Akibaranger E05 TL Notes

Jul 19th, 2015
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  1. Akibaranger E05 TL Notes
  2. ***Original Over-Time TL Notes are denoted with a dash (-). Additional notes/changes by OZC-Live are denoted with a tilde (~)***
  4. - Kozkoz asks Akagi what kind of curry he'd like to have: she mentions Safari (Snack Safari, the Sun Vulcans' hideout), Gon (a cafe in Goranger), and Dino (Dino House, the Abaranger's base).
  6. - Yamanashi (Yumeria's hometown) translates literally to "Mount Pear".
  8. - 2.5D in the context of Japanese fan lunacy apparently refers to anything that can't be properly contained within the constraints of traditional 2D, i.e. voice talent, athletes, celebrities, and other actual people who exist who are being fantasized about in the manner of 2D characters.
  10. - Might be worth mentioning: Yumeria's real name, Yamada Yuko, is a very plain and generic name, equivalent to the american Jane Smith.
  12. - Dom Perignon is a very expensive and renowned vintage champagne, and its bottles can sell for hundreds of dollars on wine auctions. As Dom Peri has a low bottle production every year, all the existing bottles are highly coveted by coinnoseurs. Dom Peri is also popular in japanese cabarets and host clubs, where it's the highest-priced drink you can order.
  14. - Yumeria's mom is played by Rica Matsumoto, who has played the lead role of Satoshi on Pocket Monsters for the past decade. She's also prone to adlib Satoshi's catchphrase, "Pokemon get daze" or just "get daze" on almost everything she's in, from JAM Project concerts to unrelated lines on midnight shows about bottles of Dom Perignon. Satoshi's international counterparts do not actually have this catchphrase; this was most likely steamrolled upon after 4kids decided to axe out of the show the original previews, where this catchphrase is featured. Satoshi's catchphrase was also once the franchise's slogan, or as we know it on this part of the world, "Gotta Catch 'Em All"; this is the closest we have for the catchphrase's translation, which is why we worked the verb "catch" into the relevant sentence.
  16. - Yumeria mentions that her mother cosplayed once as Miss America, the female warrior of Battle Fever J.
  18. - On Akagi's rolecall: Sun Vulcan's episode 38, "Asao Hyou's Esteemed Father", was notable for featuring Asao Kobayashi's father in real-life, Asei Kobayashi, playing the role of Vul Panther's father.
  20. ~ Revized Queen Hedorian's name to Queen Hedrian based on official subs.
  22. - On Hakase's story: Queen Hedrian is one of the main villains in both Denjiman and Sun Vulcan, played by Machiko Soga (famous for her role of the witch Bandora on Zyuranger).
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