All Bosses Dragon Tooth +5

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  1. == VOD of the run (1:12:50)
  3. Start Thief with black firebombs
  4. Kill asylum with bombs, get dagger and estus, go to Firelink
  6. Go to undead burg
  7. Buy the bottomless box, rapier, east west shield and the rest in throwing knifes to the undead merchand
  8. Get the gold pine resins, kill Taurus
  10. Get the drake sword
  11. Rest at undead parish bonfire, level up 13 STR
  12. Trigger the parish elevator, kill gargoyles with drake sword
  13. Ring the bell, bone back
  15. Buy weapon smithbox and 999 wooden arrows to Andre
  16. Get the longbow in darkroot basin, get the grass crest shield
  17. Drop unless weapons on your way to RTSR, get RTSR, bone back
  19. > SGS
  20. Kill Iron Golem with moveswap drakesword RTSR
  22. Rest at AL bonfire, level up 27 STR and the rest in END (should be 13)
  23. Go through AL, grab the Dragon Tooth, use it for now on
  24. Kill O&S, get the lordvessel, bone back
  26. Warp to Firelink, kick Lautrec, grab FAP ring
  27. Go down blighttown, rest at the lower blighttown bonfire
  28. Grab the dragon scale, bone back
  29. Kill Quelaag, ring the bell, drop down
  31. Rest at the Ceaseless bonfire, put firebombs and dragon scale in the bottomless box
  32. Warp to Firelink
  33. Talk to Frampt, use him to go to Firelink Altar
  34. Place the lordvessel (but DON'T rest at it)
  35. Turn around and go back to firelink using Frampt again
  36. Use Quantity storage to sell 999 Quelaag souls to Frampt
  37. Dupe 99 Dragon scales and 99 firebombs with Frampt
  38. Bone back
  40. Upgrade Dragon Tooth to +5
  41. Level up 24 VIT, 45 END, 53 STR and 14 INT
  42. Get back the 99 firebombs from bottomless box
  43. Kill Ceaseless, bone back
  45. Firesage elevator clip, kill Firesage
  46. Kill Centipede
  47. Kill BoC, bone back
  49. Warp to Undead parish, buy crest of Artorias
  50. Rest at the forest bonfire, Kill Hydra and free dusk
  52. Get stone armor, hornet ring
  53. Kill Sif, bone back
  55. Warp to AL
  56. Kill the pendant golem
  57. Kill Seath, bone back
  59. Kill butterfly with stone armor + firebombs, bone back
  60. Kill Guardian
  61. Buy hidden body + catalyst to Elizabeth
  63. > Royal wood skip
  64. Buy 99 blossoms, 99 homeward bones and 99 Lloyds talisements to Chester (because you can)
  65. Kill Artorias (should be 2 moveswaps with RTSR and 53 STR)
  67. Rest at township bonfire, attune Hidden body
  68. Trigger Kalameet, bone back
  70. Get the key from the mimic
  71. Kill manus, bone back
  73. Talk to gough, bone back
  74. Kill Kalameet, bone back
  76. Warp and rest at Firelink
  77. Kill Capra
  78. Kill Gaping, bone back
  79. Kill Stray, get the doll, bone back
  80. Kill Pinwheel
  81. Kill Nito, equip the Covenant of Artorias over the fap ring, bone back
  82. Seal skip, kill 4 kings, bone back
  83. Warp to AL
  84. Kill Gwyndolin
  85. Kill Priscilla, bone back
  86. Kill Gwyn
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