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  1. An Arcanine girl is in her shop, behind the counter, sweeping around while she waited for customers. It was a quiet place usually, but the herbs, potions, and other things she had to offer still sold well. Today was especially quiet though. She almost considered closing shop for the day even, in favor of having some more relaxation time upstairs. What she didn't know however, was that someone was nearby...
  2. ZeeYesterday at 10:02 PM
  3. She did happen to have a customer in her store, but they were so small, she might not have even known. He was looking around at the herbs and potions on the shelves, looking for something in particular, though he hasn't asked the shopkeeper for any kind of help yet. It wouldn't be surprising if she didn't even know he was in here...
  4. (btw, is she anthro or feral?)
  5. DaydelYesterday at 10:05 PM
  6. (Anthro! Unless you'd want feral...? owo)
  7. ZeeYesterday at 10:05 PM
  8. (Anthro is good uwu)
  9. DaydelYesterday at 10:10 PM
  10. The giant looking Arcanine behind the counter continued to sweep, growing bored, tempted to go and turn the sign at the front over to say she's closed. Satisfied with what was done behind the counter, she headed out to where the various shelves, herbs and potions were at display to continue there. Not even noticing Zach in front of her as she began to sweep, the broom swiftly hit the poor little bug sized human, and he found himself mixed in with all of the dirt, dust and crumbs and whatever else she found while sweeping! She continued brushing more into the pile, hoping for someone to come in, before she decided to leave her broom where it was, now leaning against the counter, while she went to close the shop...
  11. ZeeYesterday at 10:15 PM
  12. Zach was minding his business one second, and literally swept off his feet the next! The Arcanine seemed to not notice him as she continued to sweep the floor, sending him tumbling along with anything else she was pushing... “Aah! Hey, I’m down here! Stop!” He tries to call out, eventually being swept into the small pile she had already made... he stands back up and tries to brush himself off a bit... where was she going?
  13. DaydelYesterday at 10:21 PM
  14. He was all dirty and covered in dust, not much bigger than the big dust bunnies she found... At least he was alright though, and she didn't sweep him up on purpose, he doesn't think. The Arcanine across the room turned the sign over to display that her shop was closed, and locked the doors, heading back and ready to relax now. As Zach was leaving the pile of dirt, however, looking back up, he was scared to see a gigantic paw coming down on him! A shadow of intimidating sized covered him, unable to get out of the way in time before the micro was completely buried in this giant's sole, almost being crushed by her immense weight... The bigger Arcanine noticed Zach this time at least, though she didn't know she stepped on a tiny human, just that she stepped on something. Lifting up her foot and shaking, assuming she stepped on and possibly killed a bug, she saw the tiny guy land on the ground... Was that a bug she stepped on? It looked odd for one...
  15. ZeeYesterday at 10:25 PM
  16. Zach was distracted as he dusted himself off, and failed to notice her coming closer, until it was too late. He ended up flattened beneath her paw like foot, crushed under the giant’s weight as she stepped down on him. He let out a yelp of distress as she threatened to break him with one step, most people were bigger than him, but she was big even to normal people... thankfully, she noticed she stepped on something, and shook him off of her paw. He feels dizzy, but manages to slowly get back to his feet. “Ugh...” he groans. Wait, that’s a human, not a bug...
  17. DaydelYesterday at 10:33 PM
  18. With how big the Arcanine was, being stepped on felt like it was going to break the tiny human! At the very least, that much weight hurt... At least she didn't stand on him for long though, or maybe he would've been like any other bug she's stepped on before. She had to wonder what it was she stepped on though, the shape being strange for what she expected. "Are you... a human?" She asked, confused as she kneeled closer. He seemed to be groaning and covered in dust after her stepping on him... She wasn't even sure if it could speak! "What are you? Are you alright?" She asked, picking him up by the leg and dangling him. "Did someone shrink you or something...? If you're a human, I don't think they're usually this tiny..."
  19. ZeeYesterday at 10:36 PM
  20. Zach was going to respond to her, but found himself hanging by his leg as she plucked him off of the ground, hanging him in the air slightly... “Ah! Yes, I’m a human...!” He responds to her, tensing up a bit as the ground gets further and further away. “I was trying to shop here for something that might help my size problem, but I don’t think you noticed me, you swept me up with your broom and then stepped on me on your way back!” He tells her, speaking quickly so she won’t think he’s a bug and squish him...
  21. DaydelYesterday at 10:43 PM
  22. "Oh! I'm sorry! Heh, I didn't see you at your size. I was under the impression I squished a bug~" She giggled, amused by his tiny size. "And well... not sure what I have for growth. I probably have some stuff I could use to make a growth potion. I've been meaning to try one myself anyways..." She mumbled. He was kind of cute though at his current size... "Hm... Maybe... you can stay that size for now though? It can't be that bad..." She says, standing up, still dangling him by the leg. She didn't stop to consider how being at eye level being held like that would be like for someone so small... Meanwhile, he was scared she'd squish him again.(edited)
  23. ZeeYesterday at 10:48 PM
  24. “Urgh, I mean, you kind of did squish a bug... I was just glad you took another step, you aren’t exactly light to someone like me...” he huffs. “If you can make something like a growth potion, I’ll pay for it... that’s mostly what I was here for.” He nods. “Though I’m pretty sure you just closed, didn’t you...? I guess I can wait, I’m used to being so small...” he nods at her slightly, even if he’s still upside down. She can see him looking down from time to time, and even catches him gulping a bit when he notices how far up he is. He turns his gaze back to her, and chuckles a bit nervously. “Heh, uh... you’re not going to squish me, right?” He asks, just to be sure. He looks a little nervous... it’s probably scary to be held up this high, and in front of a fire dog’s face too...
  25. DaydelYesterday at 10:55 PM
  26. Zach wasn't sure how to feel, the giant easily intimidating the tiny human. After all, at his size, she could do whatever she wanted with him and he wouldn't be able to stop her. Or if she felt like it, she could just drop him back in the ground and step on him again... The thought was terrifying! "Heh, not on purpose~" She responded, turning him over and dropping him into her large palm. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you..." She reassured the tiny human. She was bigger than most people too, he noticed... It was kind of scary this high up, and she seemed kind of careless, even with good intention. "I guess I can let you stay here too if you'd like! Until I make you a growth potion tomorrow. How does that sound?" She offers, heading to the back of the store. She lived in tbe building, so there was a room upstairs she could relax in, and a couch with a TV in the back room on this floor. "Though... While you're hear, maybe you can help me relax...?"
  27. ZeeYesterday at 10:59 PM
  28. “Right... well please try not to squish me on accident too...” he sighs, looking a bit more relieved as she puts him in her palm instead of dangling him by his leg like that. He’s still a little tense, but trying to relax, she’s not being mean after all, just a little teasing... “Oh, you don’t mind if I stay here until you make the potion? ...Well Alright, it’s kind of a long walk to get here anyways, I guess I won’t turn you down...” he nods at her. It was then that she asked her next question though. “Help you relax? I guess I can... what do you want me to do though?” He asks her, trying to figure out what a big Arcanine like her would have a small human like himself do to get her to relax
  29. DaydelYesterday at 11:06 PM
  30. Zach wasn't sure what she meant. With how big she was, what could she have someone so tiny do for her? "Oh, not much... Maybe we can watch some TV, while you rub my paw! You wouldn't mind that, right?" She asked, walking into the back room. There seemed to be a sort of living room to the left, with a couch to rest on and a TV in front of it, at the opposing wall. She sat down and laid her paw down in the couch's arm, Zach still in her palm. It wasn't so bad there, and it didn't look like he'd fall... "How is this? If it isn't comfortable here, I can always go and do this in my room..." She asked, expecting her tiny customer to start rubbing her hand. Not that she'll feel much of it...(edited)
  31. ZeeYesterday at 11:09 PM
  32. Oh, she just wanted to be rubbed on a little bit? That wasn’t so bad, Zach wouldn’t mind doing that... “No, this is fine, I can rub and watch from here...” he nods at her, getting down on his knees on her paw, and starting to slowly rub it for her. For him, he was pushing kind of hard, not sure how forceful to be with the size difference. She felt pretty warm though, and it wasn’t too uncomfortable being here and rubbing on her while she relaxed...
  33. DaydelYesterday at 11:15 PM
  34. Even her paw was pretty big, though it wasn't that bad. Being so small though, in order for her to feel anything, he had to get down on his knees just to massage her hand. And even then, he wasn't even sure she felt it much... At least she was warm though, being a fire type, and it wasn't so bad being here while she relaxed. She looked cozy too anyways. "Mm... Keep going~ A little harder if you can, too..." She said. At least it seemed to be working, especially since she looked like she was growing sleepy. She let him continue for a few minutes too, before asking "Mm... Do you want to rub anywhere else...?"
  35. ZeeYesterday at 11:19 PM
  36. Zach tries to cooperate with her, rubbing her as hard as he can to make sure it feels nice to her. After all, she is letting him spend the night... he seems a little caught off guard when she asks if he wants to rub anywhere else though. “Huh? I guess I can if you want to... where else do you like being rubbed though?” He asks her, before making a few suggestions. “Do you maybe like belly rubs? I could rub in your other set of paws too, I don’t mind, as long as you don’t step on me again.” He giggles a little teasingly. “Maybe I could rub your face too... up to you really.” He tells her, continuing to massage the paw he’s on for now while he waits for her to answer
  37. DaydelYesterday at 11:25 PM
  38. "Ooh, some of those sound really tempting~" She giggled back. "If you'd want... I wouldn't mind a belly rub~ Heh, and then maybe you can rub my other paws...* "She asks, happy to hear he sounds alright with the idea. Before he could answer, she grabbed him with the paw he was already on, her large fingers wrapping around him and bringing him to her belly. She dropped him down onto the tummy, and he could tell it was softer and warmer than her hands were...* "How is that? Cozy?" She asks, teasingly pushing him over.
  39. ZeeYesterday at 11:29 PM
  40. “Sure, sure... I can rub in that order...” he chuckles, finding her fingers wrapping around him as he talks. Soon, she drops him onto her belly, making him giggle happily as he bounces slightly against it. It’s softer and warmer than he was expecting, and really comfortable feeling... “Ooh, yeah, you feel really comfortable...” he giggles. “Hey!” He goes as she pushes him over, making him roll a bit in her black furred underbelly, before he started to rub at it, digging his hands through her fur and scratching at her, using a lot of force like she enjoys...
  41. DaydelYesterday at 11:44 PM
  42. Her belly felt like a large bed to him. It was especially cozy... "Aw, someone's having fun~ Heh, if you'd like, tonight you can curl up into my belly button and fall asleep~" She giggled, teasing the little guy some more. He rubbed and dug as hard as he could, scratching the giant soft fire type's warm under belly with as much force as he could muster, even if it wasn't much for her. She could feel it more on her tummy at least though~ She seemed to like her tummy being scratched too, though that should be expected from a big dog like her~ She even wanted to hold her hand down on Zach while she was rubbed, but decided not to, to let him work... She felt herself growing more and more drowsy, her tail wagging behind her as she relaxed, her tiny customer scratching the best he can in the field of fur that was her belly, faint gurgles and groans heard nearby. "Mm... Maybe now we can do my other paws...?" She eventually asked, still rather sleepy sounding.
  43. ZeeYesterday at 11:48 PM
  44. “Sure... think you can stay awake while I do it though?” He giggles at her, hearing how sleepy she sounds. Her eyes didn’t look as open as they did earlier either. “So How should we do that anyways? Can you kick your paws up somewhere that I can reach? Or should I just scratch what I can get to from the floor?” He asks her, flopping back onto her underbelly, getting comfortable and taking a second to rest while she decided how she wanted to go about things from here
  45. DaydelYesterday at 11:56 PM
  46. "I guess kicking them up would make it easier for you to watch TV... I'm sure it'd be softer too on the couch~" She said. With how hard he was working, Zach needed a moment to rest before rubbing her massive feet, though he didn't get much before he felt her shifting around to rest her head on the arm of the couch, kicking her feet up for Zach to rub! "And yeah... Yawnnnn... I'll stay awake~ Heh, hope my feet aren't that bad to dig your little hands into though... They aren't the cleanest, but they're not the dirtiest either, so they should be fine to go near~" The giant dog said, waiting for Zach to head over to her soles and start scratching and massaging while she relaxed... Who knew someone so tiny could be so useful~
  47. December 12, 2018
  48. ZeeToday at 12:00 AM
  49. Zach had to hold onto her fur as she shifted around in her seat, scooting over and kicking her legs up on the other side, leaving access to her second set of paws, though Zach would have to walk down her leg to get there. Zach just smirks a little bit when she mentioned that they might not be as clean as her belly or other paws. “As long as I don’t find some other small humans stuck to your paws, I think I’ll be fine...” he giggles. He starts to move down, getting onto her thigh and walking down the length of it, eventually jumping to the arm of the couch, and getting to her paw like feet. He starts to rub at them hard too, and while they are a little dirty, it’s not so bad. After all she does walk barefoot, so obviously it’s not going to be perfect. He doesn’t seem to mind though, scrubbing away and picking out anything dirty he finds for her...
  50. DaydelToday at 12:08 AM
  51. "Heh, I'm sure you won't~ Not that I know of at least..." She chuckled in response to Zach's teasing. Her feet weren't so bad. They smelled a little, and we're somewhat dirty, but that was to be expected. It didn't get in the way too much at least, and he even tried picking out any dirt he finds stuck in her foot for her! She was letting him stay the night too, so rubbing her was the least he could do. The giant curls and wiggles her toes as she lays back, continuing to grow more and more tired... As she slowly drifts off, she slowly let's her soles lower down over Zach. It wasn't as bad as when she stepped on him before, but Zach had to wonder if she was going to smother him in her feet... He ignored the thought and continued rubbing, though the more he ignored it, the more her feet came down, until Zach had to be crouched down to avoid her shoving him onto his back... Was she still awake?
  52. ZeeToday at 12:12 AM
  53. Zach was trying to keep rubbing, but it was getting harder as her paws kept leaning further and further forward. She wasn’t saying anything anymore either... she didn’t drift off to sleep did she? Zach decided to try and find out. “Hey, Arcanine? Aaaarcaniinnneee...” he calls out, trying to get her attention if she’s still awake at all. While he does that, he tries to shove back at her paw too, pushing against it with his whole body as he tries to force it back up so he can stop crouching down. After all, if her paw lowered much more, he might get stuck under it until she wakes back up...
  54. DaydelToday at 12:17 AM
  55. She seemed to open her eyes, hearing Zach faintly calling her to see if she was asleep or not. (Though, his pushing felt more like rubbing, with how small and weak he was to her.) "...uh..h-Huh? Oh! Hehe, sorry~" She giggled, lifting her sole back up. "Heh, sorry about that~ Didn't mean to almost make you sleep under my big old feet~ ...Unless, uh... you'd be alright with that idea...?" She asks, a slight blush on her face. She didn't want him to sleep under her feet, did she...?
  56. ZeeToday at 12:20 AM
  57. Zach seemed even more caught off guard by that comment from her. “Huh? You want me to sleep under your paws...? Uh, I guess I hadn’t really thought about it...” he tells her, going back to rubbing at her. Yet again, her feet are pretty warm though... “...I mean, I could try it... I’m not sure what it would feel like, but as long as I’m not getting crushed or it’s not uncomfortable, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad...?” He says. Ooh, maybe they can try it then? It’s hard to see, but he’s blushing a little too...
  58. DaydelToday at 12:28 AM
  59. "Oh? Really?" She says, almost sounding a little excited! Something about the idea just sounded exciting to her...~ She liked the idea of keeping the tiny human tucked underneath her feet paws while she slept... "I think I'm gonna... yawnnnnn... sleep here to be honest... uh, hehe, here..." She continued, as Zach watched as her giant feet slowly lowered down on top of him... He was blushing, and unsure what to think of this. It was warm... He didn't mind her feet being a little dirty either, but it was still weird sleeping this, well... close to them. She continued lowering them down, slowly beginning to smother Zach in her sole... He felt warm down there too~ "Mmm... How is that~?" She asks, curling her digits over the tiny human... It was still a little weird that she wanted him to sleep under her feet. He couldn't even see much with how big her soles were, and with how heavy they are too, he wouldn't have an easy time escaping her feet for the night either...
  60. ZeeToday at 12:32 AM
  61. Zach tried his best to lay on his back and flatten out before her paw cane down on him, but it was still kind of heavy... “Oof... its a little bit heavy, but I think I can manage it...” he responds. He was just trying to think of her paws like big heavy blankets... ones that could curl over him on their own, with how she was moving her toes. “I guess this is alright... just don’t forget I’m here in the morning though, ok? I don’t want to wake up being crushed under your foot again...” he warns her
  62. DaydelToday at 12:36 AM
  63. "Heh, alright, I'll try not to crush you~" She giggled. "Mm... Maybe you can continue rubbing though...? Just until I fall asleep..." She asks once more. Zach's face was already pressed into her enormous feet, while she was curling her toes over him, and they were heavy enough that he couldn't escape even if he wanted to. Massaging might be a bit hard, but the big Arcanine still wanted to ask~ Those footrubs felt food after all...
  64. ZeeToday at 12:39 AM
  65. "Alright, fine... I'll rub until I hear you snoring... should only take a few seconds..." he chuckles slightly. She feels him scrubbing at the underside of her paws again, pushing up as if he was trying to get them off of his small body, rubbing his hands around and moving them all over on the underside of her foot. This is a little strange for him, but it's not so bad, she's nice, if a bit teasing, but also warm and soft...
  66. DaydelToday at 12:42 AM
  67. (Maybe the two of them falling asleep is a good stopping point for us tonight...? uwu I'd love to continue this tomorrow or some other time tho... owo Maybe Zach can wake up to her using him as a foot toy, rolling him around, kneading him, curling her toes around him... uwu And before she makes him a growth potion, they can get more intimate. And maybe even at some point, she can ask him how he might feel about her eating him...? owo)
  68. ZeeToday at 12:42 AM
  69. (Sure, that sounds fun... owo)
  70. (Maybe she even gets the potion wrong, and it only makes him bigger for a little while, so he has to stick around her while she tries to get it right... uwu)
  71. DaydelToday at 12:45 AM
  72. "Heh, alright~ Good night, you cute little bug...~" She giggled, resting and letting the micro tucked underneath her large feet scrub her. As he did so, she slowly found herself relaxing more and more, lulled to sleep by the comforting foot rub... It was weird being asked to sleep underneath someone's feet, but it wasn't so bad as long as she didn't crush him, he hoped. She was nice! And cozy sometimes... Soon, he could hear her snoring though, letting him not he could rest too, and soon fall asleep alongside the giant, underneath her soles...
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