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Explanation of the Animal Crossing: New Leaf 'Void'

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May 26th, 2014
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  1. What is the 'void'?
  2. -----------------
  3. The void is a 'holding cell' for your most recent moved out villager.
  5. What happens in the void?
  6. -------------------------
  7. Villagers that are moved into the void can be passed to the next person you interact with via wifi, local wireless, or streetpass who does not have a town with 10 villagers.
  9. How do I get rid of my voided villagers?
  10. ----------------------------------------
  11. Your void is cleared once you interact with someone and pass your villager along. Though to prevent giving someone an unwanted surprise you should visit a town that has 10 villagers.
  13. What happens when I visit someone with a full town? Does the animal disappear?
  14. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Essentially your 'version' of that particular villager does indeed 'disappear'. But they will show up on your Main Street for a short while until you cycle out another 16 villagers. After that your villager is gone for good.
  17. Does that mean I can never have them back in my town then?
  18. ----------------------------------------------------------
  19. After you move out 16 more villagers you can invite that particular villager back to your town.
  21. What if my villager was adopted by someone else?
  22. ------------------------------------------
  23. If you give your villager up for adoption they will not move into your void and you're free to interact with anyone without repercussion.
  25. That's nice and all, but WHY should I clear my void?
  26. ----------------------------------------------------
  27. Clearing your void is just something to do out of common courtesy. You can claim you didn't know about the void once or twice but essentially people don't like unwanted villagers and clearing your void will prevent you being put on someone's personal blacklist.
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