. "Well at least he's thinning out the competition here." He mutters to himself.
  473. [23:06:53 ][@Doxy] "First is up is... Miss Sue Daria!"
  474. [23:07:07 ][zoofman] You guys all get ushered back stage and are given shirts to change into for this...as you're called out one by one!
  475. [23:07:42 ]* Adrienne watches from the backstage, and contemplates on what she's going to do.
  476. [23:09:13 ]* Lucian gives Adrienne some last minute pep talk, "Just do something that comes from the heart."
  477. [23:09:47 ][Percival] "Do what feels right... unless its killing somebody I don't think that's allowed."
  478. [23:09:53 ][Lucian] "I'm a jerk a lot of the time but you're not as mean or boring as I say you are."
  479. [23:10:42 ][zoofman] Sue comes out strong, escorted by her Mareep - a very big Mareep I might add - bounding along.  The Mareep starts to charge as she drunkenly sashays her way down the stage, letting off eerie, impulsy lights as they go.  When she gets hosed down near the end of the stage, the Mareep electrifies the entire stage with an electric field, and cotton spores start to rain down...  Sue crosses her arms under her bosom, perking them
  480. [23:10:42 ][zoofman] up a little, hrmphs and tilts her head, "I-it's not like I'm doing this because I WANT to see my chest or anything."
  481. [23:11:10 ][Adrienne] "My heart's telling me I can scale something that's pretty tall and hang on the top."
  482. [23:11:16 ][Adrienne] "You got any ideas, Rami?"
  483. [23:12:24 ][castfromhp] Rami drapes herself across your shoulders and hanging down over your chest. She turns to your face with an "I got this" expression.
  484. [23:13:43 ][Lucian] "Seeeee?"
  485. [23:14:11 ]* Adrienne returns the expression with a "well I'll just put this in your hands. Metaphorically."
  486. [23:15:15 ][Percival] "You'll be fine."
  487. [23:16:27 ][@Doxy] 1d3
  488. [23:16:28 ][CritSenpai] 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
  489. [23:16:32 ][zoofman] Sue waltzes back off stage and gives the three of you a cocky grin.  God this girl is drunk.  Moses is filming all this btw.
  490. [23:16:40 ][@Doxy] Next up is Adrienne!
  491. [23:16:55 ]* Lucian punches Sue on the arm.
  492. [23:18:17 ][Lucian] "Don't be too sure just yet."
  493. [23:18:32 ][Lucian] "You may be sorta really hot, but my team of researchers?"
  494. [23:18:34 ][Lucian] "We
  495. [23:18:38 ][Lucian] "We're winners."
  496. [23:19:07 ][@Doxy] "Next up is the wonderful Adrienne Bellamy!"
  497. [23:19:30 ]* Adrienne sighs and tugs at the t-shirt. Then she gathers her courage and heads up. She's not exactly Miss Dance Recital Sue, but she's not really clumsy either.
  498. [23:20:21 ][zoofman] "Hah! Maybe of the spelling bee!" She doesn't seem to realize that you can clearly see her nipples.
  499. [23:21:24 ][Percival] "We'll do well miss, hm, you're doing well yourself too."
  500. [23:21:32 ]* Lucian tries to refute the point but then considers, Adrienne probably /would/ win a spelling bee."
  501. [23:21:59 ][Lucian] "Yeah well, she may not be as..."conventionally attractive" as you but she's got it where it counts."
  502. [23:22:08 ][Lucian] "Her...cooking...ability..."
  503. [23:22:10 ][@Doxy] (the tits)
  504. [23:22:43 ][Lucian] "You know, I'll be honest, I don't know all that much about her."
  505. [23:22:51 ][Lucian] "But I've got all sorts of baseless confidence in her."
  506. [23:22:55 ][Percival] "She's got certainly more than enough of what the contest would be looking for."
  507. [23:23:42 ][Percival] "Of course, I'm just hoping somebody makes a right fool of themselves up there."
  508. [23:24:10 ][Adrienne] Once she gets sprayed with water, Adrienne does the best thing that comes to mind. With ninja-like climbing ability, she takes a run for the pole on-stage and just climbs up the entire length, then grabs it and spins around all the way down.
  509. [23:24:18 ]* Dann- cheers loudly when Adrienne comes on stage.
  510. [23:24:19 ][Adrienne] Somewhere on the way down she yells "SUCK IT BITCHES."
  511. [23:25:04 ][castfromhp] Rami begins to glow as you climb and strut your stuff! The snake enlongates and silthers around you, lowering herself to the floor in a spiral around the pole so you don't have to support an entire Arbok across your shoulders. She then curls up around you with her head next to yours and gives you a light squeeze to push your chest out more.
  512. [23:25:33 ][zoofman] Sue does a double take, watching this from back stage. "There was a pole...? And...oh shit, well...uh."
  513. [23:26:03 ][zoofman] She gives up, throwing her hands up and goes to steal one of Scarlet's beers.
  514. [23:26:24 ]* Lucian dogs her all the way down, being all up in her grill.
  515. [23:26:36 ][castfromhp] Also, most of the crowd is too drunk to notice, but you're close enough to see that Rami...doesn't have a face-like mark where most Arbok do. Weird.
  516. [23:26:37 ][Lucian] "Yehyehyeh."
  517. [23:26:40 ][Lucian] "You know it.
  518. [23:26:43 ][Lucian] "Don't even front."
  519. [23:26:58 ][zoofman] Sue just turns and knees Lucian in the junk.
  520. [23:27:17 ]* Adrienne tries to not look surprised at Rami evolving into an Arbok. Or at the lack of a marking? Nevertheless, when she lands, she takes a bow and since her routine is done, she exits.
  521. [23:27:19 ]* Lucian collapses but is satisfied that she's been put in her place.
  522. [23:27:38 ]* Dann- continues to cheer even louder.
  523. [23:28:52 ][Percival] "Huh, that's a funny little snake there." he says, applauding with the rest of the crowd.
  524. [23:30:00 ][@Doxy] Mr. White: "Next up, is... Miss Pearl Rogers!"
  525. [23:30:20 ]* Adrienne pets Rami when both are offstage. "That was pretty good. You've been keeping that in the tank?"
  526. [23:30:42 ][castfromhp] Rami waggles her tongue smugly.
  527. [23:30:57 ][@Doxy] A busty blonde girl walks up onto the stage, and is sprayed down by the Luvdisc! She dances towards the crowd, sasheying her hips, and finishes off by twerking at the crowd.
  528. [23:31:04 ][@Doxy] 1d2
  529. [23:31:04 ][CritSenpai] 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  530. [23:31:51 ][@Doxy] Mr. White: "Excellent! And next up is Miss... er, Mr. Percival Singsen!"
  531. [23:32:05 ]* TemporalMechanic (~TemporalM@unlimited.vhost.works) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  532. [23:32:09 ][@Doxy] Mr. White looks in annoyance at a nearby assistant and asks who the hell let a bunch of dudes sign up
  533. [23:32:19 ][@Doxy] You're up Percival~
  534. [23:32:52 ][Adrienne] "Hey Lucy, you okay? Looks like you got hit in the nuts like Sven did."
  535. [23:33:15 ][Lucian] "I did. That girl is as aggressive as she is hot."
  536. [23:33:29 ][Lucian] "Which is to say, kinda mean," he completes in a high-pitched voice.
  537. [23:33:49 ][Lucian] "What she didn't take into account though...is that I'm a white mage."
  538. [23:34:02 ][Lucian] "Get me some more of that Hydreigon stuff."
  539. [23:34:08 ][Lucian] "I need to refresh my MP"
  540. [23:34:37 ]* Adrienne gives Lucian a really dubious look.
  541. [23:35:31 ][Lucian] "Just do it Adrienne. Remember all those times that I trusted n you even though I had no reason to?"
  542. [23:35:32 ]* Percival pulls his shirt down and fumbles his way onto the stage, flipping out Fumu from her ball.
  543. [23:35:46 ][Percival] "I saw no restrictions so let's see how this goes, right?"
  544. [23:36:18 ][Adrienne] "And when was that?"
  545. [23:37:07 ][Lucian] "Yo, I just talked back to that girl for you."
  546. [23:37:07 ]* Adrienne heads off to get one of those Hydreigon beers before Lucian can respond.
  547. [23:37:13 ][Lucian] "And then she kicked me in the nuts."
  548. [23:37:14 ][Adrienne] *scratch that
  549. [23:37:26 ][Lucian] "Also thank you, you're a real deerling."
  550. [23:37:41 ][Adrienne] "... I didn't notice. Thanks." She heads off to get one of those Hydreigon beers. Maybe one for herself.
  551. [23:37:50 ][@Doxy] *by which he means you have horns and are hairy and smelly
  552. [23:38:28 ]* Percival hops up on stage with Fumu as a fluffed up hat, spinning about the floor in a break dance, and finishes his routine with being splashed and both of them waggling their fingers.
  553. [23:39:24 ][Percival] !tick
  554. [23:39:25 ][CritSenpai] Tick tock tick tock!  Metronome! You used Dig!
  555. [23:39:48 ][@Doxy] .... Percival and Fumu break through the stage and disappear underground!
  556. [23:39:52 ][@Doxy] That's one way to exit!
  557. [23:40:28 ][Lucian] "Also, here's Merric's Pokeball. I need you to swap him out for my Unown."
  558. [23:40:39 ][Lucian] "Find a machine. There's gotta be one around here."
  559. [23:40:41 ][@Doxy] https://youtu.be/9jK-NcRmVcw?t=13
  560. [23:40:46 ][@Doxy] Last but not least is Lucian!
  561. [23:40:55 ]* Adrienne returns soon with the Hydreigon beer should nothing stop her. She hands it off to Lucian, then does the thing with Merric's pokeball. Fast.
  562. [23:40:59 ][@Doxy] Mr. White: "And last but not least, is Mr. Lucian Lavarre!"
  563. [23:41:31 ][@Doxy] Adrienne manages to get back with the Unown just in time~
  564. [23:44:02 ]* Adrienne tosses the ball to him, then sits back to watch. "Remind me to give you something extra later, Rami. For helping. You know, you got large and fast. I think you doubled in length?"
  565. [23:44:44 ]* Lucian storms onto stage, but not before letting loose Olivia, Ishtore, and Lewyn. He binds his phone to the pulsing eye and leaves the music on, telling Olivia to play an accompaniment and for Ishtore to run a basic beat with by letting out jolts of electricity in succession.
  566. [23:45:09 ]* Percival digs back behind stages after a good couple minutes of struggling underground.
  567. [23:45:52 ]* Lucian runs out on stage and rips off his swimming trunks, prancing around with bizarre dance moves as the Unown blows gusts of winds in his face to give him a heroic flair.
  568. [23:46:59 ][zoofman] The crowd
  569. [23:47:03 ][zoofman] is speechless
  570. [23:47:42 ]* Adrienne shields Rami's eyes from Lucian's direction.
  571. [23:47:45 ]* Adrienne shields her own eyes from Lucian's direction.
  572. [23:48:05 ][@Doxy] "WOOO!" you hear this really drunk guy in a biker jacket yell, holding up his hands as metal horns
  573. [23:48:10 ][Lucian] At the end of the bit, Lucian stands full-frontal at the audience and kisses his hands, blowing it out into the crowd.
  574. [23:48:11 ][Lucian] 4d6+3 Charm AP
  575. [23:48:12 ][CritSenpai] Charm AP: 18 [4d6=5,5,1,4]
  576. [23:48:20 ]* Percival pops up only to shovel dirt right back onto his own eyes.
  577. [23:48:21 ][Lucian] "A vote for me...is a vote of beauty!"
  578. [23:48:42 ][@Doxy] Scarlet sends a gout of flame into the sky
  579. [23:49:40 ][zoofman] Nero throws a bra at Lucian that latches in just the...right spot, as he turns to make his exit.
  580. [23:50:05 ][@Doxy] Mr. White: "Well."
  581. [23:50:09 ]* Lucian pulls it off, kisses it, and throws it back into the crowd at what he assumes is his adoring audience.
  582. [23:50:32 ][@Doxy] Moses has his face on the judge's table
  583. [23:50:41 ][@Doxy] he can't breathe from laughing too hard
  584. [23:50:54 ][zoofman] Cornelius is a crab.  He is ultimate poker face.
  585. [23:51:03 ][Percival] "You know I'm not sure if we can send any of these pictures out now Dann."
  586. [23:51:11 ][@Doxy] The top lands on Mr. White's antlers
  587. [23:52:11 ][zoofman] The judges start to DEBATE THINGS
  588. [23:52:13 ][Lucian] "Somebody! Fetch me my pants."
  589. [23:52:28 ][Adrienne] "I am not doing that, and I am not subjecting Rami to that."
  590. [23:52:39 ][Lucian] "Sue!"
  591. [23:52:44 ][Percival] "You ripped them off, are they even going to be intact?"
  592. [23:52:44 ][Lucian] "You've already touched my sack."
  593. [23:53:06 ][Lucian] "I would ask this duty of you."
  594. [23:53:32 ][Lucian] "Now excuse me, I am going to ice off my balls."
  595. [23:53:52 ][Lucian] "Because it took a copious amount of adrenaline and alcohol to ignore the pain you induced."
  596. [23:53:56 ][@Doxy] The judges can be seen very hotly debating things
  597. [23:53:58 ][Lucian] "In order to perform on stage."
  598. [23:54:00 ][@Doxy] Mr. White kicks a chair in half
  599. [23:54:06 ][@Doxy] Moses pounds on the table
  600. [23:54:10 ][@Doxy] The Krabby eats a cookie
  601. [23:54:10 ][Lucian] "I must away."
  602. [23:54:22 ][@Doxy] Finally Mr. White heads back onto the stage
  603. [23:54:40 ][@Doxy] "Alright everyone! After fierce debate, we've selected a winner!"
  604. [23:54:52 ][zoofman] Sue's been frozen in spot since you took your pants off, she's not exactly coherant.
  605. [23:55:39 ][@Doxy] "For their display of fiery passion, commitment to the act, and ahem, balls, we've decided to  award this year's contest to.... Mr. Lucian Lavarre! Rider: The winner must agree to never enter this contest again. Ever."
  606. [23:55:44 ][@Doxy] The crowd claps
  607. [23:55:59 ][@Doxy] Scarlet unleashes another another gout of flame into the sky
  608. [23:56:23 ]* Lucian tries to clap as well but that would involve taking pressure from the ice pack off of his genitals and quickly returns to treating himself."
  609. [23:56:34 ][Percival] "You aren't going to erupt right?"
  610. [23:57:51 ]* Adrienne just finds Lucian's pants and tosses them back at him, since no one else is.
  611. [23:58:06 ][Lucian] "IIIIIICE."
  612. [23:58:12 ][Lucian] "My loins are melting this iiiiiice."
  613. [23:58:53 ][@Doxy] Mr. White drops the prize package in front of your feet, Lucian, clearly very annoyed, and everyone else kinda disperses
  614. [23:59:09 ][Percival] "Oh good, I can finally see again."
  615. [23:59:31 ]* Lucian falls onto his side, the pants thankfully covering his genitals, and starts crying. "I did it you gys."
  616. [23:59:33 ][Lucian] "I did it."
  617. [23:59:49 ][@Doxy] Scarlet climbs up onto the stage, looks at a mud-covered Percival, snake-laden Adrienne, and naked Lucian.
  618. [23:59:56 ][@Doxy] She takes a sip from one of her Hydreigon beers
  619. [00:00:01 ][@Doxy] then a sip from the other one
  620. [00:00:04 ][@Doxy] x2 sip combo
  621. [00:00:07 ][@Doxy] siiiip
  622. [00:00:10 ][zoofman] Sue stomps off to her tent, both humiliated and furious, but not without taking more beers from the never ending cooler.
  623. [00:00:21 ][Adrienne] "Diving's probably off the schedule for you, Lucian," Adrienne notes.
  624. [00:00:27 ][@Doxy] "Well, that was something. Congrats!"
  625. [00:00:32 ][Lucian] "It very likely is."
  626. [00:00:37 ][Lucian] "But did you hear Adrienne? I won."
  627. [00:01:04 ][Adrienne] "I heard. That, and you getting banned from this contest. Probably not a great loss."
  628. [00:01:25 ][Adrienne] "You also got the prize. I'll take that one." Adrienne takes the prize and gets a good look at it.
  629. [00:01:32 ][Lucian] "Now could you three be sweeties and get me more beer and more ice?"
  630. [00:01:44 ][Lucian] "More of the latter."
  631. [00:01:59 ][Lucian] "But you know, the former wouldn't be so bad either."
  632. [00:02:24 ][@Doxy] "Here you go~"
  633. [00:02:36 ][@Doxy] Scarlet sets down a cold beer by Lucian.
  634. [00:03:06 ]* Dann- chuckles and stands up, wandering over to find Winston.
  635. [00:03:35 ][Lucian] "Thank you Scarlet," and presses the beer underneath his pants. "You are partly to blame for this heat in my pants at the moment but I will forgive you."
  636. [00:03:37 ][Adrienne] "Hey Dann," Adrienne calls after him. "If Winston doesn't mind, think he can make some ice for Lucian?"
  637. [00:03:41 ][Lucian] "You as well ADrenne."
  638. [00:03:59 ][Lucian] "If you hadn't gotten me that extra drink, I wouldn't have had the courage to go out there."
  639. [00:04:03 ][Dann-] "I'll see what I can do."
  640. [00:04:06 ][Lucian] "It was a team effort. All of it was."
  641. [00:04:13 ][Lucian] "We're a team."
  642. [00:04:19 ][Lucian] "My victory is /our/ victory."
  643. [00:04:22 ][@Doxy] Winston is now extremely well groomed! His hair is all uncurled and cleaned out, and they've put a little pink bow on him.
  644. [00:04:42 ][Lucian] "...but m prize is mine. I'm not sharing."
  645. [00:04:51 ][@Doxy] The triplets look at you Dann as you approach, looking at you without saying anything.
  646. [00:04:53 ][Lucian] "Unless it's lame. In which case I might spread the love."
  647. [00:05:54 ][Dann-] "Hi there! This is the cleanest this little has looked in ages. I hope you thanked them for all the attention, Winst." He crouches down and sticks his tongue out at the furpig. He glances up at the trio. "I'm Dann."
  648. [00:06:07 ][Percival] "I am mostly ok, you know uh, yeah I don't know about this being victory, especially for my eyes."
  649. [00:06:10 ][Adrienne] "The prize is cooking related, but you know, you could learn." Inspection done, Adrienne sets it down in front of Lucian.
  650. [00:06:32 ][@Doxy] Meanwhile Scarlet goes red again. "H-HEAT!? I-I, er, what, stop being WEIRD Lucian!"
  651. [00:06:45 ]* Adrienne snickers. "So if your victory is /our/ victory, does that mean /your/ getting banned is us getting banned?"
  652. [00:07:08 ][@Doxy] Scarlet sends a giant fireball at Lucian, which hits with a mighty explosion!
  653. [00:07:20 ][@Doxy] Lucian is sent flying off agaaaaaaaiiiin!
  654. [00:07:31 ][@Doxy] Well, just 10 meters off into ocean
  655. [00:07:48 ][Percival] "That might be a bit overboard, he /has/ gotten kicked and kneed all day."
  656. [00:08:01 ][Adrienne] "... Was that necessary Scarlet?"
  657. [00:08:07 ][Lucian] The salt water cools him down.
  658. [00:08:13 ][Lucian] (someone should save him from drowning)
  659. [00:08:21 ][@Doxy] "Sigh, I'll fetch him."
  660. [00:08:37 ][@Doxy] Scarlet wades into the water to drag Lucian out
  661. [00:08:44 ][Percival] "Wait aren't you going to steam up if you head in the- oh."
  662. [00:09:12 ][@Doxy] Dann - "Oh, he's yours! He's just a little darling!" they all say, almost in perfect unison
  663. [00:11:00 ][@Doxy] "I'm Paula" "I'm Emily" "And I'm Tricia."
  664. [00:11:46 ][@Doxy] Lucian, you wake up again with your head on Scarlet's lap, her patiently pouring water on your brow - though she's still glaring daggers at you.
  665. [00:12:10 ][@Doxy] Also it indeed seems like Scarlet getting wet did not unleash a steam holocaust. Guess witches lie a lot.
  666. [00:12:15 ]* Lucian gives her the finger guns, "Ayyyy."
  667. [00:12:28 ][@Doxy] "Sorry I blew you up."
  668. [00:12:32 ]* Adrienne decides to strike up a conversation. "So Percy, had fun up there?"
  669. [00:12:39 ][Dann-] "Nice to meet you. I'm glad Winston was behaving himself. He didn't eat too much of your food, did he?"
  670. [00:12:45 ][Adrienne] "I liked your exit, that was pretty lucky."
  671. [00:12:55 ][Lucian] "It's fine. I have a history of girls hurting me."
  672. [00:13:02 ][@Doxy] "Oh no~" "He's welcome to as much as he wants~" "He's SUCH a cutie~" "Just the best~"
  673. [00:13:10 ][Lucian] "I mean, not the girls hurting me part. That's pretty dumb."
  674. [00:13:14 ][Percival] "I had some fun, granted I didn't plan out a real exit strategy for the exit strategy."
  675. [00:13:20 ][Lucian] "But I guess you could say I'm used to it."
  676. [00:13:28 ]* Percival shuffles off to the water to cleanse himself and Fumu of the mud.
  677. [00:13:29 ][Lucian] "And usually I have it coming to me?"
  678. [00:13:37 ][Lucian] "So I sorta assume I did something wrong to you."
  679. [00:13:57 ][@Doxy] "N-no I just got a bit flustered and maybe these Hydreigons aren't helping."
  680. [00:14:03 ][Percival] "Atleast I didn't go to space, I really don't know what I could've done there."
  681. [00:14:24 ][Lucian] "Nah, if I hadn't drinken so much piss I wouldn't have had so much fun today."
  682. [00:14:58 ]* Adrienne takes the prize with her so it doesn't get lost. "Die, probably. Space isn't really hospitable."
  683. [00:15:03 ][@Doxy] Scarlet: "I-I meant for ME! Bit twitchy with uh, the fire there."
  684. [00:15:08 ][Lucian] "Like, I'm sure Dann's gonna be trying to make fun of me for this come tomorrow."
  685. [00:15:15 ][Lucian] "Oh, well don't worry about it."
  686. [00:15:25 ][@Doxy] "I mean, I'm pretty sure it got recorded. So. Good luck with that?"
  687. [00:15:27 ][Lucian] "Like I said, I'm a doctor. What's a few cuts and burns."
  688. [00:15:34 ][@Doxy] "Nice penis though."
  689. [00:15:57 ][@Doxy] PET Sister @ Dann: "So, how have you been raising this lil' fella?"
  690. [00:16:03 ][Lucian] "Yeah but I might be embarassed about it for a little bit but I'll think back to the fun I had today and...it'll all be worth it."
  691. [00:16:12 ][Lucian] "And I know, right?"
  692. [00:16:25 ][Lucian] "I wouldn't have gone on stage with it if I didn't think I coulda won."
  693. [00:16:29 ][@Doxy] PET Sisters: "We're Pokemon Grooming Experts, so we're always curious to know about the Pokemon we meet."
  694. [00:16:50 ][Lucian] "Like, I'm drunk and hoped up on meds, not /stupid/."
  695. [00:17:18 ][Percival] "Yeaah space isn't too good. I'd say we should hit the wagon but, maybe not unless we wanna crash."
  696. [00:17:27 ][Adrienne] "I'm gonna go check up on Sven," she tells Percival, walking off to find him.
  697. [00:17:55 ][Percival] "Oh yeah, he's gotten assaulted a good bit hasn't he?"
  698. [00:18:30 ][Adrienne] "Nah, just once. But he seemed pretty excited about the diving thing."
  699. [00:18:42 ][Dann-] "Oh, Winston and I go way back. He's actually one of two Swinub that my parent's Piloswine had back in Bitterbrush, where I grew up. She actually saved my life when I was a kid, so I was so happy when I got to raise Winston on my own."
  700. [00:18:44 ][Lucian] "Did you have fun though?"
  701. [00:19:40 ][Dann-] "I can't say I know too much about grooming unfortunately, but I tend to let Winston do what he pleases. He pigs out on junk food a lot - no pun intended buddy - but I think I get him enough exercise to make up for it. And hey, if he likes it, I don't want to force him to stop."
  702. [00:19:55 ][castfromhp] Sven is in the exact same spot you left him, sipping coffee and staring out at the waves.
  703. [00:19:59 ][Lucian] "It's not everyday people get to lay witness to the trainwreck that is my life."
  704. [00:20:07 ][Lucian] "Just every other day I guess."
  705. [00:20:08 ][@Doxy] PET sisters: "Oh! You've raised him for a long time then?" "That's very impressive, he's very well raised!" "And that's a great attitude! Pokemon know their own needs, they're smart~"
  706. [00:20:08 ][Dann-] "He does seem to enjoy the rooming you gave him though. I wouldn't mind a few pointers."
  707. [00:20:19 ][Dann-] *grooming
  708. [00:20:41 ][@Doxy] PET sisters: "Oh sure, for a Pokemon as well trained as him, we'd love to." "Maybe you could show us some of the other Pokemon you've raised?"
  709. [00:20:51 ]* Adrienne sits next to Sven, and is careful to not sit on Rami. "Sup Sven."
  710. [00:21:00 ][Adrienne] "You been watching the ocean this whole time?"
  711. [00:21:46 ][castfromhp] "It is dark and mysterious, just like a good brew of my hometown's coffee." He sips.
  712. [00:22:00 ][Dann-] "I'd love to. Uh, I think I have to go find them though. I kind of let all of them do whatever they wanted to on the beach today."
  713. [00:22:38 ]* Dann- looks around to see if any of his little darlings are nearby, by chance.
  714. [00:22:38 ][@Doxy] Scarlet sighs and splashes water into Lucian's face. But she also giggles, perhaps a bit drunkenly. "Yah, this sis, is, thisis the best time I've had in aaaaaaaaages!" another burst of giggles
  715. [00:22:50 ]* Lucian rolls his hand on Scarlet's lap, "Woah, Dann's got four girls practically breathing on his dick."
  716. [00:22:58 ][Lucian] "Way to go dude."
  717. [00:23:03 ][Lucian] "Hold up."
  718. [00:23:26 ]* Adrienne introduces Rami to Sven. "Oh yeah, Rami. Say hi to Sven, you had a fight with his Pokemon back in Oceanspray a long while ago. Sven, say hi to Rami, she's huge now. Arthur's still tiny."
  719. [00:23:30 ]* Lucian takes out his phone and takes a shot of him winking and sends it to Dann, with the message [Yeah boy.]
  720. [00:23:52 ][@Doxy] PET sisters: "Well, we've actually got to get going" "We're setting up a grooming both for the afternoon!" "But maybe you could stop by our tent later this evening with your Pokemon? We'd give you a few tips for free."
  721. [00:23:59 ][@Doxy] Dann: You get a text :B
  722. [00:24:33 ][Lucian] The follow up text is laden with difficult to read emoji
  723. [00:25:04 ][Dann-] "Sure, that sounds great." Dann gives them a smile. "Say 'bye' for now, Winst. We'll see them again later."
  724. [00:25:48 ][castfromhp] "Ah, she's grown." Sven says nodding. "And I shudder to think how fearsome Arthur will be once evolved." He retrieves a Poke Ball from his pocket and releases a Noctowl. "Sumatra, say hi again."
  725. [00:25:51 ]* Percival sends out his eel for a dip in the ocean. "Maybe there is a good reason for not inviting dudes to those sorts of contests."
  726. [00:26:28 ][Lucian] While he's on the phone, Lucian sends a text out to Alex as well, rambling and messing up his key presses/swipes.'
  727. [00:27:06 ][Lucian] "I should probably drink my body weight in water and uh, sleep."
  728. [00:27:18 ][Dann-] Once the trio has departed, Dann whips out his phone, and rolls his eyes with a smirk as he replies: [lol. How're you feeling? Still need additional ice from Winston?]
  729. [00:27:34 ][Lucian] "Oh. Food. I still haven't bought everyone dinner."
  730. [00:27:42 ]* Dann- glances over at Lucian and Scarlet. [Wouldn't want to interrupt though. ;)]
  731. [00:27:47 ][Lucian] [Nahhhh, yo you gotta get on that.]
  732. [00:27:56 ][Lucian] [dw nothing going on here]
  733. [00:27:56 ][Adrienne] "Huh, grats on evolving," she says to Sven and Sumatra.
  734. [00:28:02 ][@Doxy] Scarlet: "Lucian it's still just lunch time."
  735. [00:28:07 ][Lucian] "Oh."
  736. [00:28:19 ][Lucian] "Linnnerrrr."
  737. [00:28:25 ][Dann-] [Well they are opening up their grooming stand later tonight.]
  738. [00:28:41 ]* Dann- leaves it at that and puts away his phone for now, heading over to Sven and Adrienne.
  739. [00:28:49 ][Lucian] "Leave me here. Round everyone up. Tell them I will be buying everyone food with my prize money."
  740. [00:29:02 ][Lucian] "The group and their plus 1's."
  741. [00:29:12 ][Lucian] "And Dann can i dee kay, plus 3."
  742. [00:29:31 ][Dann-] "Woah, is that Sumatra?"
  743. [00:29:59 ][Adrienne] "Yeah."
  744. [00:30:00 ][castfromhp] "Indeed." Sven says, sipping his coffee. The Noctowl grooms itself and looks almost as smug as its owner.
  745. [00:30:14 ]* Dann- asks Winston to go check in on Kai/Atlas/Sorrel back where they left their stuff.
  746. [00:30:19 ][zoofman] Let's just way whatever he texted Lucian was embarassing, raw, emotional, and a surprise for Blackwillow.
  747. [00:31:24 ][@Doxy] Kai is back at the campsite. He's napping on top of the Torkoal, who is also napping.
  748. [00:31:25 ][Dann-] "Impressive. He seems to take after you." Dann smiles. "Which is a good thing." He adds quickly.
  749. [00:31:37 ]* Adrienne suppresses a snort.
  750. [00:31:39 ][@Doxy] The surrounding grass seems to uh, have burned up. Both Pokemon are SLEEPING INNOCENTLY.
  751. [00:31:58 ]* Lucian_ (~chatzilla@29FC5F7A:BA2EF295:ED6188DD:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  752. [00:32:33 ][Dann-] "Did you still want to go diving Sven? I don't imagine Sue will be joining us if we went now..."
  753. [00:32:34 ][@Doxy] Sorrel and and Atlas are a fair distance away nore a copse of trees. Sorrel seems to have found a tree to crawl up, while Atlas seems to be inspecting various rocks around here and comparing them to his boulder.
  754. [00:33:07 ]* Lucian_ has quit (Connection closed)
  755. [00:33:07 ]* Lucian has quit (Connection closed)
  756. [00:33:14 ][castfromhp] "That would be a shame. Maybe we should wait for her to sober up - this is all her gear, after all."
  757. [00:34:15 ]* Percival finishes up cleansing his pokemon and putting them back in their respectible balls before jogging back to shore.
  758. [00:35:06 ][Adrienne] "How long's sobering up going to take her? Last I remember, she was about as smashed as Lucian."
  759. [00:35:11 ][Dann-] "Wow, this is all hers? She must really love this stuff. Best to wait then, I suppose." Dann sets his shovel down near Adrienne. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find my fish." He then sprints into the surf and dives in.
  760. [00:35:56 ][castfromhp] "A good question." Sven replies with another sip.
  761. [00:36:01 ][Adrienne] "Speaking of fish." Adrienne whistles. "Hey, Mina!"
  762. [00:36:59 ][@Doxy] You find Sinnon easily enough, who seems to be pretty happy spending his time swimming around in relative freedom!
  763. [00:37:25 ][Percival] "Ehh it might not be a good idea to dive anyhow, with how Lucian is he might sink or get lost."
  764. [00:38:45 ]* LucianPhone (~AndChat29@51BEB8C8:64FF9BEB:94507AF9:IP) has joined #SleeplessInSequoia
  765. [00:38:47 ]* Dann- tries to gesture for Sinon to surface briefly so he can speak. "Find anything interesting out here Sinon?"
  766. [00:39:30 ][Adrienne] "... Yeah, I dunno why I thought that'd work."
  767. [00:39:32 ]* Adrienne shrugs.
  768. [00:39:56 ][castfromhp] If you look around, you see Mina is conducting a synchronized swimming performance by a school of luvdisc, using glowly lights to lead them to and fro.
  769. [00:40:07 ][@Doxy] Sinon shoots a spurt of water at Dann, lightly. You don't know what this response means.
  770. [00:40:44 ][Adrienne] "Oh, that's pretty cool. Anyways, Sven, what've you been up to?"
  771. [00:41:56 ][LucianPhone] "So, do you have any plans in Black willow?"
  772. [00:42:35 ][castfromhp] Sven stops mid-sip and looks like he's thinking very hard. "What -have- I been doing? I went home to pick up more fresh coffee beans, but..." He seems deep in thought and slightly concerned.
  773. [00:43:22 ][@Doxy] Scarlet: "ME? Well, not really - except try and figure out what page I'm missing from my book. One of the best parts about being a witch - you get to make up your own schedule."
  774. [00:44:56 ]* Dann- wipes the water out of his face with a laugh. "Is that a yes?" He splashes a bit of water back at the remora.
  775. [00:45:21 ][LucianPhone] "Well, maybe we can meet up or something while we're there. I can't promise anything since we don't know our schedules just yet, but how about dinner some time."
  776. [00:46:13 ][LucianPhone] "I'll get Adrienne to teach me. Shouldn't be much harder than brewing potions right?"
  777. [00:46:45 ]* Adrienne kind of waits for him to collect his thoughts, staring into the ocean.
  778. [00:48:25 ][@Doxy] Scarlet: "Dinner... like, uhm ... a ... DATE?"
  779. [00:48:53 ][@Doxy] Dann - the Remoraid nods at you, or as much as fish can nod.
  780. [00:49:45 ][LucianPhone] "Uh yeah, pretty much. I guess I wanna see how things go."
  781. [00:50:24 ]* Adrienne eventually gets impatient. "So just coffee beans?"
  782. [00:51:46 ][@Doxy] Scarlet: "Yeah! Okay then! Yes. Okay. yes. SURE. FINE!"
  783. [00:51:51 ][Dann-] "Wanna show me? Or is it somewhere too deep underwater?"
  784. [00:52:07 ][@Doxy] He splashes water in your face to indicate the second one
  785. [00:52:10 ][@Doxy] Er, she
  786. [00:52:48 ][LucianPhone] "Heh, good to see you're excited about it I guess?"
  787. [00:53:18 ][LucianPhone] "Anyway, I'm fine now. So leave me. I think I just to...soak."
  788. [00:53:36 ][LucianPhone] "Feeling is starting to return down there."
  789. [00:54:01 ][LucianPhone] "And by feeling I mean it's not just searing pain anymore."
  790. [00:54:03 ][@Doxy] "Alright. I'll see you around later tonight? We should uhm... chat maybe! Or something! I guess."
  791. [00:54:11 ][Dann-] "Aw, crud. Curse my human lungs. Maybe you can show us if we ever get this scuba diving thing to happen?"
  792. [00:54:15 ][castfromhp] Sven snaps out of it, then shrugs. "Well, I went up to Widowgrass to visit Sue because I heard she ran into some trouble, but...Maybe I should find something more to do than wander aimlessly about the region." He seems like he has seriously not put much thought into this before.
  793. [00:54:23 ][LucianPhone] "Which might be the drugs wearing off?"
  794. [00:54:47 ][LucianPhone] "I'm high as a kite and the drugs are wearing off and I'm both sleepy and hungry."
  795. [00:54:54 ][LucianPhone] "And rambling."
  796. [00:55:35 ][@Doxy] "... I'm going to carry you into the campsite so you don't drown okay."
  797. [00:55:55 ][LucianPhone] "Yes, that would be good."
  798. [00:56:00 ][@Doxy] Scarlet picks you up despite your protests and carries you back to the campsite.
  799. [00:56:09 ][Adrienne] "Do the League challenge," Adrienne suggests. "Or, follow your coffee passion and make it a job, I don't know."
  800. [00:56:20 ][LucianPhone] "You would be surprised at how poorly alcohol and those drugs mix."
  801. [00:56:25 ][@Doxy] And we can WRAPS UPS heres 4 now~
  802. [00:56:33 ][LucianPhone] "I'm surprised I'm not dead NOW."
  803. [00:56:44 ][LucianPhone] "A hahahahahaha."
  804. [00:56:55 ][LucianPhone] Okay, thanks for the session guys
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