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  1. Appearasnce: Tailroot is a large Argonian female standing at 7’5”. Her scales are a muted green coloration, horns ivory, and her facial markings are bright orange. Unlike most any other Argonian her body is larger not only vertically but in depth and width, as she is intensely curvaceous all around. Additionally she bears features never seen on one if her kind before; the growth of wood on her body, Hist wood. It fully coats her right arm from shoulder to finger in a thick plating of living wood that flexes as if flesh. Its roots meld into the right side of her neck and the same durable wood covers her spine all the way to her tail, which is in a similar state to her arm albeit tapering down to a rootlike tip. The aforementioned voluptuiousness applies to her chest as well, each of her breasts are larget than her head and produce a blend of Hist Sap and milk.
  3. Activities: Meditation, Hot Spring usage, Bearing many strong argonian young, providing Hist sap to argonians who need it
  5. Past: She claims to have never left the Histsap of her home until she was old enough to pick a name for herself, never experiencing but always learning from the Hist, kept safe while she grew. To be freed from their close guarding she went on many adventures, travelling far and wide to test her resolve, to earn the full trust of the Hist. Now she carries out her duties for the Hist, bringing the sap to those who are too far away from the Black Marsh.
  7. Skill Bonuses:
  8. Lockpicking -2
  9. Light Armor +20
  10. Alteration +5
  11. Restoration +10
  12. Sneak -5
  14. Passive Abilities:
  15. 10x Regeneration Speed
  16. Water Breathing
  17. Buoyancy
  18. Disease Resistance 100%
  19. Resist Frost 75%
  20. Resist Fire 75%
  22. Equipment:
  23. Headgear: Gold And Amethyst Circlet of Peerless Magicka
  24. Cuirass: Hooded Black Robes of Warmth
  25. Boots: Empty
  26. Left Gauntlet: Empty
  27. Right Gauntlet: Histwood
  28. Shield: Empty
  29. Ring: Gold Amethyst Ring of Peerless Health
  30. Neckwear: Gold Amethyst Necklace of Peerless Health
  32. Spells:
  33. Ebonyflesh, Candlelight, Bound Sword, Bound Dagger, Bound Bow, Flames, Firebolt, Fireball, Incinerate, Fire Storm, Flame Cloak, Wall of Flames, Fire Rune, Call to Arms, Rally, Grand Healing, Heal Other, Vampire’s Bane, Close Wounds, Greater Ward, Muffle
  35. Perks:
  36. Agile Defender 4, Custom Fit, Unhindered, Mage Armor, Stability, Expert Alteration, Atronach, Quiet Casting, Mystic Binding, Soul Stealer, Augmented Flames 2, Rune Master, Master Destruction, Master Restoration, Expert Restoration, Regeneration, Recovery 2, Avoid Death, Corpus Enchanter, Enchanter 3, Shield Wall 5, Power Bash, Deadly Bash, Block Runner, Disarming Bash, Shield Charge, Green Thumb, Armsman 5, Bladesman 3, Savage Strike, Critical Charge, Allure,
  38. Unique Items: Vial of Sap || A finger-length vial of a thick, cloudy, yellow-orange liquid
  39. For Argonians
  40. - Restore 200 Health
  41. - Restore 200 Stamina
  42. - Restore 200 Magicka
  43. - Resist Frost 90% for ten minutes
  44. - Resist Fire 50% for ten minutes
  45. - Increase Health by 150 for thirty minutes
  46. - Cures Disease
  47. - Fortify blocking by 50 for ten minutes
  48. All else
  49. - Paralyzed for 20 minutes
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